Friday, March 18, 2011

Samsung unveils 55 "3D glasses

Over the past FPD 2011 that took place in China Samsung introduced its first prototype 3D TV without glasses, it is a 55-inch LCD layers to deliver 2D and 3D. The new giant is capable of projecting 3D images in three dimensions up to nine different angles, the model was presented as a prototype, but Samsung is reportedly planning to apply this technology to their television sets in the next 3 years.

AMD Bulldozer in June along with a new sibling Fusion "Llano"

AMD plans to rejoice in the summer with multiple releases. The latest rumor about its future microprocessors is a date: June 11, the day which is expected in the market could present new FX and AMD AMD Fusion 'Llano'. Obviously there seems no official confirmation from AMD, but the start dates to fit with what we discussed a few weeks ago.

Now you know some more data (four models with up to 8 cores and AMD under the name FX) but there remains uncertainty about whether or not they can beat the Core i7 Intel's higher end, which a priori seems so ... but it is not known with certainty. What we are denying is not backwards, because there are already some reports confirm that some manufacturers such as Asus will release BIOS updates for Bulldozer work on AM3 boards.

'We are waiting to see how it evolves Phone Windows 7', Interview with Luis Javier Diaz Iglesias, director of marketing for Sony Ericsson for Spain and Portugal

At the moment, Sony Ericsson seems caught up in the projects of its new handheld console and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. So much so, that has not yet requested the floor in the tablet market. The Japanese, however, does not rule into this war by any means. In our round of interviews with the leading mobile manufacturers, we could not spend some time aside to talk with Luis Javier Díaz Iglesias, director of marketing for Sony-Ericsson for Spain and Portugal.

TDK Boombox design "eighties" XXI century technology

TDK continues to place the teeth long and emptying the pockets of those who are doing the retro design for gadgets. His last team we love music, but right now we do not have the 400 euros it costs. The BoomBox TDK is a stereo two-speaker which incorporates the concept of the 80's with current technology.

Minimalism reigns among its controls as a novelty based on capacitive buttons that light up red when passing over them. The visual flair is complemented by the equalizer. As for the speakers, are two of six inches each with total power of 20 W RMS. This TDK sound system can receive music from different sources, from a USB stick to any player that can plug into your audio input 3.5 mm.

Delicious ready to change hands

In December, the first rumors leaked sales. Ensured that the sharing service and computer links Yahoo, Delicious, could change hands. At the same time, fans of the service is moved, first, to highlight its value and, secondly, to vindicate Yahoo! better treatment and service renewal.

I-Voluce, 46-inch screen with style controls Kinect

A company called EvoLucid will bring to market a 46-inch screen that can be controlled by motion sensors Kinect style, but with the particularity that it can operate from four meters. The name of the invention, I-Voluce. EvoLucid is known to have occurred in the past projects to display "multitouch" large, which is not necessary to come to touch the screen, and more recently by the development of related software Kinect.

The Packard Bell EasyNote LS reach Spain

After unveiling the company in early January the outlines of a new range of portable EsasyNote S range, and have for the biggest teams in Spain, the Packard Bell EasyNote LS. Its 17.3-inch widescreen display with a resolution of 1600 × 1900 pixels is the most prominent feature, and comes with the Diamond View coating to deliver a crisp, bright colors, with a clear idea that they take it out far from home and we enjoy him in private.

Social networks, frontline U.S. Army

The U.S. military will have a software program designed to "manipulate social networks", says the Guardian, Thursday, March 17. A Californian company has won a public contract to develop a program to create fake profiles on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to "influence the conversations on the Internet, to spread pro-American propaganda," the newspaper.

Under the terms of the contract, estimated at $ 2.7 million (1.9 million), operators of the U.S. military can control up to ten "puppets" on social networks. The contract also stipulates that fake profiles will provide details of "convincing" in their personal history. The U.S. military has finally required that 50 people will operate the software, "without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries." Bill Speaks, a spokesman for the United StatesCentral Command, said the technology is intended to "counter the extremists, as well as enemy propaganda outside the United States." No use of this tool will be made in English, provides the voice of the army.

The site Groupon plans to accelerate its IPO

The U.S. website Groupon, which allows its followers to benefit from coupons on their purchases, could be valued near $ 25 billion at its next IPO, a higher price than had obtained Google this moment in its development, says the New York Times. The new Internet sensation, has rejected an offer in the fall to buy Google for $ 6 billion, could make his case for IPO this spring, the paper said on its website.

Samsung shows us their 3D glasses with Bluetooth connectivity

Among the many innovations that Samsung has been presented in recent days, we find an interesting evolution for their glasses 3D displays, and have decided to include Bluetooth in them. It seems that Koreans like to catch the wireless connectivity. With respect to the infrared, the conventional method of communication with the display of this type of glasses, we need not be aligned with respect to the transmitter located on the TV, so we gain some freedom of movement.

Samsung SyncMaster C27A750, a monitor with UWB wireless

The computer screen is not something to relate to wireless connectivity, but Samsung would have us think otherwise with its SyncMaster C27A750. With this new monitor the Korean company opens connectivity UWB (Ultra Wide Band). The original monitor has appeared on the official website of Samsung Germany and also to end the cables is a considerable 27-inch screen.

It is a TN panel with LED technology and full HD resolution (1920 × 1080). To connect the monitor to a laptop or desktop computer have a dispenser that connects to the USB port, as you can see in the pictures. An important fact is the radius of action, which remains in one and a half, I guess that's the greatest needs for bandwidth, because the technology has a wider scope.

The New York Times launches its payment system to the meter on March 28

The New York Times will launch a payment system to the meter (metered system) on its website on March 28. The announcement was made Thursday, March 17, the group's chairman, Arthur Sulzberger, in a letter to readers. According to what had been announced for several months, the system adopted will have access to a number of articles for free no subscription: this number is fixed at twenty per month - to be more, it will subscribe.

Data bank: Swift criticized the agreement in Europe

Six months after its entry into force, the Agreement Swift, for the transfer between Europe and the U.S. banking data for counterterrorism, is widely criticized. Almost unanimously, the European officials, meeting in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs have denounced the lack of transparency of the device.

"As MPs, we feel betrayed by this report," he told the elected German Alexander Alvaro, after presenting a progress report, Wednesday, March 16. The U.S. requests are "too general and too abstract," says Claude Moraes, MEP UK Alliance of Liberals and Democrats. In a document from the beginning of March (.