Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Streaming from the DVD, Netflix announced the end of physical media

It will be to sanction the death of the Netflix DVD? It would be an ironic fate. The popular website was launched simple and effective idea: to bring the discs with movies in the homes of Americans, through the mail. It was a comfortable rental home, which cost a few dollars a month. After watching the film was restored by returning back the DVD, at no cost to the user.

And Netflix sent his next film. Given the low prices of the service, millions of moviegoers subscribe, anxiously waiting for the disks in the letter box. Then came the Web, broadband ultra-fast, capable of transmitting high-definition video, and Netflix began to change: the movies became available on the Internet directly, always paying a small monthly fee (8 dollars).

IBM exceeds expectations in the second quarter

The IBM group has published Monday, July 18, a quarterly profit up 8% over the previous year, thanks to the business performance of its computers and software. The world's leading IT services has reported a net profit of 3.66 billion dollars (2.5 billion euros) in the second quarter, against 3.39 billion dollars (2.3 billion euros) a year earlier.

The revenues, meanwhile, increased 12% to $ 26.7 billion (18.56 billion euros), while analysts expected 25.35 billion dollars (17.8 billion euros). "Sales in hardware, software and services have had double-digit growth", was particularly welcomed the CEO Samuel Palmisano said in a statement.

AMD Radeon HD 7000 with PCI Express 3.0

Cisco announced the elimination of 6,500 jobs and yield plant

The telecom equipment and computer Cisco announced Monday, July 18, 6500 deletion of positions, including 4,400 layoffs. This corresponds to a reduction of about 9% of the workforce and about 15% of senior executives. The press had already announced last week, major cuts. These reductions, which will affect the world and Tech News Buzz "all functions", part of a plan to save $ 1 billion per year (707 million).

Murdoch scandal: Hackers crack The Sun website

Suddenly appeared a hoax about the death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: the hacker's website tabloid "The Sun" have attacked. The attack is known to the group Lulz Security - they announced further actions. London - The British tabloid "The Sun" is known in its reports and investigations to be not exactly squeamish.

Just recently, the actor has sued the newspaper Jew Law - because of the alleged wiretapping of his phone mailbox. Now, "The Sun" has become a victim of a hacker attack. The Grupe Lulz Security on Monday cracked the website and spread a false report about the alleged death of media mogul Rupert Murdoch: The 80-year-old was dead was found in his garden.

Google bought the domain name g.co

The group of search engine Google bought, Monday, July 18, the domain g. co, designed to shorten the web addresses of all its services. "We will use g co to send you to web pages belonging to Google, and we are the only pouvoircréer shortcuts in g co," said the vice president of marketing for Google, Gary Briggs, on the group Blog .

"This means we can go on a link shortcut g. co being sure to always land on a page of a product or a service from Google." This new system is complementary to another service, goo. gl, launched in late 2009, which shortens the other Web addresses. Shorter addresses are used in particular on micromessagerie sites, like Twitter, where the text should have a maximum of 140 characters.

The OSCE claims Internet access as a right

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), which has more than fifty countries, has published a report on freedom of expression on the Internet, where he exhibited severe criticism of the policies that involve cutting Internet access to a citizen and the blocking of websites. The text, which documents the practices in different countries, believes that the measure is being imposed to block access to a site when the authorities can not require changes in content since it is housed in a third country.

Copyright: Baidu Signs Agreement with majors in music

The Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Tuesday, July 19, has signed an agreement with three majors of the music industry to fight against piracy. The partnership with Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, meeting within the joint venture One Stop China, Baidu allows first to offer a legal supply from its search engine.

The site will return to tracks in MP3 format, but also to playback stream flow ("streaming"). In total, approximately 500,000 shares should be accessible from Baidu. In return, the Chinese group agrees to pay the beneficiaries, depending on the number of downloads and plays. Access to the service will only be possible for the Internet addresses of the country.