Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Microsoft begins developing the next generation of Xbox

Microsoft has set to work to work on the next generation of Xbox. He does not want to happen as with the tablets, which start with different speeds and you're looking for new jobs to cover the face of the new generation of its console. He has been through several ads in LinkedIn where the news has jumped since it offers several posts in different departments to work in the future Xbox.

In any case, experience in 3D graphics requests for what you already know where they want to move (not surprising, for the moment). In the ads themselves are related Microsoft anticipates that with its sights set on the future of your gaming console. Yes, we are not alarmed because if you still are looking for qualified personnel to develop the next Xbox is still in an early stage and take until we see it on the market.

ASUS unveils its new laptop range

ASUS has already announced it would renew its K-Series range launched in 2009 aimed at multimedia and gaming, for now is a reality and the new laptops will be light this month of March. The new range will come with 15.6-inch monitors and 17.3 inches, with good processors and high-end graphics cards to improve gaming experience.

All come equipped with Intel Core Huron River second-generation Intel processors a range of 32-nanometer technology are compatible with Blu-Ray WiMaz or 3D. Also among the range of graphics that we can choose are the nVidia GeForce GT500 and GT540, the latter with a dedicated memory of 2 GB DDR3.

Here comes the first application for Kinect and Windows 7

In a previous news we announced that Microsoft would release an SDK in the spring to develop applications for Windows 7 Kinect, but software companies do not stand with folded hands and began to develop even without official support, as After-Mouse did. com. The company has developed the first application for Kinect, for retail sale, which allows the user to navigate through a window, see 3D images of products, compare products selected and purchased directly via the user's shopping cart .

BenQ launches new HD projector

The developer of technology products BenQ has introduced its new HD projector the W1100. This new device presented by BenQ seems to be an ideal solution for those who wish to have your own cinema at home can also be used for meetings or conferences but not too large spaces. The W1100 has a 1080p HD resolution with a total of 2000 ANSI lumens and has a 4500:1 contrast cup.

It also has SRS WOW HD technology that improves image quality and 10W speakers. As for the connectivity part of the projector has HDMI, USB, S-Video and VGA. The launch of the BenQ W1100 for all of Europe is confirmed for the month of March, leaving about U.S. dates are not known.

Explorer 6 must vanish began the 'countdown'

ROME - Explorer 6, a browser die hard. Despite the years, now ten, and physical problems, updates continuously treated by trying to plug the gap wider, IE6 is still used by 12% of Internet users in the world, data collected in February 2011. Although a decrease of 9% compared to 2010, are still too many according to Microsoft, which to settle Explorer 6 and the workload and grit he brings with him, the initiative launches web ie6countdown.

Wallaby converts Adobe Flash in HTML5

Adobe Wallaby presented a free converter that turns Flash content in HTML 5, in order to solve the problem compatibility of Apple products that do not support the FLV format. Wallaby now converts files to optimal Flash (FLA Macromedia Flash Project File Format), creating content in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, such as eliminates unnecessary parts TAG Audio / Video, and making it possible for developers to modify the contents with jQuery and JavaScript.

Smartphone market: Android in the lead, Microsoft cut off

Google's mobile operating system Android has been won in the period from November to January, the market leader. The Canadian manufacturer RIM therefore lost for the first time with his Blackberry phones the top spot.

This pattern is expected for some time - as the table below shows, were already in the 4th Quarter of 2010 primarily cell phones sold with Google's Android operating system. The Blackberry's market share fell accordingly by about five percentage points to end at 30.4 percent.

Microsoft enlists engineers for the new Xbox

Microsoft, according to the published information on job offers LinkedIn, is seeking new professionals to work on the design of the new generation of consoles, which will replace the current Xbox 360. The figures are the most sought after experts in architecture and hardware development engineers and verification.

As regards the figure of an expert in hardware architecture "will be responsible for defining and implementing architectures for next generation consoles at the stage of conception to the implementation, which will team with Microsoft and other companies partners. "

Adobe offers a conversion tool of Flash in HTML 5

The company introduced Adobe, Monday, March 7, a new tool that converts its Flash format to HTML 5. Wallaby baptized, this development tool is for now only available as experimental. But nevertheless this system marks an important milestone for Adobe. Flash proprietary technology, including the ability to play videos, commercials or play games online through a plugin in their web browser, is a de facto standard, present a vast majority of computers.

Microsoft paid a billion dollars Nokia

Nokia will pay Microsoft a billion dollars (718 million euros), according to sources cited by Bloomberg. The deal, pending signing, means that the Finnish manufacturer will incorporate the system mainly for mobile operare Microsoft, Windows Phone 7. Nokia will pay a license for each copy of Windows to use on their phones.

The agreement has a range greater than five years. Since Nokia announced this decision in February, its shares have fallen 26 percent which shows market doubts about the wisdom of it. The pact with Nokia, Microsoft gains an important platform for expanding the operating system has lagged behind in the commercial race with Appel and Android.

Warner rent films on Facebook

One of the Hollywood majors, Warner, announced today start distributing films from its catalog through its Facebook fan page. In the statement explaining the decision, Warner believes that Facebook is a daily destination of hundreds of millions of people and make their films available through the said network is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts.

" The movies can be rented for 30 Credits Facebook or three dollars and the service is only available in the U.S.. The internet will have 48 hours to watch rented the title once it is made. Credits Using Facebook as a virtual currency within the network is greatly helped by Facebook. Several popular games use it to buy accessories and the network claims that all business transactions are made within it are made in this currency.

An Egyptian Wikileaks ... Facebook

The page is called Amn Dawla Leaks ("leaking state security"). We find ample evidence of the surveillance state set up by the regime of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt: passwords or Facebook accounts Skype Egyptian citizens, monitoring reports of the Christian minority in the country, or photographs of cellulles suspected of having been used to torture opponents and Islamists.

These documents were seized by protesters who broke into force last Saturday at the premises of the Department of Homeland Security, which published them on Facebook. The creators of the page claiming inspiration from Wikileaks, even in their logo, which mixes a candle and the hourglass decorated with globes of Wikileaks.

Lord of Shadow recognized as the best video game soundtrack for 2010

Lord of Shadow has been recognized by the International Association of Film Critics and Music (IFMCA) as the best video game soundtrack for 2010. Its author, Oscar Araujo, has received the news at his home in Vic (Barcelona). It is the highest award after the Oscars, he says.

To get an idea of the extent of his creation enough to know who recorded with the Bratislava Symphony for 17 days, 70 hours, and then traveled to the United States for mastering. In memory of the work to illustrate musically the game is called 16 musical climates final enemy, another 16 with enemy small, 30 atmospheres (research, crime ...) and 64 kinematic (video scenes ranging from love and intrigue combat).

Asus updates its K-Series notebooks with new Intel processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT500

Asus has announced the renewal of its range of portable K-Series, a family of large multimedia and gaming equipment in diagonal of 15.6 and 17.3 inches which combine good power with a very reasonable price. Though outwardly very similar to the first K-Series in late 2009, the new K-series features Intel Core Second Generation Huron River, a family of 32 nanometer chips based on Intel architecture and incorporating Sandy Bridge support WiMax or Blu-Ray 3D and other features.

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HP Envy 100 D-410, the printer you wanted to be a multimedia player comes to Spain

Back in September I went along the launch of the HP Envy 100, a printer rather than a device seems to spot leaves any multimedia set-top box for the living room. Finally, this stylish and small jet printer to the Spanish market comes at a price of 249 euros. With a size (closed) 427 × 336.2 × 102.4 mm, the HP Envy 100 is made of brushed aluminum and tempered glass for the front.

Under the top lid conceals a 1,200-dpi flatbed scanner and the input tray, 80 sheets, is hidden inside. The printed sheets exit through the front. HP Envy 100 is the WiFi and, indeed, can be configured with its own email address to print anything simply by sending an email. The front touch screen of 3.45 inches, integrates applications to print various types of jobs without a computer.

The game "Angry Birds" soon on Facebook

After phones, computers, and various game consoles, Angry Birds, the surprise hit of the year will be declined on Facebook, announced the creators of the game in the British version of Wired magazine. One more step in the strategy of expansion and diversification of the license, which should also affect the television and film.

The mechanics of the game, which has already attracted 75 million players, is simple and addictive: catapult birds (the famous Angry Birds) on pigs having their eggs stolen. However, the Facebook version, whose release date has not been revealed, offers a new gaming experience, "There will be new things that are not present on other platforms," Niklas Hed promises a co-creators of the game "The pigs will have a prominent role." MULTI-MEDIA DIVERSIFICATION Angry Birds Facebook is far from being the only draft Rovio, the development studio behind the success.

Western Digital buys division of Hitachi hard drives

Hard drives are one of the technology sectors that have accused more concentration of business in recent years. In 2005, the acquisition of Maxtor by Seagate and ended with one of the favorite debates fans to tinker with the PC on which company was best units. Western Digital is now the division has bought the Hitachi hard drives (known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies or Hitachi GST) by the beautiful figure of 43,000 million dollars.

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Samsung Corby II, renovation of a bestseller

One morning, affordable mobile phone, is that after the surprise unveiling of Nokia X1-00, I now turn to show the renewal of a seller's market, we talk about Corby II. Internally known as GT-S3850 has been introduced in the Sea Forum Samsung Singapore, the same place where we met the Android model with a QWERTY keyboard, Samsung Galaxy Pro Since filing his older brother, also is scheduled to depart in Europe, reaching in this March to Germany and later to other markets.

Google invests in video and price comparison

The American group Google launches a new policy of strategic acquisitions. YouTube, owned by Google, announced on Monday, March 7, the acquisition of the sapling Next New Networks, launched in 2007 and specializes in video content. The New York Times, citing two anonymous sources, Google would pay less than $ 50 million (36 million euros) for this acquisition.

"In case you still doubt, Google is now officially a media company," warns the website specialized Business Insider. With Next New Networks, which helps designers to optimize the distribution of content and monetize them, Google wants to effect change towards a logic of programs. "Instead of trying to obtain the agreement of rights holders, YouTube hopes that he may urge the community to produce high quality videos," explains TechCrunch.

An agreement of one billion dollars between Microsoft and Nokia

Microsoft is about to pay $ 1 billion (700 million euros) to promote and develop for Nokia smartphones running Windows 7, according to information from Bloomberg. The contract between the two companies, which would be on the verge of being signed, also provides that Nokia pays Microsoft a fee for each license Windows Embedded Phone on its phones.

According to the sources Bloomberg, Microsoft would also hand over various patents of Nokia, whose applications for mapping and location-based Navteq. The two companies had announced last month their partnership for the development of Nokia smartphones running the Microsoft OS, while the market share of Nokia phones and Symbian OS home continues to erode the face of competition from Apple (IOS) and Google (Android).

Nokia X1-00: attractive, inexpensive and powerful speaker

While we work to talk about the intricacies of the alliance with Microsoft, the Finnish firm Nokia is dedicated to presenting cell, and not Smartphones, but a very affordable terminal without losing the attractive design that typically print their creations. We talk about the Nokia X1-00. A phone that wants to be on the market in April at a price of 35 euros, free, before taxes.

The Nokia X1-00 is aimed at the general public looking for a "music phone", which is that despite its price is part of the family X. Therefore, they have installed a rear speaker of considerable power (106phon). I would like to advertise here other phone to be acoustically polluted the streets of our cities, but Nokia is aware that the younger the cell type they like, and I have no doubt that he has designed for them: attractive, inexpensive and powerful speaker.

AMD 6990, leading the new graphics card and dual core AMD

We started the morning with the AMD 6990, the new AMD graphics card. His release was expected for months, and after GTX 580 looked like a sure bet. AMD has always placed a step behind Nvidia in terms of raw power ... until today. AMD 6990 is presented as the most powerful graphics card market, although trap, yes, integrates two 40-nanometer GPU, specifically the 6970 model of AMD that promise very high performance.

Dell is also preparing an ultrathin laptop, with Sandy Bridge

During the next six weeks, Dell will be introducing the portable market with the latest Intel technology, processors Sandy Bridge, starting next week with the family of Inspiron laptops. But more interesting is that in the coming weeks they plan to show a slim laptop, we understand that the MacBook Air style or Samsung 9 Series, but without neglecting the processing power, as Intel is also committed to Sandy Bridge.