Sunday, May 8, 2011

iPad 3 ... D?

Just a couple of months after the launch of the new Apple iPad 2 of strange to be talking about the third generation but the world of gadgets is so, the rumors and leaks never stop. The latest data is posted on several websites is that the iPad 3 could have 3D screen. The news did not surprise anyone, 3D technology is the current fashion.

Phones, laptops and televisions are capable of projecting 3D images, let alone gaming consoles (Nintendo 3DS). Apple is well aware that 3D is the "new", although there many years ago is only now becoming popular and accessible. What is certain is that the inclusion of such technology in the future version of the iPad will raise the price through the roof, not to mention the actual cost is not economical.

New Xbox in the hands of EA and possible announcement at E3

In recent weeks we have seen many rumors about Nintendo's new console and like magic they arrive on the new console from Microsoft that seems to have already been delivered to Electronic Arts, in prototype form to begin an assessment of future hardware that will compose . The rumors come from Develop site, which contains statements of a source that it is not part of EA nor Microsoft, but confirming that EA and other software houses have been the first console Dev Kit to test new features.

New Revelations about Assassin's Creed

As we anticipated in an earlier news "Assassin's Creed Revelation activated Facebook page," revealed other information about the third installment of Assassin's Creed, Game Informer trapelatedalle pages through the NeoGAF forums. From what we read on the forums, history will be held in Constantinople divided into four broad areas called Constantine, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata, plus the opportunity by visiting Cappadocia.