Monday, August 29, 2011

AMD appoints head Rory Read, former head of Lenovo

The U.S. supplier of microprocessors AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), not general manager since January, announced on Thursday, August 25, the appointment as CEO Rory Read, former chief operating officer of computer manufacturer Lenovo. The appointment of new boss, aged 49, is effective this Thursday, the company said in a statement.

"Rory is a leader who has proven and has been responsible in the past impressive growth of profitability," said the President of the Board Bruce Claflin, quoted in the document. "He is ideally placed to accelerate the progression of AMD to the top spot in the market for microprocessor design", currently occupied by Intel, he added.

New Atom 32 microns and three times more powerful GPU

Intel is preparing to submit the next platform Cedar Trail-M for netbooks and appear on the network coming from the first test site Vr-Zone, where you see performance by up to three times higher for the integrated GPU, while a Pearl slight improvement over previous CPU N455 and N570 solutions.

Samsung launches its own 'messenger'

It's called Chaton and is the new instant messaging service by Samsung, available in October. The South Korean manufacturer has announced it will launch the application to compete with rivals like Apple and RIM as well as other popular applications like WhatsApp. Chaton will come preinstalled on their phones, whether they are fitted with its own operating system, Bada, as quye work with Google's Android.

Google TV will be launched in Europe early 2012

Google will launch its TV service connected to the Internet early next year in Europe, announced on Friday, August 26, its chairman Eric Schmidt. The Google TV, which allows both to view television programs and surf the Web on a television screen with a housing, was launched in the U.S. in October, where he was quickly blocked by three major U.S. broadcast networks.

A large segment of the television industry, as well as the telecommunications and information is suspicious with respect to Google, it accuses of vouloirmettre hands on advertising revenue without contributing to production costs programs. "Some in the United States fear that our goal is to compete with broadcasters and content creators.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Apple: Steve Jobs came the resignation

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has decided to resign as CEO of Cupertino. The news has gone around the world in a few hours and was popularized by the same done through a letter delivered to the shareholders of the company and have employees.

Tumblr valued at $ 800 million

Tumblr microblogging site that allows to post web links, photos and videos or short texts, is about to complete a fundraiser that values at $ 800 million (554 million) says, Thursday, Aug. 25, the Wall Street Journal. According to the article (paid access) the business daily, citing sources familiar with the matter, Tumblr will raise between 75 million and $ 100 million (between 52 and 69 million) from investors, representing a valuation of $ 800 million.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A cheaper iPhone in late September?

Asian subcontractors Apple started making a cheaper version of the iPhone 4, equipped with eight gigabytes of memory, according to two unnamed sources cited by Reuters, Tuesday, Aug. 23. The current iPhone 4, released in June 2010, has a memory 16 or 32 GB to 8 GB version will be launched in the coming weeks, the sources said.

Google wants to end

Google  has launched a procedure to the National Arbitration Forum, authorized by ICANN, the organization that manages domain names, to resolve conflicts where domain names exploit the typographical errors of Internet users for commercial purposes, like, and

3 smartphones from Samsung banned in Europe

Three models of smartphones from Samsung of South Korea will be prohibited from sale in several European countries from mid-October, was ordered Wednesday, Aug. 24, the tribunal in The Hague. "The smart phones from Samsung can not be sold, and this applies to models Samsung S, S II Samsung and Samsung Ace," he told Agence France-Presse Saskia Pancho, a spokesman for the tribunal.

June 27, the American Apple asked the court for interim relief to prohibit the sale of three models of smartphones and three models of Samsung digital shelves due to a violation of its patents. "The court found that there was much offense for the phones, but not for the tablets, which may be sold," added Ms Pancho.

Google to pay 346 million euros to the U.S. Government

The Internet company has reached an agreement with the U.S. Justice Department for the publication of advertisements Canadian pharmacies between 2003 and 2009. Google recognizes that helped them to publish and optimize advertising and improve the effectiveness of sites through its AdWords program. The sale of drugs in the United States by Canadian pharmacies resulted in the illegal importation of drugs without prescription.

Nokia tries again with Fine Latest version of Symbian

ROME - It is strange to read the fine features, the new incarnation of the Symbian operating system for Nokia smartphones. And last but not new in the sense that since that this platform will continue to exist until 2016, despite the arrival of Windows Phone 8. Belle is the biggest leap forward made by Symbian and the sign of the times we live.

Expected on the market between late September or early October, offers a wide range of features so similar to those of competitors that have marked the decline of the Finnish giant. From Apple to Google's Android, to Samsung. On the three initial models to Monte Bello, the Nokia 600, 700 and 701, you can customize the screen, choose from a large fleet applications, automatically update themselves.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saving music in the cloud is legal

The record digested bad that Amazon opened its Music Store service in the cloud without a license pact with them. They still must have felt worse than a federal judge in New York believes that these services do not violate copyright because they are not obliged to review all content to tinker with their customers, ultimately responsible for the files that go to these stores virtual.

It is a bitter sweet victory for EMI labels in particular and in general, and the sentence that condemns partially MP3Tunes and its founder, Michael Robertson, legalize the cloud services of Amazon, Google and Apple if it is ratified. The case dates back to 2007, when EMI MP3Tunes sued for copyright infringement.

Facebook revises its privacy settings

The social network Facebook has since Tuesday, August 23, new tools to enable its 750 million registered to have more control over their personal data. "Our intention is to facilitate the publication and to offer you a more interesting and easier to use, promises Chris Cox, product manager at Facebook, the official blog of the social network.

These changes will take effect in the coming days ". The main change is to allow members to check the criteria to share their messages, photos or articles, not having to go to the privacy settings page, but directly with new icons placed in a drop-down menu next to the content to broadcast.

China, in the second quarter, is the world's largest market for PCs

China became the world's largest market for PCs in the second quarter 2011, surpassing the United States, according to data released Tuesday, August 23. The country could even pass the first permanent world power during the year 2012, according to IDC. "It was early or late in this sector, as was already the case for the automotive market.

China has a large population and average income rises," analysis for its part Toshihiro Nagahama, economist at Dai-ichi LifeResearch Institute deTokyo . While the market has contracted in the United States from 4.8% to 17.7 million units from April to June, China, a country with nearly 500 million Internet users, the market has increased 14 % to 18.5 million PCs, notes IDC.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Israel gives green light to Google's Street View service

The Ministry of Justice of Israel has finally cleared the mapping service of Google Street View, Monday, Aug. 22. The Authority Israeli law, information and technology, a regulator data protection, authorized to collect Street View panoramic images of the streets of Israel. The Authority however, required that cars equipped with special cameras Google who photograph data are clearly identifiable and that their trips are announced in advance, the newspaper Haaretz.

Hundreds of thousands of sites blocked by mistake in Argentina

"The Internet service providers use a bazooka to kill a fly," ironically, Friday, Aug. 19, the Electronic Frontier Foudation. This association, which specializes in the defense of freedom on the Internet, reported that Argentinian access PROVIDERS ordered National Communications Commission to block two domain names, "" and "" . These sites have made themselves known by posting, as on Wikileaks, confidential documents related to political or security in Argentina. To block these sites, ISPs have used the method of blocking the IP address, The problem is that the address used by the Blogger platform, owned by Google.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hacker attack the stolen data Epson 350 000 customers

The Epson comes under attack. From the division of the Korean multinational Nagano, Japan, were subtracted data of 350 thousand customers. In addition to the name and email, were removed from the phone number and information about purchases made. We still do not know whether or not there are among these numbers credit card.

Sources inside the company said they had referred the case to the competent authorities. "We are still investigating and trying to understand the origin of the attack," said an official of the Korea Communications Commission. Entity that is developing a plan for security after a wave of hacker intrusions in recent months against government and private sites.

The button "I like" of Facebook criticized by the German authorities

A German state has deemed illegal the button "I like" of Facebook, which allows users to indicate their favorite web sites, reports the site The Local, Friday, Aug. 19. Thilo Weichert, an employee of the authority to protect the privacy of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, said that the system illegally collecting social network data users.

With this built-in button on many Web sites, Facebook, which claims more than 750 million registered, slightly more than 20 million in Germany, has a mapping of interests of its users.

Friday, August 19, 2011

HP buys Autonomy and plans to separate from his division "computers"

Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced Thursday, August 18 that he bought the British software company Autonomy to 10.24 billion dollars. Under the terms of the agreement, approved by the boards of both companies, HP has 42.11 dollars per share in cash, a premium of 64% over the closing price Wednesday of Autonomy as the London Stock Exchange .

Autonomy Corp is a software for businesses, listed in London, which has two seats, one in Cambridge - East of England - and one in San Francisco. It was founded in 1996 to take advantage of technologies developed at the University of Cambridge, which help companies better manage and exploit massive amounts of data.

Google maps shows the weather

It seems obvious: when you plan to navigate the terrotorio or travel anywhere in the world wants to know what the weather will. Google just added a new layer to its mapping service, Google Maps, which shows by icons meteorology of where we are going and also the rest of the world, the site information provided by, explains the company's official blog, by clicking on the symbol time in a specific area, a window with detailed data on humidity, wind and temperature and even a forecast for the next few days.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The transport company in San Francisco again hacked

Another website AreaRapid Bay Transit (BART), the railway serving including the City of San Francisco, was the victim of a computer intrusion, Wednesday, Aug. 17. This time, hackers have uncovered data about 100 members of security forces employed by the company. The email addresses and passwords of people have been particularly exposed.

Bartpoa site. com also remains inaccessible on Thursday morning. If this new attack is not explicitly claimed by the group of hacktivists Anonymous, it comes just days after another piracy site BART. Thousands of personal data of users were then posted online. The FBI was in charge of the investigation.

IBM creates a chip that functions as the brain

IBM has developed a chip that mimics the human brain. This technology, which combines information technology with the communication process of neurons, might be useful to manage operations with less space and energy than that used by modern computers. The new generation of chips mimic the abilities of perception, action and cognition of the brain, acting dynamically and independently how it interacts with various electronic sensors.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Facebook valued $ 65 billion

U.S. advertising group Interpublic Group, holds a small stake in Facebook since 2006, has granted, Monday, August 15, half its share in the social network based on an enterprise value of 65.5 billion dollars (45.54 billion euros). Interpublic, which owned 0.4% of Facebook, has reduced its stake in half by selling shares to an anonymous buyer for $ 133 million (92.5 million), the company said in a statement.

Dell releases earnings up, but lowers its revenue estimates

The second global computer manufacturer, Dell, published Tuesday, August 16, profit up 63% to $ 840 million (584.8 million euros), above expectations for the second quarter of fiscal year shifted 2011/2012. Second-quarter sales activities related to corporate Dell was up 1% to $ 4.6 billion (3.2 billion), driven by "strong demand for servers and services ".

The consumer market benefits from sales of laptops and desktops, up 4% to $ 2.9 billion (2 billion). "We continue to see positive momentum in high growth sectors of our business, which directly reflects the implementation" of the strategy of the company, noted for its part, the founding CEO, Michael Dell.

HTC against Apple in the U.S. for patent infringement

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC smartphones announced Tuesday, April 16, he filed a complaint against Apple for patent infringement before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and in a court of Delaware. The Taiwanese company accused the giant of violating its intellectual property rights related to three patents in its Macintosh computers, iPods, iPhone and iPad, HTC said in a statement.

Sony lowers the price of the Playstation 3

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced on Wednesday, August 17, a decline in the price of its consoles PlayStation 3 (PS3) in Japan, the United States and Europe. In Europe, the model with a 160 gigabyte hard drive will be sold  in the United States, $249 against $ 299 .

Versions have a 320 GB hard drive will receive a similar price drop. "Historically, we see that our lower prices lead to increases in sales and we expect the same this time," said Jack Tretton, head of the unit, Sony PlayStation U.S., the news agency Reuters.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Android, iPhone, Windows clash at age three "post-pc"

"Defending the ecosystem of Android." This is the mantra repeated by Google after the acquisition of Motorola's Mobility millionaire, a move which in fact is an unexpected counter to legal action from Apple and Microsoft in the storm - and fish - the sea of mobile technology. Translated into understandable words, the "defense of the ecosystem of Android" means the purchase of over 17000 patents of Motorola, other than 7500 being considered for approval.

Anonymous attacks a transport company in San Francisco

The collective hacktivists Anonymous hacked, Sunday, Aug. 14, one of the sites of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the company trains serving including the City of San Francisco. MyBART, one of the websites of the company, has been an intrusion, reports the specialist Naked Security site. The information of at least 2 400 people, including names, email addresses and passwords have been exposed, said the BART, in a statement.

Gears of War 3, between film and videogame

With 13 million copies of previous versions on the market and a record in reserves (1.2 million) before being sold, Gears of War 3 will close the saga. One of the flagship titles xBox 360 will complete the last mission starring Marcus Fenix. Rod Ferguson, executive producer of the game has a bittersweet: "We are proud to reach this point with so much success, but thought it was just.

Stop at the top, otherwise it would betray our faithful." This concern for the followers of this franchise is reflected in the game, several modes: racing, arcade, and, most interestingly, of the mission. "I understand that buying a game is a decision that involves a payment, so I am interested to use it for a long time and in various ways," adds the producer.

Google buys Motorola to resemble Apple

Dramatic effect Google's mobile phone business. The most powerful Internet company just announced the purchase of Motorola Mobility, which is endowed with the capacity to manufacture their own devices and thus make Apple look like the team to beat. The transaction is valued at 12,500 million dollars (8,700 million), which is considered the most purchase.

Google will make a cash payment of $ 40 per share, equivalent to value their securities more than 63% a close on Friday on Wall Street. It is expected that the operation is carried out in late 2011. Motorola, Nokia, is lagging behind in the business of mobile telephony. Your interactive tablets phones already use the Google Android operating system.

Tunisian justice confirms ban on pornographic websites

The Tunisian courts upheld the ban on access to pornographic sites on the Internet, Monday, Aug. 15. The appellate court dismissed the request of the Tunisian Internet Agency  to stay the execution of a trial decision, said the lawyer Moneem Turki. "The Court of Appeal upheld the trial decision to force the Tunisian Internet Agency , as legal person, to censor all pornographic sites," he said.

"Despite the fact that counsel for the Tunisian Internet Agency  paid on the issue of evidence that the agency lacked the financial and technical resources to implement the ruling, the Court of Appeal has given us reason," Mr Turki said one of three lawyers arguing for the closure of pornographic sites. In late May, the Court of First Instance of Tunis ordered to block access to all pornographic sites, following a complaint by three lawyers, for whom these sites presented a danger to youth and were contrary to Islamic values.

Firefox 6 is the last of its kind

Again a new version: The latest Mozilla browser than three months old, is already available for download Firefox 6. In the future there will be a new version every six weeks - to the user not to be very annoying to the developers thought about a trick. Cologne - Starting today, it's official, Mozilla Firefox is the browser in the sixth version available for download.

Already? Some will ask, where is it only just came out version 5th At this pace, the surfer must be used in future, every six weeks should there be an update. Thus the number change is not permanent is not created some confusion, the version numbers should not be displayed. Even from the dialog "Firefox / Help / About Firefox" will disappear the current number currently displayed information.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

David Cameron wants to deprive the insurgents of social networks

"When people use social networks to violent actions, we must stop them. We work with the police, intelligence agencies and industry to study how we can prevent these people to communicate via these sites and services when we know they are preparing criminal or violent acts. " In his message to British MPs on Thursday, Prime Minister David Cameron said the government was working to tighter controls on social networks.

Global sales of smart phones increased by 74%

Almost 429 million mobile phones were sold in Tech News Buzz in the second quarter, according to research firm Gartner published Thursday, August 11. Of these sales, one quarter are smartphones, mostly equipped by the operating system Google Android. Global sales of mobile recording an increase of 16.5% year on year, while those of smartphones - these phones "smart" to surf the Internet - have grown 74% over the second quarter of 2010.

New battle between Google + and Facebook

If you have videos, the other also. If an email offer, the other is not far behind with messaging. The duel between social networks Facebook and Google + experienced yesterday another episode. While the new network, Google announced the opening of it to the games, Facebook, already has them in great numbers, announced changes to its platform to content developers and improved gaming experience.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The social network LinkedIn criticized for its handling of private data

"LinkedIn has a Facebook", ironically the site specializes Naked Security, referring to the controversy over the management of the private life of the most famous social network. Users of the LinkedIn professional network, with over 115 million members, have in fact complained about the reuse of a photograph in profile in the service of "social advertising" site.

"When members of LinkedIn recommend people or services, the following companies or participate in network activity in any way, their name or picture may appear on the ads associated with that you can see," the description this service. Specifically, photographs and even the names of contacts on LinkedIn may appear below a message.

Google updates the algorithm of its search engine

The U.S. company Google has expanded, Friday, Aug. 12, the update of the algorithm at work in its search engine. Named "Panda", "this update is done for all languages except Chinese, Japanese and Korean," said the company's official blog. Already introduced in the U.S. and the UK in the spring, this system is intended to punish websites that do not produce original content, but maximizing their SEO to succeed in the first pages of search engine results.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Patent war: Apple also wants to stop Motorola Xoom

In the fight to Apple Tablet Patents can not give up: After Samsung has already successfully thwarted, will now also the Motorola flat computer sales are prohibited. Despite the controversy Apple Samsung asks for help in tablet production. Cologne - The patent war is the major electronics companies in the next round.

Just let Apple and its competitors the same time prohibiting suppliers Samsung injunction by selling the flat computer Galaxy Tab 10.1 in most EU countries. Now grab the lawyers of the iPad manufacturer Motorola on the Tablet PC because of Xoom. In the Düsseldorf Regional Court on 4 August application filed against Samsung found a passage which shows that apart from the Korean manufacturer also provides a process was initiated against the American company.

Twitter opens to further resources on the network activity

New features, more content. With this title, Twitter announced on its blog two developments in the social network interface. "Today we are launching two new features in Twitter. Com to help you find more interesting content on Twitter. Now you can see when someone dials your favorites or make a Retweet your Tweets.

You will also know which are the most interesting Tweets for people you follow. " This new feature lets you know what's going on in Twitter easily in relation to the interests of Internet users. Just click on the tab @ user (replace @ mentions), and you can know which of the tweets of the Internet have been marked as Favorites, forwarding their own tweets, those directed to the member of the network and new fans.

FTC investigates also on Android

The investigation by U.S. authorities responsible for competition (FTC) about a possible abuse of dominant position of Google, announced in June, focuses on the operating system Android and mobile search engine, revealed the Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, August 10. Members of the FTC "focus their investigation on Google on the key sectors of its business, including the operating system for mobile devices Android and its search engine on the Internet," the business daily in its electronic edition, citing Sources familiar with the matter.

California asks Facebook to delete accounts of detainees

The California Department of Corrections announced on Monday that it would seek to Facebook deleting active accounts on behalf of prisoners. "Access to social networks allows inmates to circumvent our system of monitoring and prosecuting criminal activity," said the head of the administration, Matthew Cate, said in a statement.

"This new cooperation between law enforcement and Facebook will better protect citizens and prevent further crimes." In support of its decision, the administration cites the example of a news item that occurred last year, an inmate had sent from his cellulle portraits drawn to a teenager he had attacked seven years earlier.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

200,000 BitTorrent users pursued in the U.S.

TorrentFreak has taken account of the activity of the owners of rights against Internet users who use P2P file sharing systems, particularly BitTorrent. According to their numbers, about 200,000 users have complaints from copyright owners who claim the alleged breach of same by internet users. The estimated half said that each week a dozen open cases and the courts are saturated with demands.

Nokia Symbian abandons U.S.

In an interview with Allthingsdigital site, Chris Weber, CEO of Nokia in the United States, confirmed that the company would abandon its Symbian operating system in the United States and Canada, and focus exclusively on Windows Mobile, operating system from Microsoft. The two companies have partnered to 700 million euros in March.

Nokia also announced it would stop selling entry-level phones in the U.S. market, a key area in the war between phone manufacturers. Yet the entry-level phones that Nokia has built its considerable success in the 1990s, but it is now estimated that the future lies in its agreement with Microsoft and the industry smartphones.

Facebook launched a messaging application for mobile

The social networking site Facebook has launched Tuesday, August 9, a new application for smartphones, for sending messages to his "friends" on social networking, but also to other contacts. Called "Messenger", the application can send both text messages (SMS) and email. "Messenger is an extension of" Facebook messages, "to find all the conversations.

Whether you are on your phone or on the Web, you can view the entire history of your messages," says the social network's official blog . This application is available on mobile devices from Apple, and those equipped with the Android operating system from Google, is separate from the official social network application.

Copyright on the tablet: Apple vs. Samsung's

The new tablet from Samsung, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, can no longer be sold throughout Europe. The Regional Court of Düsseldorf has upheld the request of Apple, accusing the Korean company has breached the copyright of some elements of the iPad 2 in integrating its tablet without permission, and issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting the distribution of the tablets and block any action of Samsung's marketing.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

China claims to have suffered half-million ofcyberattacks in 2010

China says it has been nearly half a million cyber attacks in 2010. According to their data, half of them came from overseas. The national computer emergency, says, says The Guardian, that 14.7% of attacks came from the United States and 8% in India. The report comes after China was indicated as the main suspect in a sustained cyber-espionage operation for five years and affecting more than 70 institutions and governments.

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic agree on a 3D glasses standard

Samsung, Sony and Panasonic have agreed to launch in 2012 a model of universal 3D active glasses that can be used on any TV in those marks. It is a way to entice the consumer who has not entered into the supply of 3D TVs as expected. One problem, among others, has been precisely that of spectacles, to be purchased specifically for each model.

The agreement includes the manufacturer of 3D glasses and manufacturers Xpand work on common protocols that allow them and their brand 3D TVs are understood to remain compatible with systems already on the market this year. The standard should be available for manufacturers in September so they can sell the glasses next year.

New tablet ... by Pierre Cardin

The signing of haute couture and perfume Pierre Cardin also wants to be on the runways technology. Now has launched a tablet in the UK. The pocket-lint titled wondering if the design is above the substance because the tablet does not carry the latest in accu software. Surprised that the operating system chosen is the Android 2.2 (Froy) when Google itself has newer versions of its mobile operating system.

Riots in London: BlackBerry-maker wants to help the police

Rioters have agreed to meet in London with Blackberry messages? It wants to find the British police. Smart phones are widespread among young people of the brand. Now the producer promised his help - but the chat messages are encrypted. London - If something happens somewhere in the world of the format of the current rioting in London, it usually does not take long to know until someone thinks: This movement was created on Facebook or Twitter.

The fall of the Nasdaq may delay the IPO of companies in the high tech sector

7% in one day, Monday, less than 11% since the beginning of the year, like all other indices of major stock exchanges, the Nasdaq, which brings together the main values of the technology sector, is experiencing a dramatic decline, reinforced in recent days. U.S. large caps such as Apple, Google and Microsoft were battered on Monday.

At the close, the action of the company has lost $ 20 apple, down 5.46%. The title of Google loses 5.7%. But the greatest losses are recorded by Oracle, specializing in the management of databases that is declining by more than 8%. Ironically, while the fall in markets has been precipitated by the deterioration of the U.S.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The "king of spam" risks more than forty years in prison

Self-proclaimed "Spam King" Sanford Wallace risks more than forty years in prison and more than $ 2 million fine. The man, aged 43, is accused of approximately 500,000 compromised Facebook accounts, between November 2008 and March 2009, and have sent more than 27 million spam. Wallace pleaded not guilty at a hearing Thursday, August 4, in federal court in San Jose in the United States.

Missing children: The FBI launches an application for smartphones

FBI launched Friday, August 5, Child ID ("Child Identity"), an application designed for smartphones can quickly alert the authorities when missing children. Child ID, launched with the help of the Association of American football coaches to ensure their advertising, is the first application made by the FBI.

It only works for now on iPhone and can be downloaded from iTunes, but will be available later on other smartphones, said the federal agency. The application of readily available data, free, "can save photos and important information about your child, immediately available in case of need," said a statement.

Gimp: the free image editor

Basically, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a software-Dino: Since 1995 is working on its development. Gimp has long been - just as most commercial programs - retrofit capabilities via plug-in system, flexible tools to zoom and move in real time, simultaneous processing of multiple images, support for numerous file formats and 8-24 bit color depth per image.

Nevertheless Gimp long remained a niche product for keyboard shortcuts and code-secure Linux users - are designed to operate too bulky for convenient Windows users who had grown accustomed to the Photoshop system. But even in the most recent versions of the GIMP developers relied on user friendliness and improved workflows.

A 10 years girl discovered a vulnerability in Mvila game

Defcon, the hacker security conference benevolent, non-profit making havoc, held in Las Vegas, has had an unprecedented speaker. This is a 10 year old girl, whose alias CyFi, who has discovered a vulnerability in mobile games with IOS and Android operating systems. Independent researchers have confirmed the veracity of the finding.

At Cnet, CyFi ensures that the discovered because he was bored of slow games where farms have to wait for the seed to grow. It was hard, he says, progress in these games because it was too long to wait for them to grow crops. Entoces thought to alter time. Benefiting from planting corn may take 10 hours.

The site of the Ministry of Defence Syrian hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous announced that he had embezzled, Sunday, Aug. 7, the website of the Ministry of Defence of Syria. Instead of the home page of the Department is a message from the group of "hacktivists" that appeared. "The Syrian people, Tech News Buzz is on your side, against the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Know that the time and history are on your side," writes the group. The Government page on the site remains inaccessible on Monday morning. "The pirates probably exploited a vulnerability of the site to upload their own content," the blog Naked Security specialist, the Sophos computer security firm, for which this type of attack is equivalent "to the graffiti on the walls of a building.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Zynga wins legal battle

Battles for intellectual property also play in the field of "social games". The industry leader, Zynga, has been engaged for several weeks in legal proceedings against Vostu, a Brazilian company which also offers games for social networks. Founded in 2007, the company boasts 50 million players on various platforms.

In mid-June, filed a complaint against Zynga Vostu, from a California court alleging violations of copyright. The American publisher, sees the games that are Vostu Mini Farm Coffee Mania and Mega City, unauthorized copies of its flagship titles such as Farmville, World Café or Cityville.

Google offers voice calls worldwide

The announcement has been modest. Google has simply published an article on its official blog, and little by little, Gmail users have been featured, along with their contact GTalk instant messaging service, an icon with a green phone. Clicking on it are invited to phone without leaving the mail from your computer.

The search engine joins Skype, Jajah or Tango, we also offer voice services over the Internet. The service for voice calls through Google was born on an experimental basis over a year ago but was only available for some users in the United States and Canada. The service allows calls to 150 countries and each has a different rate.

China denies being behind the great cyber-spying operation

Expected has happened. After they hinted that China may be the Government was behind the cyber-espionage operation uncovered this week, authorities in that country have flatly denied their connection with it. People's Daily, reported AFP, consider these irresponsible accusations and says it is untenable to link the Chinese Government to action against pirates.

McAfee's report, which cited China, would only aim to increase the customer base of that company. The Internet security consultant McAfee released a study that claims to have evidence that, for five years, a series of cyber spies infiltrated the servers and networks of international institutions ranging from the U.S. government to the International Olympic Committee and companies military.

Galaxy Tab 10.1, one tablet to squeeze Android

After many attempts, finally get a tablet stands up to the iPhone 2, Apple. In fact, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, looks suspiciously like the Apple device. It is slightly finer, barely percibepermite HD video recording, the battery lasts about the same (about 9 hours) and at first glance one might even be confusing if you did not have the beveled edges a bit more.

Since it was announced in January Honeycomb, the tablet version of Android, there have been many proposals from the industry, but few made up for a price close to the iPhone 2 features closest to the original iPhone the new competitor. The operating system is simple, clear and intuitive, perhaps even more than the phones.

The results far exceed expectations LinkedIn

The professional social network LinkedIn has published Thursday, August 4, results well above expectations for the second quarter, with sales more than doubled and earnings, while analysts expected a loss. "In the second quarter, we saw a record number of entries, unique visitors and page views, while revenue growth accelerated further," welcomed the general manager, Jeff Weiner, quoted in a statement.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Activision-Blizzard exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The world of video games, Activision-Blizzard, Vivendi-controlled, published Wednesday, August 3, profits and sales well above expectations for the second quarter, driven by the success of the shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops. Net income jumped 53% to $ 335 million. Turnover rose against all odds, albeit modest (+2.3%), reaching $ 699 million, against 599 million dollars expected by analysts.

Google claims a "hostile campaign" by Microsoft, Oracle and Apple

The internet group Google has strongly denounced Wednesday, August 3, a "hostile campaign" against its operating system for mobile devices Android led by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and others, "through patent cans." Blog on the group's legal director, David Drummond, Google's opponents accused of "fighting a sudden procedures instead of a competition based on new features or new equipment." "A multi-function phone can cause up to 250,000 claims related patents, and our competitors want to impose a 'tax' with these dubious patents, which makes the Android devices more expensive for consumers," acknowledges yet Mr. Drummond.

The next handheld console from Sony will not be available for Christmas

Playstation Vita, the new generation of handheld console of the Japanese manufacturer Sony, will not be available for sale in Europe or the United States for the holidays season. Kazuo Hirai, the vice president of Sony, announced that the console, much anticipated, would be put on sale in Japan at the end of the year, before a deployment to European and U.S. markets in early 2012. For console manufacturers as for video game publishers, the holidays season is crucial, because most of console sales happen on the last two months of the year. Missing this window of sales slows significantly the adoption of a machine by the players; Nintendo has experimented with his 3DS, launched off holiday periods, and whose sales were more labored.

GF3 Panasonic, Olympus, EP3, Sony NEX C3: Huge photo sensors, tiny cameras

Smaller, faster, more beautiful: New System cameras compress large image sensors in small enclosures. The manufacturers promise more image quality with less weight. For whom is that dwarf camera? A comparison. Is there anything smaller? Three major camera manufacturers have struggled with new models at a record: If the camera is built with the smallest package, where you can change the lens and exposure of a very large image sensor? The new system cameras from Sony (NEX C3) and Panasonic (GF3) have in fact even smaller enclosure than its predecessor, they are now almost as small as the compact cameras.

Google + is record, growth of 25 million users in June

 - Larry Page and Sergey Brin, smile, and rightly so. The omnipresent Google, the two founded in 1996, collects another record: its social network, which appeared June 28, it reached 25 million users, becoming the fastest-growing site in the history of the World Wide Web According to ComScore, and marketing research firm that specializes in Internet traffic, Google + is able to beat all its competitors.

The sister of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg left to found his own company

Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of the creator of Facebook, and serving as chief of social network marketing, has submitted his resignation letter to start his own communications company, as published by the All Things Digital blog. Zuckerberg had spent the last three months of maternity leave, a period when he was away from the daily social network and allowed it, according to that blog, think about your future.

RIM unveils five new BlackBerry

The Canadian Research In Motion (RIM) announced Wednesday, Aug. 3, the "larger" launch of BlackBerry smartphones in its history, unveiling five new aircraft operated by an all new version of its operating system. The Group of Waterloo, Ontario, whose stock has lost half its value since the beginning of the year, will launch two new models of BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Torch of three.

RIM did not specify the date of the launch, but said more than 225 distribution partners had "begun or completed" certification of its new devices, which aim to regain ground lost to Apple's iPhone . According to May, the Apple iPhone is now more used than the RIM BlackBerry in the United States, according to the firm ComScore.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new Chrome speed up downloading of pages viewed from Google

The new version of the Google browser, Chrome, is to accelerate the download page for viewing from the list of search results from Google. The tool is called Instant Pages, already being tested. The method is based on Chrome download the first search engine listing pages so that when Internet users click to see one of them, the browser will already have it and serve it faster.

Google has developed a video that compares different maneuvers search and consultation with the traditional system and from the new Chrome. The difference in downloading pages from each other ranging from 7.2 seconds to 3.8. It is possible that Google relies on the +1 button and browsing history to refine these downloads preventive.

Skype restores his iPad application

Within hours, Skype has launched its iPhone application, has retired and has again proposed. Skype had released its iPhone application for IP telephony service. However, a few hours left. In a statement from Twitter, the company said that to ensure a better experience, "we have temporarily removed Skype for iPhone that had been published prematurely." In a second text, Skype apologized for the inconvenience.

Blackberry don't want to lose camber

RIM, the maker of Blackberry, has introduced three new phones and a new operating system. 67 million users worldwide and 48 million messages per second in its instant messaging system, one of its most addictive, RIM, the maker of the Blackberry faces the challenge of maintaining its market share against its competitors.

In Spain, for example, are second in sales of smartphones, behind Samsung, and ahead of Nokia and HTC. Despite these figures, RIM last week dispensed with the services of 2,000 employees. Patrick Spence, managing director of global sales of the company, defined as the most important release since birth.

Cell phone hackers: Android phone trojan records

Smartphones also can catch viruses: A new malicious program for Android phones stores in addition to telephone calls associated data. Just a typo that prevents users can be spied on. Cologne - A new Trojan attracted the attention not only of IT security experts. The malware, potentially affects everyone who leads with an Android phone calls.

As Dinesh Venkatesan, an employee of the security company, Total Defense, announced in a blog post, the Trojan is activated by the start of a call and then records the audio file of the call and related information as a text file on the SD card of the phone on. The next time you call the malicious program tries to "phone home" and send the recorded data to a remote server.

"Hacker against UN and governments" Suspicions about China

The computer security company McAfee has announced that it has discovered the largest series of attacks in history, in violation of the database of 72 subjects. Among the victims were United Nations, the governments of the United States, Canada, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Taiwan, the International Olympic Committee, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian States), World Anti-Doping nl'Agenzia, umber of companies and hi-tech defense industries.

UK allows private copying of works protected by copyright

The United States changed its policy against infringements of intellectual property. From the outset, admit the legality of the lawful owner of a work can make a private copy of it for personal use. The regulations specifically clarify that private copies can not be shared. Moreover, the Government withdraws draft a law that imposes blocking sites considered copyright infringers.

This is not supposed to stop persecuting them. British regulations also introduce a warning system to detect Internet users who break the law by downloading copy protected commercially.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Twitter raises $ 800 million

The Twitter social network announced on Monday 1st August, he had just concluded a new "round of major funding," led by the Global Fund DST led by Yuri Milner, with "several existing investors." Twitter did not quantify the operation, but according to the specialized site All Things Digital, the new funding amounts to $ 800 million , bringing in $ 8 billion in the overall valuation of Twitter.

The Apple icloud is already on the Internet

Anticipating the release of their full service in the cloud, icloud, Apple has released the first version for web developers. The site features an interface similar to Me. com, service to replace next year. For now, icloud provides mail, contact management, publishing and events calendar and access to Find My iPhone.

It also describes the storage of documents created with tools from Apple. icloud as a service file synchronization replace MobileMe, introduced three years ago. The storage in this service will continue even if you have made the transition to icloud until its closure on June 30, 2012. In parallel, the company has published the rates of extra storage.

Apple may sell TVs in 2012

Apple will launch three models of HDTVs in March 2012. It's a rumor, but the rumors are trademarks of the house .... The 42-inch model could have a remarkable resemblance to the Bose Vawe Video. A single optical cable would transmit the image, sound and data and televisions would be highly linked logically to the ecosystem of the manufacturer.

Patents: Apple gets to postpone the release of a Samsung tablet

Samsung announced on Tuesday, August 2, he does not market the state's shelf Galaxy 10.1 in Australia after having reached an agreement with Apple had filed a complaint, accusing the South Korean intellectual property infringement. Ten patents are concerned, identified by the Sydney Morning Herald. "Apple has filed a complaint with the Federal Court of Australia, for a version of the Galaxy 10.1 that Samsung did not intend to sell in Australia.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg: "The anonymity of the Internet must go"

Anonymity on the Internet must go. So strong has been shown to Randi Zuckerberg, head of social network marketing and sister of the founder of it. In a debate, Randi holds that people behave better when his real name is visible. "I think people hide behind the anonymity and have the idea to say whatever they want behind the closed door." The comment has prompted the predictable debate.

Adobe launches tool for HTML5 disear

Adobe has released the free trial version of Edge, a tool to create animations with the HTML5 standard, Javascript and CSS. HTML5 is regarded as the great rival to Flash, Adobe resource for these purposes. The tool is available from Adobe and the lab will not have a commercial release until next year.

Miquel Bada, Adobe Spain, has told this newspaper that the company's position has never been to deal with HTML5. In fact, its tool for Dreamweaver web design can work with HTML5. "Our purpose is to give every facility to the designers. HTML5 is a standard not yet approved, but once you think it will be defined more limited interactivity to Flash, Flash will be like ten years ago, but that does not that it is not a valid standard and Adobe provides tools for it to work with him.

Google strengthens its portfolio patent

U.S. giant Google has bought, Friday, July 29, patents for computer company IBM to try to discourage trial for violation of intellectual property. "Like many technology companies, we acquire some patents that are important to our business needs," he told  a Google spokesman in an email, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

Contacted, IBM declined to comment. According to the blog dedicated SEO by the Sea, Google recorded 12 and 13 July with the U.S. authorities' 1030 IBM patents. " These cover a wide range, "from manufacturing to the architecture of memory chips to microprocessors and computer architecture, including servers and routers," the blog.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wi-Fi location information: Microsoft knows where you've been,

First Apple, then Google, now Microsoft, with a U.S. scientist denounces that bypasses the Windows group to relax with the location data from wireless routers. Also data from cell phones and laptops are recorded accordingly - that makes possible the tracking of individual devices. Microsoft wants to make its users to self-discovery easier.

Actually a nice train would be the company it does not seem too far gone. In order to enable mobile devices to determine the position even without GPS, the company has built a worldwide database with the location data from wireless hotspots. The devices can use in order to locate itself, at least approximately.

Google TV and Logitech lose money

The joint venture between Logitech and Google Google TV does not give good results. The manufacturer of encoder Revue Logitech has dropped the selling price of $ 249 to 99 which represents a cost of $ 34 million on the results of the group. Encoder sales were "slightly negative" between April and June this year, according to Logitech.

The returns have been higher than a sales "very modest" in his own words. Logitech expects the improvements to Google TV, the incorporation of the Android application store, encourage supply. Logitech believes that the buyer perceived a notable difference between the price too much product and the value he gave to it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nintendo announced cut down the price of 3DS

The Empire Super Mario begins to falter. Or at least put a foot wrong. Nintendo has just announced that from Aug. 12 to reduce by nearly one third the price of its latest handheld console, the 3DS, just four months after its launch. Despite the screen 3d "glassless", which does not require the use of goggles, the ivy of the machine world's best selling video game just does not seem to have made inroads among consumers.

Google to open a paid service to speed up web pages

Google today introduced a new service, but this time they have to pay. This is Page Speed Service and promises to optimize the customer site to your query is made faster, giving an acceleration between 25 and 60% higher than the other sites. As explained in the corporate blog, you must join the site to an address in Google, from which to rewrite the code of the content for faster viewing and then be displayed to visitors of the site from the servers of the company.

Google launches hotel search engine

As usual, Google has launched a new product without prior notice and with operating exclusively in the USA. Hotel Finder Hotel is the search engine Google. The novelty with respect to searches is the sum of common factors. First, it includes the price directly from the results suggested. The browser, which works more accurately from the mobile phone, take the client's position, which can draw on the map in which area you prefer to find accommodation, recommendations sum social acquaintances and to set a price range.

Strong yen, earthquake and piracy: Sony revises forecast downward

The giant Japanese consumer electronics Sony revised its earnings forecast significantly down on Thursday in the publication of its quarterly results. The company, which announced $ 140 million loss this quarter, reduced by over 20% of its earnings forecast for the year. Sony is suffering from a combination of difficulties that led him to revise its forecast just two months after the publication of the latter.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo sales fall 50%

The Japanese giant video game Nintendo has reported a fall of more than half its sales in the first quarter over one year to 93.93 billion yen, due to the absence of featured games for its consoles struggling to find buyers. The sales of Nintendo had already plunged by 25.6% in the first quarter of 2010 to 2011 a year, partly because of currency fluctuations.

The group has also been a victim of rising of the Japanese currency, all resulting in an operating deficit of 37.7 billion yen, against a gain of 23 billion last year at the same time, and a net loss of 25.15 billion yen equivalent to that lamented a year earlier.

Facebook removed the cover of a Nirvana album 20 years ago

Twenty years later, the cover of Nirvana album Nevermind is still provocative. Facebook removed the image of it, a naked baby in the water, the pages you have opened to commemorate the anniversary. Shortly after the said. The social network reported that the image violated the conditions of use set by the company.

Gave no further explanation but the hypothesis is that due to the baby's penis. The baby photography, Spencer Elden, said in 2008 that he liked the picture: "A lot of people around the world have seen my penis. This is cool." Spencer was the son of a photographer friend of the group Nirvana.

Alleged spokesman for the group of hackers Lulz Security arrested

Scotland Yard announced Wednesday, July 27, having arrested the spokesman alleged hacker group Lulz Security (LulzSec), which had claimed a wave of computer attacks for two months in late spring, before dissolving. The group referred to various sites related to targets like the CIA, the U.S. Senate or large enterprises.

The suspect, a man of 19 years, "was arrested at his home in the Shetland Islands, and is being transferred to a police station in London. A search of his home is in," said the British police . For Scotland Yard, it is "Topiary", one of the founding members of LulzSec. A young man of 17 years was also interviewed by the police in connection with this transaction, but is not under arrest.

Google, Facebook and Apple are betting on facial recognition

Google denied that it was to allow easy recognition, but acknowledged that it could, that its technology was able to detect who was in the picture with only 14 samples. The controversy arose with the introduction of Goggles, an application of augmented reality.

Despite this refusal, Google has set off alarms privacy Pittpatt acquisition, a company founded in 2004, specializes in machine vision. In a statement issued by the company that emerged in the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University index that its work is not strictly recognize people, but to identify objects and real-world environments.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The turnover of Amazon is growing by over 50%

Amazon, the world leader in sales of cultural products on the Internet, said Tuesday profit down but revenues up sharply for the second quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations. The turnover of the group jumped 51%, while earnings per share fell from 45 to 41 cents, due to large investments made by Amazon.

After the announcement of these results, the work Amazon has gained 6% in stock. For the company CEO, Jeff Bezos, the strong increase in sales is linked to "low prices, the increase in supply and innovation" of its site. Amazon created this year 15 new distribution centers. According to the American giant, this growth should continue this year.

Google + wants to ban nicknames

Barely a month after its launch, Google + wipes his first controversy. Internet users are denied entry to this social network on the grounds that they were part under a pseudonym. Some of them have suffered in the wake of the outright suspension of their Google Account, thus depriving them of access to their Gmail or blogging service.

Electronic Arts, double earnings

The American publisher of video games Electronic Arts (EA) released Tuesday that net income more than doubled in the first quarter of fiscal year 2011/2012 shifted, exceeding analysts' expectations, and a turnover up 26%. The earnings were $ 221 million against 96 million during the same period a year ago.

Per share, this amounts to 66 cents. But taking into account that certain revenues are deferred from the purchase and activation of a game, adjusted earnings per share is equivalent to a loss of 37 cents, less marked than analysts had anticipated (loss current 40 cents). The turnover reached 999 million on its side against $ 815 million a year earlier, well above forecasts of Wall Street (509 million).

STRIKE-1100W Aerocool X gets 80 PLUS Gold certification

Aerocool one of the leading brands worldwide leading manufacturer of PC gaming systems and accessories is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 80 PLUS Gold award which is awarded only to the power supplies able to deliver levels of efficiency of at least 87% , 90% and 87% in the load conditions of 20%, 50% and 100% provided by the test.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The manufacturer of the BlackBerry fires 2000 people

Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry, announced Monday its intention to eliminate 2,000 jobs, or 11% of its workforce in the face of increased competition from Apple and Google. The principle of job cuts, which was announced last month, is a bit more than expected. "It's not totally unexpected.

The number of job cuts is higher than had been left heard at the beginning, "said analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Co." This is obviously focus to realign the cost structure of new growth, that is to say about the reality of sales. " The reduction of the workforce will reduce the number of RIM to about 17 000 employees.

The album became "app" Bjork reinvents the music

ROME - The name makes you smile: "app album." Still could be the future of the troubled music industry, hit by declining CD sales endemic. The project is signed by Bjork, the Icelandic singer, who recently posted on Apple's online store the first song of Biophilia. Or rather, the first constellation, a galaxy of media that will be completed Sept. 26. A new way of making records at the time of the iPad, synthesis of sounds, images, interaction. He goes out, not surprisingly, in the first place for the tablet of Steve Jobs and later as a regular compact disc. It is not the first "album app" in the strict sense, in May, the duo has created a Bluebrain iPhone called The National Mall, which incorporates songs and geolocation, but it is the first truly multimedia, thought to be a pop star and developed in collaboration with Apple itself.

Surprise resignation of a manager of information security of the United States

The head of an agency of the United States to coordinate responses to cyber attacks announced his resignation Monday after a series of attacks against computer systems of the U.S. government. Randy Vickers, the director of the Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has resigned without giving reasons.

The resignation follows a series of attacks against Web sites linked to the Pentagon, the CIA and the U.S. Senate, which had not resulted in the leakage of sensitive information by U.S. authorities. The attacks were claimed by the group LulzSecurity since dissolved. Last week, sixteen suspected pirates, including two with a direct part of LulzSecurity, were arrested in Europe and the United States in an international dragnet.

The album became "app" Bjork reinvents the music

 - The project is signed by Bjork, the Icelandic singer, who recently published in the Apple online store the first song of Biophilia. Or rather, the first constellation, a galaxy of media that will be completed Sept. 26. A new way of making records at the time of the iPad, synthesis of sound, text, images, interaction. He goes out, not surprisingly, in the first place for the tablet of Steve Jobs and later in the form of standard compact discs. The video is not the first "album app" in the strict sense, in May, the duo has created a Bluebrain iPhone called The National Mall, which incorporates songs and geolocation, but it is the first truly multimedia, thought to be a pop star and developed collaboration with Apple itself.

Google + is hunting for nicknames

The search engine Google, which launched there about a month a social networking competitor Facebook, said Monday that its policy for managing aliases, prohibited by the terms and conditions of service. During the weekend, Google had removed a large number of accounts using aliases, without warning their creators, causing a wave of protests.

"We have noticed that many violations of rules on Google + names were honest mistakes, and our practices for those users could be frustrating and disappointing," said Bradley Horowitz, one of the leaders of the project. "We are putting in place a number of improvements to our procedures - particularly on how we warn users that their account is not in compliance with our policy." In the future, holders of an account under a pseudonym will be notified that account will be deleted if they do not use their real name.

The Mozilla Foundation is preparing an operating system for mobile and tablet

The Mozilla Foundation, which publishes such as the Firefox browser, announced Monday it is working on a project operating system for mobile phones and touch pads. Called "Boot to Gecko" (B2G), the project should lead to a complete operating system - the main software of a computer or a telephone, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, or GNU / Linux.

Still nieau initial design, B2G should work on the model of Chrome OS, the operating system Google's Web-oriented, with applications based on Web standards. The operating system will be fully free and open, meaning that its source code - the structure of the program - is freely available and modifiable.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chinese police close two Apple fake stores

It looks like an Apple store, the color - white - an Apple store and the apple logo is everywhere, yet it is not an Apple store. The authorities of the city of Kunming, in southern China, closed two stores posing as official distributors of U.S. computer manufacturer, but that operated without direct relationship with the company.

China produces large quantities of counterfeit iPhone and Apple iPad, but these false shops, flushed by an American expatriate, sold many authentic products. Vendors working in the shop were convinced that they worked well for Apple. Upon investigation, police tracked down five similar stores, operating without license from the U.S. manufacturer.

Apple replaces defective iM

Some iMacs sold between May 2011 and July this year have problems with hard drive, the Seagate 1TB. The computers affected are 21.5-inch and 27. The company is contacting buyers who provided a valid email address during registration of the product to communicate the problem and start the free replacement operation.

Customers can check if your machine is affected by the problem entering an Apple page and entering the serial number of your computer. On the same page is the list of accredited suppliers that can come with change.

Facebook fixes a vulnerability on private videos

The social network Facebook announced this Monday, July 25, correcting a security vulnerability affecting users' private videos, reports the TechCrunch site. The flaw allowed "friends" a user to access the title, description and image appeal of his videos, even though these were registered as "private" and therefore theoretically not accessible.

The flaw did not allow however to check out these videos. The problem, which lasted over a week, is the latest of many problems regarding the respect of privacy for the first social network in the world. Authorities to protect the privacy and associations from several countries have warned users in recent months against the location-based features or facial recognition offered by Facebook.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple TV also wants to live in the auction for Hulu

 If there is something that was missing was the Apple TV. Hence the company founded by Steve Jobs is planning to solve the problem by buying Hulu, the streaming site (legal) that revolutionized - with Netflix - the lives of viewers in the United States, the only country where it is available.

Hulu is the paradigm of the TV on demand: his motto is 'anywhere, anytime'. Just a PC and an internet connection to have a small screen in his own image and likeness. The user to power, choose the program or movie and suffers a bit 'of advertising and some limitations (five episodes last week, but free access to the entire archive).

Friday, July 22, 2011

Alibaba is launching a smartphone and an operating system

Chinese Alibaba Group, which specializes in online commerce, announced its entry, Friday, July 22, the smartphone market, with a model equipped with its own operating system. Alibaba is expected to unveil its first smartphone next week in Beijing, according to a spokesman for the group, Florence Shih, interviewed by Agence France-Presse.

The device will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 yuan (215 to 322 euros). An article in the Wall Street Journal (paid access), the terminal will provide an important part in the "cloud computing" or "cloud computing" and have a chat. Alibaba said its smartphones will be produced by the Chinese Beijing TianyuTelecommunications Equipment, with the American Nvidia chips.

Anonymous claims to have hacked NATO databases

The collective hacktivists Anonymous says he introduced Thursday, July 21, in the databases of the Treaty Organization (NATO). On the site of micromessagerie Twitter, the group says have a gigabyte of data, but said it would be "irresponsible" to publish most of them. Anonymous refers to a document but a dozen pages in PDF format, with the header "NATO Confidential".

The group said they used a simple "SQL injection" to achieve its piracy. This technique is to exploit a flaw, such as forms of a Web site to inject malicious code directly into a database, and get access to protected parts of the site. ANONYMOUS, considered threatened in a report published in June, NATO described the growing threat of collective Anonymous.

Microsoft releases an annual profit up sharply

U.S. computer group was able to identify, Thursday, July 21, up 23% of its annual net profit to 23.15 billion dollars (16.04 billion euros). The fourth quarter of fiscal shifted from Microsoft, completed June 30, also exceeded expectations, with a 30% increase in net income to 5.87 billion dollars.

The turnover has meanwhile increased by 12% during the year to 69.94 billion dollars. Adam Holt, analyst at Morgan Stanley, "The strong fourth quarter set the scene for a fiscal year 2011-12 full of positive factors." For his part Walter Pritchard, Citi, was looking forward to a "professional market very strong." Only the Windows, which equips the majority of personal computers in Tech Buzz News, suffered a setback: the quarterly revenue yielded 1%, and annual revenues were down 2% to 19.02 billion dollars.

The Minitel French, sentenced to death

Minitel, the French pioneer telematics service anticipated the popular use of the Internet's days are numbered. France Telecom, which launched in 1982, has decided to close down the service on June 30, 2012. This is the third such announcement since the company initially planned in 2010 and subsequently disconnect a decision postponed to 2011.

Now, the time seems short, Minitel's heyday dates back to 1990 when he was nine million users and 25,000 services. On Facebook there is a small group of a hundred members claiming its salvation. In 2010, 950,000 French Minitel consulting services and 810,000 still possessed the device. The simplicity of its management and the absence of viruses have been two factors that have always distinguished those who persist in using it.

Apple interested in the Hulu video service?

The computer group Apple could make a bid to video service Hulu, reports Bloomberg, Friday, July 22. The information site, citing two unnamed sources, said however that the discussions have only just begun. With this acquisition, Apple, which has more than $ 76 billion in cash and securities, may consolidate its position in the field of online video service and compete with Netflix.

Google deletes its toolbar for Firefox

Google is cleaning. Last Wednesday Labs announced the closing of its product testing area. The next day, in a post on the blog dedicated to the service itself explain the reason that close. Google does not update the toolbar for Firefox. In the farewell message are committed to continue providing support for version 4 of Firefox, but not 5.

Google believes that the network has sufficient bonusstars evolved not to need this type of navigation accessories. However, at no time mention is made one change since 2009 has shaken the world of browsers: the arrival of Chrome, made by Google.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nokia: further losses in the second quarter

The world of mobile phones, Finnish Nokia, published Thursday, July 21, further losses in the second quarter. Nokia, struggling for over three years, suffered a net loss more severe than expected, from 368 million euros, against a profit of 227 million euros a year earlier, according to his financial report.

Analysts on average expected a loss of 104 million euros, according to Dow Jones, the second negative result after the historic loss for the third quarter of 2009. In the second quarter, Nokia posted a further decline in sales of 7% to 9.28 billion euros, slightly less than feared. The number of phones sold plunged 20% to 88.5 million units, against 111 million a year earlier.

Baidu launches its own Web browser

The group of Chinese search engine Baidu launches into the battle of cybernavigateurs. Available in beta for Windows operating systems, the browser interface is very similar to Baidu's Chrome, by Google. The user can, for example, from the home page, download extensions and customize the software. It is also possible to directly access the search engine Baidu, the Web address bar.

But beyond this similarity in the interface Chrome, the new browser also borrows the engine of Internet Explorer. By venturing into the area of Web browsing, Baidu wants to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market. The last census of the Chinese authorities reported 485 million Internet users in the country.

eBay exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The online trading company published Wednesday, July 20, quarterly results better than expected, thanks to the sustained growth of its subsidiary PayPal. Ebay posted a net profit of 283.4 million dollars (199 million), against $ 412 million the same quarter last year. Lower earnings were due in part to the cost of the acquisition of GSI Commerce this year.

The group also performed on a quarterly revenue of $ 2.8 billion, representing an increase of 25% over the second quarter of 2010. 100 million PayPal accounts Results from Ebay are particularly driven by the performance of its online payment subsidiary, PayPal, just enregistrer100 million active accounts.

Google Labs goodby

Google loses one of its most charismatic services, GoogleLabs, testing laboratories open to users. In this space were born some of the most innovative products were launched after a formal way. In a brief statement in one of the blogs of the company specifically how it will change. It can still visit the page but not to play with new programs, but to see how they evolve.

According to Bill Coughran, vice president of the company this service has already fulfilled its mission. "Although we have learned a lot by throwing prototypes Labs, we believe it is crucial to a greater focus on the challenges of the future", published in the blog. One of the services born from this laboratory has been Body interactive Browser, something like a Google Maps of the human body with advanced visualization.

The end of the Minitel scheduled in 2012

The Minitel, a French invention which has equipped up to nine million households in France, will disappear for mid-2012. With the rise of the Internet, the end of the small plastic cube, especially famous for access to its services "3615", had already been proclaimed many times. France Telecom, which launched in 1982, he was finally granted a reprieve last nine months, announced, Wednesday, July 20, the end of the Minitel to June 30, 2012.

Intel exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The world of microprocessors, Intel, published Wednesday, July 20, quarterly results better than expected, with a 2% increase in net profit to $ 3 billion. Sales for "record" for its part, increased 21% to 13 billion dollars. "The strong business demand for our most advanced technologies, the rise of portable devices and Internet traffic, which has fueled growth in data centers, as well as the rapid growth of IT in emerging countries, have led to record results, "said the CEO, Paul Otellini, said in a statement.

Touch pads: Samsung wants to compete with Apple

South Korea's Samsung Electronics unveiled Wednesday, July 20, in its home market, a new version finer and lighter in its tablet Galaxy, hoping to narrow the gap with Apple iPad. This new device has a screen of 10.1 inches against seven for its predecessor launched in October. Moved from 500 dollars in the United States, the same price as the iPad 2 the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be in competition with more than hundreds of products most of which work with the operating system Google's Android.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yahoo: slight decline in sales in the second quarter

Web portal Yahoo has disappointed investors, Tuesday, July 19, with a new backflow of its sales in the second quarter, despite a 11% increase in quarterly net profit to 236.97 million dollars (166 , 74 million euros). The net sales for the second quarter, that is, outside fees paid by Yahoo to partner websites, was $ 1,1 billion, against 1,13 billion  a year ago.

PayPal attack: hackers arrested

The U.S. federal police (FBI) announced, Tuesday, July 19, that its investigation of the hacker group Anonymous had led to arrest six persons in the United States. The British and Dutch police have arrested five other "pirates". According to the FBI and the Department of Justice, they are retained by the police "on charges related to their alleged involvement in a cyber attack against the website PayPal (eBay group) as part of an operation claimed by the group Anonymous.

Google warns about malicious software

Google has introduced an alarm system to warn the user of a computer is infected by a specific malicious program . The message appears at the top of the page navigation of the browser. Google has taken this step after noticing a virus that generates traffic to the servers of the browser. This unusual traffic was warned by the company in a routine review of their data center, says the corporate blog.

Apple offers its new operating system only on Internet

One day after posting the best economic results of history Apple's new operating system will be available for download, but not in stores. For the first time you can not buy a box with a disc to update your computer. Will only be available throughout the day, through its online software store. That is, much like the upgrade and purchase applications for iPhone and iPhone, but from the desktop.

Microsoft asks for help against spam

Wanted. Microsoft offers $ 250,000 for information that facilitates the capture of the creators of Rustock. The reward is offered months after the dismantling of the core servers of the botnet (network of zombie computers to remote commands from the same owner) called Rustock. Microsoft has published advertisements in the Russian press, since it is believed that the authors live in that country.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Streaming from the DVD, Netflix announced the end of physical media

It will be to sanction the death of the Netflix DVD? It would be an ironic fate. The popular website was launched simple and effective idea: to bring the discs with movies in the homes of Americans, through the mail. It was a comfortable rental home, which cost a few dollars a month. After watching the film was restored by returning back the DVD, at no cost to the user.

And Netflix sent his next film. Given the low prices of the service, millions of moviegoers subscribe, anxiously waiting for the disks in the letter box. Then came the Web, broadband ultra-fast, capable of transmitting high-definition video, and Netflix began to change: the movies became available on the Internet directly, always paying a small monthly fee (8 dollars).

IBM exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The IBM group has published Monday, July 18, a quarterly profit up 8% over the previous year, thanks to the business performance of its computers and software. The world's leading IT services has reported a net profit of 3.66 billion dollars (2.5 billion euros) in the second quarter, against 3.39 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros) a year earlier.

The revenues, meanwhile, increased 12% to $ 26.7 billion (18.56 billion euros), while analysts expected 25.35 billion dollars (17.8 billion euros). "Sales in hardware, software and services have had double-digit growth", was particularly welcomed the CEO Samuel Palmisano said in a statement.

AMD Radeon HD 7000 with PCI Express 3.0

Cisco announced the elimination of 6,500 jobs and yield plant

The telecom equipment and computer Cisco announced Monday, July 18, 6500 deletion of positions, including 4,400 layoffs. This corresponds to a reduction of about 9% of the workforce and about 15% of senior executives. The press had already announced last week, major cuts. These reductions, which will affect the world and Tech News Buzz "all functions", part of a plan to save $ 1 billion per year (707 million).

Murdoch scandal: Hackers crack The Sun website

Suddenly appeared a hoax about the death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: the hacker's website tabloid "The Sun" have attacked. The attack is known to the group Lulz Security - they announced further actions. London - The British tabloid "The Sun" is known in its reports and investigations to be not exactly squeamish.

Just recently, the actor has sued the newspaper Jew Law - because of the alleged wiretapping of his phone mailbox. Now, "The Sun" has become a victim of a hacker attack. The Grupe Lulz Security on Monday cracked the website and spread a false report about the alleged death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: The 80-year-old was dead was found in his garden.

Google bought the domain name

The group of search engine Google bought, Monday, July 18, the domain g. co, designed to shorten the web addresses of all its services. "We will use g co to send you to web pages belonging to Google, and we are the only pouvoircréer shortcuts in g co," said the vice president of marketing for Google, Gary Briggs, on the group Blog .

"This means we can go on a link shortcut g. co being sure to always land on a page of a product or a service from Google." This new system is complementary to another service, goo. gl, launched in late 2009, which shortens the other Web addresses. Shorter addresses are used in particular on micromessagerie sites, like Twitter, where the text should have a maximum of 140 characters.

The OSCE claims Internet access as a right

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), which has more than fifty countries, has published a report on freedom of expression on the Internet, where he exhibited severe criticism of the policies that involve cutting Internet access to a citizen and the blocking of websites. The text, which documents the practices in different countries, believes that the measure is being imposed to block access to a site when the authorities can not require changes in content since it is housed in a third country.

Copyright: Baidu Signs Agreement with majors in music

The Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Tuesday, July 19, has signed an agreement with three majors of the music industry to fight against piracy. The partnership with Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, meeting within the joint venture One Stop China, Baidu allows first to offer a legal supply from its search engine.

The site will return to tracks in MP3 format, but also to playback stream flow ("streaming"). In total, approximately 500,000 shares should be accessible from Baidu. In return, the Chinese group agrees to pay the beneficiaries, depending on the number of downloads and plays. Access to the service will only be possible for the Internet addresses of the country.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Internet affects our memory

When a person knows that you can retrieve information with one click, do not bother to remember. This is the conclusion of a series of papers published in the online edition of the journal Science. The study, conducted by three psychologists from the U.S. universities of Harvard, Columbia and Wisconsin-Madison, measured the ability to remember a group of volunteers who, in general terms, we are facing several tests that were offered minor information (for example, the eye of the oysters was greater than his brain) or color associated brands and asked to be remembered.

Facebook violated by Reda, the good hacke

Let's go talk about the security of the world's most popular social network, Facebook, this time breaching the defenses was a Moroccan boy named Reda Cherqaoui through a program, called Agatha, he created and that gave him easy access to more 80 thousand accounts.

Microsoft's social network is called Tulalip

After Google, Microsoft's turn. Publication involuntary (or so it seems) of a snapshot in socle. com, now retired, has released the first signs of the project. In this web-site, which currently only has one page apology, published a page of a new service that allows venture that is a search engine focused on social networks, basically Twitter and Facebook, which offered a link.

The project is named after a Native American tribe based in the State of Washington, Tulalip. Tulalip Microsoft has said that only a project that has come to the Internet by mistake. But it coincides with the purchase by the company's social dominance. com for about two million euros. Microsoft, unlike Google, has a friendly relationship with Twitter and Facebook, whose real-time results can follow from Bing in the United States, which can not Twitter Google whose contract with for these purposes ended last month and not renewed forcing the browser to ignore these searches in real time.