Monday, April 4, 2011

Google bids to buy Nortel's 6,000 patents

Google wants to buy the Canadian company Nortel telephony in bankruptcy. In its corporate blog, the company's search engine is an explanation of the reasons that led it to bid on the portfolio of patents from the Canadian government company. According to Cnet, it's 6,000 patents for which Google would pay $ 900 million in cash.

According to Google, "the technological world has recently seen an explosion of patent litigation," often based on software patents of low quality but that threaten innovation. In some cases, the complaints are presented by companies that are not creating anything. In others, it is maneuvering to block a competitor or take advantage of their success.

Facebook allows you to convert personal profiles corporate pages

People communicate between people. This is the argument used to close Facebook personal profiles do not correspond to individuals but to businesses, brands, facilities or services. The problem arises when, often through ignorance, you create a commercial pages as if they were personal, accumulate friends, but you want to switch to advertising page before Facebook cancel.

The only alternative that was until last week was to start from scratch. Advertise in the personal profile and to encourage contacts to track activity in the retail version and then remove the bad profile created. Last week, Facebook launched a platform to make the move automatically. It lasted only three days.

MiniUSB Emtec S100, ultra-compact memory

USB drives are extremely useful devices, the volatile memory has allowed us to forget about the cumbersome procedures of tax disc to present a project or submitting a thesis gigs at the university. I must admit that I have seen more of an accident with key protruding from the computers, especially laptops that manipulated from one side to another, now offers a solution Emtec.

Emtec has unveiled its new range of ultra-compact USB flash drives, new Emtec S100 Mini USB. They just pop off your computer when connected with USB and yet not exceed the size of a 10 cent coin, as we see in the image. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice to keep connected to your computer without fear of suffering a mishap.

Sony breaks silence

Howard Stringer, Sony CEO for its North American subsidiary, has confirmed that the Japanese company is working on a new tablet that will have the Android 3.0 Honeycomb shiny. The news breaks the silence of the company that seemed to see the competitive ad carefully and so far had shown an interest in the growing market for tablets.

According to the rumor circulating on the web the new gadget from Sony would have the line recently released nVidia Tegra processor 2 and a 9.4 inches screen that would reach a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. In addition it will be able to run streaming through Qriocity and will play games on PlayStation.

Lenovo ThinkPad W520

Lenovo has introduced its new Lenovo ThinkPad W520, a computer with excellent features already available on the market in Spain. The new Lenovo ThinkPad W520 has an LED display 15.6-inch high defición reaching a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, an Intel Core i7-2620M who works at a frequency of 2.7 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and a nVidia Quadro 1000M Optimus.

It also has a DVD burner, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and six-cell battery. The same technology can be extended for a few extra hard coming to a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 160 GB SSD, Bluetooth 3.0 and integrated WWAN. This notebook is now available in stores in Spain at a cost of 1020 euros, in its most basic, of course.

Google forced to blur faces and license plates in Switzerland

A Swiss court announced Monday, April 4, that Google was required to blur faces and license plates of vehicles photographed for its internet service Street View. In a ruling dated Wednesday, April 6, the Federal Administrative Court (TAF) has estimated that the U.S. group was to "ensure that all faces and license plates are rendered unrecognizable before the publication of images on the Internet." Launched in 2007, Google Street View provides panoramic views of streets, allowing users to virtually move around, but this service has triggered a series of controversies in many countries.

Nokia to launch this year 12 Symbian smart phones

Nokia has confirmed that during 2011 will release 12 new smartphones, all with Symbian operating system. The company has explained that his idea is to launch this year a total of 40 new phone models. The news gathered by Europa Press Hidustantimes confirms that migration to Windows Phone will not occur until 2012.

The announcement of these releases confirms Nokia's position to continue to support, for now, Symbian development. When starting out with Windows Phone models, everything suggests that Nokia will focus on the new system, but meanwhile is still committed to Symbian. The operating system change was a decision of the new pattern of the company, Stephen Elop, who has told the country that the transition would take months, even years.

London 2012 giant test NFC

NFC is going to be one of the technologies of 2012. This year it is releasing a brutal (Telefónica already playing with it at home) and the whole world is focused on providing to be the first to do something with it. London 2012, already released in the metro WiFi coverage will be a perfect testbed for payment via NFC technology.

Samsung and Visa have announced an agreement for using mobile terminals and created exclusively for the operation during this sporting event, both the Olympics and in the Paralympics can use NFC technology to make payments via a SIM provided VISA and may be used in shops in the city that will be prepared to accept "money".

MiniUSB Emtec S100 USB stick you do not mind left connected

USB sticks are more knowledgeable devices to carry files back and forth and keep them connected to the computer (especially if laptop) just long enough to transfer. The exception to this rule are MiniUSB Emtec S100, a memoir tiny in size, wireless included, not exceeding the 10 cent coin. In fact, once connected to the computer, the S100 just pop off the cover, with a very similar size to the Unifying Receiver Logitech, which makes them very appropriate to have them plugged in continuously.

Nintendo 3DS, repeating success formula

We have been a few days (since the launch in Spain) playing with a Nintendo 3DS. The hearing was tired with the 3D mode - otherwise very well implemented - and the battery life is a problem we must take into account, but Nintendo has become a gamble by offering something that has no competition. That, in conjunction with their particular market (consumers and other casual games that have never been closer to a console) you are guaranteed a privileged position again.
Google co-founder, Larry Page, is from Monday, April 4 The Web giant's CEO, a position held for ten years by Eric Schmidt. The latter will remain a member of the executive of Google, but will mainly relationships with customers, businesses and governments. In late January, when Mr. Schmidt announced he would leave his place on April 4, he explained that Google did not need the "adult supervision".

VX7 ASUS Lamborghini, the ASUS portable excessive

The ASUS Lamborghini VX7 is in that limbo of products arising from the collaboration of a technology company with a famous brand that brings its particular design. The result of such unions often brutísimos teams regarding technical specifications or a really ground-breaking design and a stratospheric price.

The VX7 meets all three conditions. It's spectacular, it is powerful, and expensive. A shell that mimics the taillights of the Lamborghini sports and special care by the details are the visible face of a Intel Core i7 platform on Sandy Bridge and a body of technical figures through the roof.

The Nikon D5100 seems ready for market

The Nikon D5100, following SLR camera to market, and must be almost ready. The images of the boxes in which to reach their buyers and are on the network and the data we already knew about it, there is the official announcement by the Japanese. This new SLR Nikon D5100 will not provide major surprises and be more logical to place renewed a new model with improvements that are expected mainly in the way of approach if the system inherits Nikon D7000 appreciated.

Facebook publishes books on behalf of what a surfer on your network

Given that foreign companies had invented the business of editing a book on the goings on Facebook for any surfer who wished it, now is the very network that offers this service under an explicit title: egobook. To use the service, the customer must approve the application so that you can use your personal information so you can create your book.

The information (images, texts) are temporarily stored on the server of Facebook for creating the book (about 48 hours.) As explained in the terms of use, "these data are deleted after not retain this information. Once we receive your order, you can cancel our access within your web application management Factbook" This is a personalized book created from of the photos posted, the messages on the walls and the comments of a profile.

Photo Sensor: Sony chief promises better camera for iPhone 5

The tsunami in Japan could delay the introduction of the next Apple phone. At least this can be a sign of Sony's chief point, his company will provide photo sensors to Apple. Namely, the production was held back by the disaster. Hamburg - Sony CEO Howard Stringer has revealed at a panel discussion that the best sensors that can create his company at present, will be delivered to Apple.

On Friday he was at Carnegie Hall in New York by the technology journalists Walt Mossberg interview, as the Wall Street Journal reported. First Stringer told that 15 plants would be affected by his company from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Including a plant in Sendai, are produced in the sensor chips for Apple.

Gigabyte here is the motherboard compatible with Bulldozer

In the same vein Asus even Gigabyte has released a list of motherboards compatible with future AMD Bulldozer, designed to 32 microns for the new Socket AM3 +, but hanks asd a BIOS update some motherboards can fit these processors, even with the current Socket AM3. The list of cards supplied by Gigabyte is composed of 16 models, including three coming soon in stores.

Gigabyte facie to recognize users and fast cards with possibility to install the new CPU Socket has characterized these motherboards with the color black with the trademark Black Socket. Here are the cards will be compatible with the new CPU: As Asus is currently not known if the new CPU installed on these cards will lose some features or performance.

Larry Page takes the command of Google

The kid has matured enough to prove he can take over the daily management of the company. Larry Page the town stands today as CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt robs after a decade at the head of the Silicon Valley giant, which in the digital era is facing competition from new rivals such as Facebook, Twitter Groupon.

The relay will be announced on 20 January, coinciding with the presentation of year-end results. Sergey Brin, the other co-founder, will focus on strategic projects, namely the development of new products. While Schmidt now play the roles of chief executive of the firm in Mountain View.

Anonymous is launching an operation against Sony

The online activists of Anonymous do not launch operations only against firms that prey on Wikileaks, or against governments accused of hindering freedom of expression online. The group announced Saturday, April 2, launching an operation against the Japanese Sony group, named "# opsony. "Bravo Sony, you have attracted the attention of Anonymous.

Your legal proceedings against hackers Hortz George, aka GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo we have not only alerted, but have mostly been considered unforgivable," wrote the group in a statement. In January, Sony ComputerEntertainment America (SCEA), the U.S. subsidiary of the electronics group, filed a complaint against the group of hackers managed to circumvent digital protections of the PlayStation 3.

Engadget Dev, publishing developers

The world of developers, both mobile and desktop applications, is rising through the roof. So in today premiered Genbeta Weblogs SL Dev, a publication created by and for developers. Dev Genbeta find in everyday items present in the sector, by looking at the main novelties of all platforms and languages, but special attention to the implication that each development has to developers under the terms of our experts.

Bikini Fever operation in our Supergadgets March 2011

After the hectic Mobile World Congress, March arrives like a month passing in which we are still waiting to go on sale some of the tablets that we saw in Barcelona. Those who do not have fact the boys have been begging Apple to have used the month to present and offer for sale its iPad 2, following the philosophy that effectively gives first gives twice.

March also brought us the date, we expect final release of the Blackberry Playbook. The gadget comes another ultra-thin, lightweight, notebook Samsung Series 9. All three have won your votes as Supergadgets of the month. The iPad 2, like many other Apple products, living in a curious paradox.

Sony wants to have his tablet HoneyComb for summer

Sony has been busy this weekend. Howard Stringer's remarks have put the tech world on the trail of two products than expected: the iPhone 5 and Android 3.0 tablet with the Japanese. We started with the iPhone 5, as we have our fellow Applesfera, reborn on the side of the camera. Sony CEO hinted that the recent earthquake in Japan could cause a delay on the order of 8-megapixel sensors for future iPhone camera 5, which would be lit by Exmor technology.

Crysis 2 ": New York insane, but New York released?

"Looks like Miss Liberty took on the chin," quipped a Marine deployed in New York City completely devastated. Three years after the first episode, the futuristic shooter Crysis 2 abandons the scenery of a tropical island to place the player in the chaotic urban jungle and the Big Apple. In 2023, the American metropolis, ravaged by a strange virus, faces the chaos caused by private military company, the Cell, and alien invasions.

United States: a large database of hacked emails

Names and emails from customers of Citigroup and other big U.S. companies have been exposed after a hacker broke into the servers of the online marketing company Epsilon, news agencies reported, Monday, April 4 . The number of customers affected was not specified, but information such as credit card numbers or Social Security seem to have been preserved.

The first string of U.S. business, Walgreens, the credit card company Capital One Financial, some of the largest U.S. banks, or the home shopping company HSN, are among the companies which during the weekend have warned their customers that some of their information could be revealed. The names and email contacts of some students affiliated with the College Board, an organization representing 5,900 universities and schools, may also be exposed.

The thirty-one dell'Osborne Ancestor of netbooks and iPad

A Look now can make people smile, even the lowest in a smartphone is more powerful, but 30 years ago was an innovation that would change the way you use your computer. And 'The Osborne-1, the first truly commercial model of laptop sales, which just began in April 1981 - three months in advance of the first personal computer, desktop, IBM - marked the beginning of an era which culminated in recent years with the introduction of the tablet, and that tomorrow it could create even pc 'rolled up'.

IPad Analysis 2: improving to remain first

After video review how the iPad 2, thoroughly analyze plays for you. Few surprises we found in testing the Apple iPad 2, which fulfills its promise with the exception of the cameras of lower quality than we expected. But otherwise, the new iPad 2 begins the career of tablets in 2011 based on the opponents head and standing still in the starting blocks.

More speed, better design and personal touches make the iPad February 1 iPad tablet better than 1, but not be obliged to make the jump if you already possess one of the first generation. Since most Apple products usually have updates in their design, they start with the physical changes that this new iPad 2 brings to the market for tablets.

Android Ice Cream version of Google TV could accommodate

In the last Mobile World Congress, Google told us in the words of Eric Schmidt, the next major release of its operating system to come to join Honeycomb Gingerbread. Ie tablets with telephones, talking about Ice Cream. We believe that these statements were made with time to try to mute the issue of fragmentation around Android at birth, which logically would be more concern with the advent of the tablets.