Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sony starting to reopen assaulted platforms

Sony has begun to restore the PlayStation Network service attack last month which compromised the data of 70 million players. Also announced for Sony Online. The company blog is warned that the return will be gradual in most regions of the world and is: Connect to the PlayStation Network, online play on the PS3 and PSP, manage your friends list, chat and trophies.

PS3 customers will immediately notice a new security system. Have to change their password access to PSN and this can only be done within the PS3 where you activated the account or by email validated. Sony announced that "very soon" will trigger the PlayStation Store and the ability to purchase content.

Foodspotting phenomenon is the photo of the food-network

For anyone who loves good food, the first impact can induce salivation powerful, almost to the point of Pavlovian. You start the application on your smartphone, press a button and within seconds the little map on the screen is filled with photos. All snapshots of food, in all its forms. Italian pasta dishes, grilled meats, Asian cuisine, street food, pizza.

A lot of pizza. If the world were fork, Cecco Angiolieri sing, this would be his pornography. In reality it is only the last frontier of social networks. Foodspotting, in English, means something like "spot the food." And the eponymous social network, dedicated to the owners of smartphones with a passion for cooking, does exactly that: to see the food.

HTC has come Flyer

As we advance a few weeks ago on this day was the official launch of the new and long-awaited HTC Flyer to the market in Spain. Among several new HTC confirm the presence of the Magic Pen Gift Flyer. Last week we learned that HTC Flyer come to Spain and the UK together with the new HTC Flyer Magic Pen.

At that time many we considered what would happen to the cost of the tablet, as stipulated in 499 euros, because we have already confirmed the price is maintained and the pen is included in it. From today we can get our HTC Flyer in two models, the 3G + Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Model Only, both next to HTC Flyer Magic Pen.