Friday, August 26, 2011

Apple: Steve Jobs came the resignation

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, has decided to resign as CEO of Cupertino. The news has gone around the world in a few hours and was popularized by the same done through a letter delivered to the shareholders of the company and have employees.

Tumblr valued at $ 800 million

Tumblr microblogging site that allows to post web links, photos and videos or short texts, is about to complete a fundraiser that values at $ 800 million (554 million) says, Thursday, Aug. 25, the Wall Street Journal. According to the article (paid access) the business daily, citing sources familiar with the matter, Tumblr will raise between 75 million and $ 100 million (between 52 and 69 million) from investors, representing a valuation of $ 800 million.