Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mobile World Congress to stop: analysis and weekly specials

Where there is strong week, a week where the MWC 2011 has been the main character. Back in Barcelona we have been all these days and we brought you first impressions of analysis and multiple gadgets. To wit: And much, much more in our tag tracking the MWC 2011. The touch of humor this week has been for a curious interview with Nokia N95 on the gossip of the week: his alleged paternity of the new Galaxy S II from Samsung.

New Mini Max II speakers

On this day in Tech News Buzz, we will present speakers who bring them. These are the new minis that despite its small size, offer a great power. This is the new audio playback systems X-mini Max II, which far exceed what is already known so far. Continuing the trend minimal pursued today, the technology can not stay behind and add a new product now very small in size, yet powerful.

These speakers are working on a novel omni-directional and serious reinforcements. But this is not the only advantage you have. The Mini also has a range of almost 12 hours, all depending on how we are using, of course. These 12 hours are counted if they have headphones connected greets 3.5 mm, otherwise if you use them as a speaker, autonomy is reduced to 5 hours with 2.5 W of power, an excellent life if we have in mind its function.

New Sony Memory Readers

With the explosion of gadgets on the market, memory cards have become almost essential to use each of them, especially for the transport of information we need to do. This time, he was surprised na new range of card readers has been Sony, which considering their line of televisions, has launched its MRW.

These readers are specially designed for the Bravia. All work on any LCD TV with slot for memory, the peculiarity is that Bravia models will allow you to play videos and view pictures. This product has been called MRW-F3 and is noted for its ultra-compact size. It is one of the first media that will avoid the headache of wondering if the card you're trying to place or not place, and fortunately do not mind and has been designed to use SD, MMC, or Memory Stick SDX.

Microsoft speeding up the process to bring ARM platforms Windows 8

Microsoft could be closer than it seems to take tablets to market Windows operating system on ARM architectures, so managers have recently dropped the company from Redmond. In late 2011, or at most by early 2012, the new Windows 8 on ARM is a reality. It will be difficult to see real products at Christmas, but we say that events will occur sooner than many expect.

To get to this time, Microsoft is investing heavily in development, with over 1,000 engineers dedicated to Windows 8 on ARM. For Microsoft there is still much room for growth in the market for tablets, not considered to be late. In the past CES 2011, Microsoft Windows 8 and taught, with the current operating system interface, running on chipsets as famous as Texas Instruments OMAP4430, MSM8660 Qualcomm and Nvidia Tegra2 Snapdragon.

New solar rechargeable hearing aids

The solar rechargeable products are, fortunately. more and more. Which we present on this day will be special when you are in the street or exit the park, because it is none other than headphones. Well that and get the nice temperatures and with them the sun, so tendráis no problem with its use: it is the new LG HBM 810.

This handset has other advantages as well as being recharged with solar energy also has Bluetooth technology, so who knows no cables. And there are several new features that come with this gadget, as well as its own database that can be used as a speaker, what is this? Have a basis by which recharged, since not having solar panels included deberáis connect to the same load every time he runs.