Friday, April 22, 2011

Samsung replies to Apple with a lawsuit for patent Violation

Samsung has not been slow to replicate Apple's complaint for violation of patents and has filed another against the manufacturer of iPhone for the same reasons. Samsung specifically alleges that Apple violates his 10 patents in the field of mobile communications and requires you to stop and compensation.

In a statement, the Korean company says responding to lawsuits brought against him to "protect our intellectual property" and to pursue innovation and growth in the communications sector. Among the patents that Samsung quoted the need to affect battery consumption, the reduction of errors during communications and wireless systems.

Online poker is changing the profile of players

One Monday night at the club Cadet in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The sound of chips and cards as the only background sound. Concentrated, dark glasses on his nose or headphones in the ears, each player is in a bubble. Upstairs, a man in a black overcoat, quarantine, faces a young man of twenty years.

Wrapped up in his blue sweatshirt, he looks at his opponent with a sly look. "If you got a set, you're safe! Otherwise, you're lost!" YOUNGER PLAYERS Nion Rudolph, 27, knows the circle Cadet. A year ago, he won the annual fee in a competition organized by the club. "I played that night and I won 800 euros.

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Catelli, Wikipedia and the "common judge"

Getting Ready: Even Wikipedia has become the ground of political struggle. The encyclopedia "written by users", founded ten years ago, it was pulled to coat, so blatant, last Monday on television. By Lucia Annunziata, the transmission power, six episodes in the late evening on Rai Tre, we talk about the judiciary: guests the former justice minister Roberto Castelli, historical face - and television - the Northern League, and the magistrate Armando Spataro, the Milan prosecutor , formerly known anti-Mafia judge.

It confirms the Nokia-Microsoft alliance

Much has been made the subject in recent months, various rumors were predicting the death of Symbian and the rise of Windows 7 in Mobile Phone Nokia, they were not so wrong. The alliance was officially confirmed at a press conference where we could see Stephen Elop and Ballmer in a handshake after announcing the partnership of both companies.

"We have entered into a relationship of partners, at the highest level, in which everyone wins," said Stephen Elop, "The complementary nature of our assets and the overall competitiveness of the combined offering is the foundation of our relationship," he said. Along with the announcement confirmed that next year could begin to get the first Windows Mobile Phone with 7 and the company says these projects are very advanced, so they could come even before.

Can a robot learn knows?

Back on the relationship between humans and robots, on the occasion of the first edition of InnoRobo, lounge robotics, and conferences Robolift associated with it. "A robot can learn as a child?" asks Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, researcher at INRIA, and Laboratory Director Flowers, a research laboratory specializing in social robotics (presentation.

pdf). In other words, artificial intelligence being acquired conditions can it? "We imagine a future where robots would be in our homes to help: set the table, placing the dishes, motivate the elders tinker ... It involves a lot of intelligence and knowledge (including emotional). The robots must be able perform elaborate reasoning "...

Google launches rival Groupon

The Google Group presented Thursday, April 21, its own sites of coupons on services and local businesses. Called "Google offers", this competitor Groupon, site specializes in bulk purchases, is at present available in beta in the U.S., in the city of Portland, Oregon. But Google's service would then spread to New York and San Francisco.

The launch comes as the Mountain View company is positioned in the local trade. According to Bloomberg, Google is experimenting with contactless payment technology ("near field communications" or "NFC") with mobile terminals, and fund the installation of thousands of terminals at merchants in New York and San Francisco.

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Problems datacenter Amazon affect multiple websites

Several Web sites visited often, as the geolocation service Foursquare site Q & Quora and Reddit, social network information, are experiencing significant technical difficulties since Thursday. "Our hosting datacenter Amazon usually great, has some problems this morning, which affects us as well as several other sites that use its services," said Foursquare, inviting its users to the patient.

Samsung has filed a lawsuit against Apple

The South Korean Samsung Electronics said Friday 22 April, he filed suit against Apple. The California group was asked last week to open a case against Samsung, which it accuses of having "slavishly" copy the models of iPhone and iPad. Samsung said it had filed its complaint on Thursday at a Seoul court, arguing that the U.S.

manufacturer had infringed its patents. Other suits were filed in Tokyo and Mannheim (Germany), the company said in a statement. The patents involved include a reduction of energy consumption during data transmission or 3G technology to reduce errors during the transmission. "Samsung will actively respond to the lawsuit against [him] to protect its intellectual property and ensure its continued innovation and growth in the mobile sector," said Samsung.

Android phones with stalking as their users

The phones with the Android operating system Google keep track of movements of their users, like Apple's iPhone, say the daily Wall Street Journal and The Guardian in its edition of Friday, April 22. Both newspapers said they obtained this information from computer experts who analyzed the data to arrive at this conclusion.

The Wall Street Journalcite American Samy Kamkar, a former hacker who had become known by disabling the site MySpace in 2005, while The Guardian quoted the Swede Magnus Eriksson. STORAGE LIMITED Android phones only stores the last half of mobile phone antennas and the 200 last wave of the Internet networks (Wi-Fi) approached, unlike Apple phones that record and store all trips for one year.