Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phone Windows 7 will have an update for 2011 major

MIX11, a gathering of developers taking place in Las Vegas, served for Sunday, by surprise, Microsoft is making an initial version of Internet Explorer 10, weeks after the release of version 9. On the second day of the meeting the company run by Steve Ballmer unveiled the improvements over Windows Phone 2011 will be 7, the platform called to compete with iPhone and Android.

Early reviews were to dispense with something that was not the original iPhone, something as simple as copying and pasting. In March it was resolved. The next developments, which will be added throughout the year, are better management of processes, to distinguish between file transfer and exchange between them and other programs, integration of applications into the operating system to give even more life to Tiles of live, interactive icons on the desktop of the phone.

Nokia E6 and X7: Symbian is still alive

Generated much controversy a few months ago filandesa news that Nokia had reached an agreement with Microsoft to provide software to their phones. From that moment the continuity of Symbian was brought into question and many rumors about the addition of Windows 7 at its new smartphones come to light.

Today this idea is ruled out, at least for the moment, since Nokia has announced two new models with Symbian for this 2011. The new Nokia E6 has a 2.46-inch AMOLED display that achieves a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, physical QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS and 8-megapixel camera.

Lenovo has a 23 inch tablet

Tablets, tablets and more tablets, is what we see every day when we investigate on the new products launched to market makers. Lenovo is no exception but we are surprised anyway, the company introduced a new type of gadget that features a huge 23-inch screen. This is a prototype that has no name yet but presumably will be in stores before year's end.

The new tablet has a perhaps exaggerated 23-inch screen, and the only striking feature at the moment and have not yet revealed details about it. The new device will be part of the IdeaPad range and although clearly it is a tablet pc, has a great similarity with the technology of the PC all-in-one desktop.

Berlusconi cleared from the network with the DEberlusconiZER

A group of artists and programmers has created the solution to rid ourselves of Silvio Berlusconi, at least virtually. The DEberlusconiZER is an application that deletes pictures and words referring to Silvio Berlusconi and replace them with other content. Just go to www. de-zer. com to read Italian and foreign newspapers online and surf any website, without ever meeting a picture or a word directly related to B.

In the United Kingdom, the change of Google algorithm causes a stir

Two months after the United States, Google users in the UK now have an updated version of the algorithm for ranking sites, dubbed "panda". Intended to penalize sites that do not produce original content but maximizing their SEO to succeed in the first pages of search engine results, this update has caused big changes in the ranking of some sites.

According to the measures the company specializes Searchmetrics, the main victims of change have been sites of coupons, as Moneypage Voucherstar or whose presence in the results pages of Google fell more than 99%. This does not automatically mean that their traffic has decreased by as much, but for these directories, the bulk of them have come from search engines, the virtual disappearance of Google results would have radical consequences.

"Internet pollution" and the challenge to Greenpeacelancia Facebook

Did you know that pollutes the planet go online? The warning comes from Greenpeace: "In 2020 the Internet will consume more energy than France, Germany, Canada and Brazil put together." To get under indictment are the giants such as Facebook, which announced the opening of two new data centers powered by coal, "each of which - say environmentalists - will consume as 40 thousand homes." To request the giant Palo Alto turnabout, the Greenpeace activists have launched a worldwide campaign, and click the blitz in Milan Cathedral.

A parliamentary report advocates the inclusion of Net neutrality in legislation

The MPs Laure La Raudière (UMP) and Corinne Erhel (PS) presented on Wednesday 13 April, a report on Net Neutrality to the Economic Committee of the National Assembly. In drafting this document, the MPs interviewed over a hundred players, and had already published a preliminary report at the end of January.

The European Commission must also make a report soon on this topic. The debate over Net neutrality, the principle is to ensure equal transmission of data over the Internet, regardless of the device or type of service available online, is the subject of intense debate since the mid- 2000, in Europe and the United States.

Sarkozy announces G8 on Internet Governance

PARIS - His relations with the Internet are not always easy. Yet Nicolas Sarkozy has decided to devote a special G8 to the Internet, to discuss many issues concerning the Internet and who now occupy the political agenda of governments. The summit will be held on 24 and 25 May in Paris. Managers were invited largest groups in the world.

Among the guests, there will be Eric Schmidt (Google), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) Jack Ma (Alibaba), Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Participants of course the representatives of French companies, such as Xavier Niel (Free Iliad), Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Vente-privée), Marc Simoncini (Meetic).

LG begins selling the first mobile dual-kernel

Once parked in the megapixel war, war of the phones is focused on the processor. Sensation HTC yesterday launched its high-end terminal, a dual-core Qualcomm processor to 1.2 gigahertz. LG did the same during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Your phone LG has Optimus 2X processor manufacturer NVIDIA Tegra 2 at a rate slightly lower, 1 gigahertz.

The battery, one of the key aspects when choosing a phone, does not have 4-inch screen as the best ally, but with the processor. Oscar Rodriguez, director of LG phone, explains the operation: "The logic is that if the processor gives results faster, with less screen time on, hoping to run an application or more at a time, an increasing use more common.

Opera launches browser version 11.10

Opera Software has released version 11.10 of the Norwegian browser company. Among the new features is improved quick overview of the contents of your favorite sites. Are presented in the desktop browser and if the surfer entered more than a dozen, the previous limit reduces the size to shelter them. A zoom feature allows you to control it.

The browser makers say they can be four times faster on slow connections. Turbo compression technology undermines the definition of some images but it compensates for the speed of navigation. In addition to the above and not a restart is required after installing the Flash plug-in. In a video, browser makers have done an ad that highlights the increased speed.

Internet Expolorer 10 appears at MIX 11 in Las Vegas

It is not that long ago that Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 9, but at MIX 11 in Las Vegas, is a preview of Internet Explorer Platform Preview 10, which probably ran on a version of Windows 8 to 32 bits, and a hardware system ARM 1 GHz with 1 GB of RAM. Eatures of the IE10, seem to want to go once more to web standards, such as HTML5 and CSS3, which is very pleasing to both developers and users, in fact some of the interesting features are fully compatible with CSS3 Gradients for background images, CSS3 Flexible Box Layout, Web sockets, CSS3 Multi-Column Layout Grid Layout CSS3 and ES5 Strict Mode.

A Kindle cheaper but with advertising

The digital bookstore Amazon announced yesterday that in May will release in America a model of its electronic book reader, Kindle, to $ 114, $ 25 cheaper than the current one, but it will take advertising. In return for this rebate, the customer will find ads on the wallpaper and start menu will include discount coupons and exclusive offers.

Advertising will not be intrusive and respect the content of digital works. The company expects that involves reading routines that allow a different use of the ads, but some analysts had anticipated questioned whether enough customers will see this reduction in exchange for advertising.

China accuses U.S. of (mis) censor Internet

It's a response a little more original than the traditional diplomatic protests: in response to the publication by the United States in the 2010 edition of its report on Human Rights (folder on China, PDF) at again very critical of Beijing, the Chinese government this week published its own report on the situation of human rights in the United States.

The text, much shorter than its American counterpart, lists of police brutality, prison conditions and anti-terrorism laws under which Beijing is a catalog of violations of human rights committed by Washington. Part of the document is devoted specifically to digital freedom, an issue of a long conflict between Beijing and Washington.

Christian Paul: "The repeal of Hadopi does not mean the abandonment of copyright"

In a cat in the world. en, the head of the laboratory of ideas of the Socialist Party describes the digital program of training. Guest: The various laws that the current majority has taken on the sensitive issue of the adaptation of copyright to new consumption patterns show a strengthening of private rights in intellectual property.

Do you think this is the response to this challenge? What is your position on this? Paul Christian: For ten years, in fact, transfer of digital culture has led to a string of repressive laws. Each time the target was the same: can not find an economic model, the actors were trying to preserve the system, by security laws, traditional models.

The optimism of Mr. Google "The cloud will make us happy"

Clear eyes, blue suit, shirt spotless. The future is a man of 56 years, the ordinary aspect of the common man, who speaks with a neutral tone of the new humanism of the super cell phones and computer. "An era of extraordinary and appalling," as he calls it, "intended to change our lives." In the small room made of partitions from the air too lived in the Fira de Barcelona, Eric Schmidt assumes the air of a prophet.

Blog - "Islands of Wakfu": the world (dis) enchanted Ankama

The end of "social browser" Flock

Customers will no longer use the browser "social" Flock, from 26 April. Its creators, announced Tuesday, April 12, they no longer support their program from that date, and now recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox. To distinguish themselves from the competition, this browser, launched in 2005 aimed at a deep integration of social platforms on the web.

The sharing of Web addresses, consultation with updates to networks like Facebook and Twitter, and access to RSS feeds are available directly from the interface of Flock. "At its peak, this browser has counted up to 10 million users," the specialized site Techcrunch. In six years, the browser has also changed significantly.

Kerry and McCain propose a law on privacy online

Two of the most influential U.S. senators, former presidential candidates John Kerry and John McCain have introduced a bill Tuesday to create a charter of rights to privacy of Internet users. "Protecting personal and private information of Americans is vital for the information age makes all its promises," said Democrat John Kerry, who ran for president in 2004.

The text requires companies collecting data on the Internet offer them a way to escape this surveillance. It also plans to require companies to offer users a clear mechanism that allows them to withhold their personal data being used. "Americans have the right to decide how their information is collected, used and distributed, and businesses deserve (to run) with the certainty qu'apportent clear rules," said Kerry, chairman of the Senate Committee responsible for legislate on the Internet.