Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anonymous web attacks the National Police

Both the website of the National Police as and SEPS INEM (Public Employment Service) has been allegedly attacked by a group of cyber Anonymous, Cadena Ser reported While the first and service is restored, it is impossible to access the other two at the moment. The attack response to the arrests of three network administrators conducted by the police on Friday charged with "computer shutdown" and conspiracy.

Ricoh PX, a camera resistant to all

Today we bring you the perfect camera for those wishing to leave the mass consumer. This is a totally original and new that has been designed especially for sports fans, which can be noticed in their physical characteristics, and that is strong and sturdy, virtually unbreakable. This is the new Ricoh, a compact camera that has been called "Ricoh PX" fully shock resistant and also can be used under water.

Attack on computer IMF Hunt secrets of the countries in crisis

WASHINGTON - cyberattack against the International Monetary Fund, whose computers are finished being targeted by hackers. This was confirmed by the New York Times a spokesman for the fund, David Hawley, ensuring that the organization is fully operational and that the incident has opened an investigation.

The IMF, which has access to "sensitive" information from many nations, has been hit in recent months from what computer experts have described as a sophisticated cyber attack on a large scale. The New York Times, citing sources within the IMF, said the board was made aware of the attack last Wednesday, lasted just several months.

The Fund victim of a cyber attack

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been the target of a cyber attack, confirmed Saturday a spokesman for the IMF, which is added to the list of leading institutions victims of a cyber attack. "The Fund is fully operational," assured David Hawley, indicating that an investigation was underway into the incident.

From a computer security expert who worked with the IMF and World Bank, the objective was to install spyware into the computer system of the IMF which would have allowed a State to have an "internal digital presence" on the network. "It was a targeted attack. The computer code was developed and circulated for this purpose," said Tom Kellerman, who works for the International Protection CyberSecurity Alliance.

AT100, technology news Toshiba

The Tablets continue generating innovations, growing consumer market. This time, the news has given Toshiba, who presented his new AT100. The great novelty of the battery is removable and replaceable, and other novel features that you described below. The AT100 also features a removable cap, which can be replaced with others of different colors that will make it attractive ma.

As for his physical frills highlights its screen-based 10.1-inch dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 2. The memory is not very different from the other tablets that have already known before: 1GB RAM and 16 GB of flash memory. Performance with that account are: - Wi-fi - Front camera 2MP - SD Card Slot - 5MP camera back.

Face control: Before Facebook's photo-identification, there is little escape

Facebook knows your face: The social network has introduced a new feature for automatic image recognition - which can be switched off only with difficulty. Completely escape the user's face scanner itself does not. Hamburg - Every day be tagged with Face Book 100 million photos: users select where in the picture a person is, Facebook then linked this with the appropriate profile.

To make the users to tagging as easy as possible, try Facebook, people to see on photos automatically. When struck an appropriate selection is proposed. Because the new feature is on by default and users have not indicated they were showered with criticism. He was hoping for a privacy-friendly setting, the Hamburg Data Protection Officer John Casper said on Wednesday.

Xbox Live and Windows 8 a marriage that knows to do!

Microsoft seems determined to bring its Xbox Live online service on Windows 8, at least this is what was stated by Mike Delman, VP of Global Marketing, Interactive Entertainment Business division at Microsoft said: "Live will be built around the PC. A service that will focus all of your entertainment.

E7, the Nokia mobile keyboard

The competition is great. So it should be distinguished. You get with your Nokia E7, although it should be recalled that he produced in 1996. To teach your sliding screen keyboard, with room for fingers, a thing of the past century, though I weigh almost three times the current (397 grams versus 176), and that this E7 is heavy with respect to its jurisdiction.

The slider is much appreciated, especially if you type. In principle, perhaps because of its price, was thought to professionals, but not why. The quality is not just for entrepreneurs, and their cost does not scare, accustomed to the iPhone and others. His other great quality is the camera, eight megabytes, double flash and Carl Zeiss lens.