Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sony compensate players

On the website of PlayStation Network (PSN), Sony announced that they are evaluating "the way to show gratitude" for the "remarkable patience" of the members of the platform is still blocked after detecting an intrusion. Sony does not give more details, but since the registration is free platform is possible that the reward is financial.

The company says it is working to restore service, some of whose functions could rebound next week. Sony says it will restore it so that no loss of situations where the players were before the crash and historical downloads, lists of friends or trophies won. The scope of data leakage of 77 million members of the platform remains the main concern.

Intel is working to optimize Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has only recently reached the mainstream, made little models of laptops or computers have included this technology in 2011, but it is certainly the next step in relaying information. Thunderbolt technology gives us a jump as surprising as it was the USB at the time and is emerging as the next standard in the computer industry.

This is something that Intel is very clear and it is working to squeeze the most potential of this technology. As reported by the famous maker of chipsets Thunderbolt could achieve a transfer rate of 50 Gbps in a range of 100 meters in the next 4 years and has asserted Jeff Demain a technology convention in New York.

The secret of GPS, so it helps the police data used to place the camera

The apology begins with self-defense: "We always ask permission from our customers before collecting data through their browsers." The Dutch TomTom, which for years has dominated the field of GPS devices, thus seeks to mitigate its incredible lightness. Last in a series committed by the giants of technology related to the use unorthodox and sensitive information on consumer habits.

The facts: the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad found that the Dutch police is using the data provided by TomTom to the government to place the camera there, where speed limits are frequently violated. And this, of course, has angered motorists. Why is information that they themselves have provided so unknowingly using the TomTom Navigator and then strives to give customers a real-time picture of traffic conditions.

iPad survive falls from 150 meters Extreme Sleeve

Extreme Sleeve is the latest in accessories iPad G-Form, this is a protective case specially made to withstand extreme shock, a drop of 150 meters, for example. It's hard to believe that a iPad survive a free fall over 150 feet high, and the G-Form not know why they have shared this video where we can appreciate the good health enjoyed by the Apple tablet after such a wallop.

The Extreme Form G-Sleeve is made from a special material called PORON XRD which is specially designed to withstand impacts. Despite its great strength the material is very flexible and lightweight. The most interesting of this new case for iPad is that you can use with other types of tablets, not just Apple, and it is not very expensive, the can buy in Spain next month for $ 59.95, considering the cost iPad certainly a worthwhile investment.