Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Babynes" Nestlé's new device

We know that the gadgets go far beyond a mobile device: they have covered all our lifetimes. That is why today we present a very special device for your kitchen: the new gadget for Nestlé, who is dedicating to create a parallel market of dairy products. Its executives have announced "Babynes" a machine that prepares your baby's bottle.

Making your life easier every time, Nestlé has launched its line of individually wrapped in capsules, which are concentré ideal dose for the consumption of milk and baby products. Along with these parts, has introduced "Babynes" this electronic coffee even easier your work. Does your role? as does "Nepresso" you only have to press a button in less than a minute, the system detects the right portions and produce the necessary food for your baby.

Spanish police arrest three suspected members of Anonymous

Three hackers considered responsible for the Spain international organization Anonymous and accused of attacks against official websites have been arrested, police said Friday. These "hackers" who were arrested in Barcelona, Valencia and Almeria were "computer experts" capable of "encrypt" their trade, said the head of the Brigade of Technological Investigation of the Spanish police.

Two of the hijackers "had no internet connection at home" so as not to arouse suspicion and accessed the Web via wireless connections from neighbors, police said at a press conference to introduce this, the "first" in Spain against Anonymous. Anonymous is an "organization of hackers organized into independent cells" that launch coordinated attacks against websites, including through a myriad of computers infected with viruses and controlled remotely.

Nintendo surprises with its Wii U

The latest video game technology fair, E3, has been given to speak and do not stop all the impact be felt. While Sony was the star with Vita PlayStation, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Wii U.S., which seeks to revolutionize marking a new stage in the Wii generation. As you can see in the picture, the new Nintendo console has an excellent 6.2 inch touch screen, thanks to its wireless system with your TV, you will play without using cables to connect the Wii.

Two producers claim to 48,000 Internet for BitTorrent downloads

Two film producers have led U.S. courts to 48,000 network users of BitTorrent P2P file sharing, for downloading of illegal movies The Hurt Locker, Oscar winner for best picture last year, and The Expendables . The first was produced Voltage Pictures and second, Nu Image. Media content companies return to the fray with huge demands for exemplary character, whose ultimate aim is to dissuade Internet users who illegally share content on the Web Some respondents, however, say that this particular case hides a form to raise revenue with threats of lawsuits.