Friday, April 29, 2011

New MSI GX780 Steelseries

MSI has introduced a new member of its range of laptops for gaming, this is the new MSI GX780 Steelseries which as its name implies, brings a most special keyboard. All gamers, like me, know the famous Steelseries keyboards, a manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacture of keyboard optimized for gaming.

This time MSI has reached an agreement with SteelSeries to include one of their keyboards in their latest portable gamer. The new MSI GX780 Steelseries Steelseries keyboard has the most particular. In addition to the classic design of the key functional buttons aside so as not to interrupt our game by accident, this keyboard has a system as embodied retroluminación of colorful.

Acer Aspire G3100 Predator renewing the range design

Acer has introduced its new desktop computer line dedicated exclusively to the Aspire Predator gaming. This is the new Acer Aspire G3100 Predator not only surprises us with its design, so does your technology. The next installment in the Acer line gamers surprising in several respects. Starting with the new design gives us a cabinet G3100 far less aggressive than on previous occasions, more linear and much less llativo.

PlayStation, sold two million online credit card

The news, if confirmed, is likely to provoke further anger against the worldwide network of users of the PlayStation and Sony: the onslaught of players online computer network to the console would not only lead to the removal of personal data of users, but also approximately 2 million 200 thousand credit card numbers used to pay the connection to the network itself and for the purchase of film and video.

3D printing accessible to everyone?

In his novel The Diamond Age, the science fiction author Neal Stephenson describes a future where every street corner, machinery synthesize the objects of your choice, thanks to advanced nanotechnology. The technology is not yet complete, but 3D printing, or creating objects to the request from a computer file, saw the past two years accelerated development.

Very expensive and reserved for a clientele of professionals, the three-dimensional printing is gradually democratized. In theory, this technology can create objects on demand is simple: it is based on the operating system of conventional printers with a trolley that makes round trips to submit a drawing point by point on a map paper.

Movistar offers an exclusive low-cost tablet

The wait to get the first tablets Android 3.0, an operating system for these devices, and the high price of the iPad, an open space like the tablet from the May 1 and Movistar offer Chinese manufacturer ZTE. The tablet Light Pro, seven inches and 400 grams of weight, wants to reach a wider audience with a very low price.

From 119 to 0 euros depending on the type of contract data connection you choose, with a commitment to stay for 18 months. The device works with the same software as the most advanced phones, Android 2.2. It has front and rear camera. The first videoconference, the second, three megapixels, can shoot movies and take pictures.

The burgeoning market of Internet censorship

Xavier de la Porte, producer of the show place of the Web on France Culture, produces a weekly reading an article in the news as part of his show. Reading week is titled "The booming business of Internet censorship" is "the growing market of Internet censorship". This is a summary of a report written by Jillani York and a colleague named Helmi Noman.

Jillian York working at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Law School of HarvardGlobal Voices and sign the summary for Al-Jazeera. In almost all the Middle East and North Africa, Internet censorship is the norm, begins Jillian York. The level of censorship varies: in Morocco, only a handful of sites concerning Western Sahara, as well as Google Earth and Livejournal are considered subversive enough to be censored, while other countries - Bahrain, Yemen, Syria - cheerfully censor both the content sites and social policies.

Copyright: YouTube won a legal victory in France

The League of Producers of Phonograms France (SPPF) has been dismissed, Thursday, April 28, the complaint against YouTube by the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) of Paris. Founded in 1986, the SPPF, which represents the interests of independent producers, was attacked in May 2009, the platform of videos from Google for infringement of copyright.

The agency alleges that YouTube does not have prevented the delivery of certain online videos infringing copyright. The SPPF asking 11 million euros in compensation. In May 2008, the Civil Society of Producers of Phonograms had sent a letter to YouTube requesting that 233 videos as part of his repertoire are withdrawn.

Hacking at Sony: the CNIL will launch an investigation

The National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) will launch "in coming days" an investigation into the theft of data from the PlayStation Network Japanese group Sony said (chargeable item) president Alex Türk in the daily Les Echos , Friday, April 29. "We will bring us closer to Sony for analyzing different elements: how many people are affected in France, What is the nature of the data? What was the exact security flaw? Data were they sufficiently encrypted? What information were sent to victims? ", he told the business newspaper.

Microsoft profit jumps 31%, but passes behind the Apple

The U.S. computer group Microsoft has published Thursday, April 28, net income up 31% to 5.23 billion dollars (3.52 billion euros) for the third quarter of fiscal offset. The turnover shown up 10% to 16.43 billion (11.07 billion euros). Despite these findings, Microsoft has now overtaken by Apple, not only in terms of turnover - which was already the case for six months - but also in terms of net profit for the first time in twenty years, several commentators .

Samsung profit down 30% in first quarter

The South Korean giant Samsung Electronics posted a net profit of 2,780 billion won (1.75 billion euros) in the first quarter 2011, down 30% over one year, he said, Friday, April 29. Samsung Electronics, world's largest producer of memory chips and flat panel televisions, attributed the decline in net income to lower prices for memory chips and lower profitability crystal displays (LCD) and positions television.

"Ransomware", the malware alarm scam websites by phone

ROME - At any moment could find yourself held hostage by pirates, on your computer unexpectedly blocked. And it can be unlocked only by calling a toll number, salty. Serving malware - lets you know the National Crime Computer Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures of Postal and Communications Police Service - which is called "ransomware", a Trojan known to many network users (only those who use their computers Windows operating system) to hit them since 2006.