Friday, August 12, 2011

The social network LinkedIn criticized for its handling of private data

"LinkedIn has a Facebook", ironically the site specializes Naked Security, referring to the controversy over the management of the private life of the most famous social network. Users of the LinkedIn professional network, with over 115 million members, have in fact complained about the reuse of a photograph in profile in the service of "social advertising" site.

"When members of LinkedIn recommend people or services, the following companies or participate in network activity in any way, their name or picture may appear on the ads associated with that you can see," the description this service. Specifically, photographs and even the names of contacts on LinkedIn may appear below a message.

Google updates the algorithm of its search engine

The U.S. company Google has expanded, Friday, Aug. 12, the update of the algorithm at work in its search engine. Named "Panda", "this update is done for all languages except Chinese, Japanese and Korean," said the company's official blog. Already introduced in the U.S. and the UK in the spring, this system is intended to punish websites that do not produce original content, but maximizing their SEO to succeed in the first pages of search engine results.