Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microsoft launches Office 365 objective, a more secure cloud

 Microsoft believes in the "cloud," the great cloud full of digital data and applications. The software giant also knows very well the safety issues raised by the transfer of information on the web, out of users' computers. And 'by 80 years, ever since viruses and virus were only assumptions that the company founded by Bill Gates analyzes the categories of information security.

But in the days of the symposium is Thrustworty Computing dedicated to data protection in the digital domain, that Microsoft decides to launch globally Office 365, the online version of the popular suite of business applications. Work online. The Project Office 365 is more ambitious than simple Word and Excel transhumance from the computer to the cloud.

Monster offers a professional social network, integrated with Facebook

The company is Monster launches itself in the battle of the professional social networks. Called "BeKnown", the service, offered by the site of job advertisements, is part of the social network Facebook, which has over more than 600 million subscribers. But if this new network is seeking to take advantage of the number of Facebook users, it also means a clear distinction between the professional and private use.

Microsoft releases final version of Office 365

Microsoft today released the final version of Office 365, a range of office software from the Internet cloud. It offers instant messaging, Web Apps suite bureaucratic Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), collaborative tools and an online gathering module. Microsoft almost guarantees one hundred percent security service.

The beta vesion is out in April and offers different versions and prices depending on customer needs. Microsoft prevailing in the desktop software, resident on the computer, now makes its biggest bet on cloud computing where programs reside on the Internet, always accessible and updated.

Taiwan fined Google for the short time in testing Android applications

The Taiwanese government has fined one million Taiwan dollars for not allowing consumers the legal test period of seven days for the Android applications. Google allows only fifteen minutes of test applications.

The sale of violent video games to minors allowed in California

The Supreme Court of the United States struck on Monday, a California law prohibiting the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. For the first time that the highest U.S. court decides in the debate between advocates of freedom of expression, who felt that the ban violated the First Amendment of the U.S.

Constitution, and the proponents of a ban " protector "for minors. The decision of the Supreme Court upheld the decision of an appellate court, which had also felt that the law violates freedom of expression. The text was challenged in court by a group of publishers, distributors and sellers of video games, including groups such as Disney, Electronic Arts, Microsoft and Sony.

iPhone, Apple iPhone by doubling with low cost

The Apple fans were already swallowing the bitter fruit of betrayal, the postponement of the much of the new iPhone launch, presented regularly at the beginning of each summer, when Apple here hanging from the tree of not one but two iPhone by. The wait and the delay will be worth two good iPhone in September, and so the world can bite in all its delicacy not only the highly anticipated iPhone 5 but also a new model dubbed dell'iPhone4 iPhone4S.