Friday, April 8, 2011

Sidekick comes 4G

The U.S. telephone operator T-Mobile has officially announced the launch of the new Sidekick Samsung 4G, and the phone will be available in the United States from 20 abirl. The war between AT & T and T-Mobile for taking the exclusivity of those phones can continue and the battle is increasingly fierce.

The launch of Optimus G2X, T-Mobile added the acquisition of the new Sidekick Samsung 4G, a smartphone that has generated great expectations. The phone has excellent technology, and has a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, Hummingbird processor with a speed of 1 GHz and 32 GB of storage via microSD memory.

Asteroid Parrot, the first car radio with Android

We have no doubt that Android is the operating system of fashion, more and more gadgets that use the Google OS, tablets, smartphones and even some laptops are a few examples. But its mass is advancing by leaps and bounds, to the point that Parrot has introduced a new car radio with Android. This is the new Parrot Asteroid under the theme "Internet in your car" this radio is not sent to play music, we can also navigate, make calls, including utilziar GPS.

"It takes a certain ethics of the hacker community"

Eric Freyssinet is responsible for cyber crime projects to the general direction of the national gendarmerie. He gave, Thursday, April 7, the opening of Hackito ergo sum, in Paris, an international conference on computer security. He returned on the reports of the gendarmerie with hackers, a term that refers to "hackers" who are passionate about computer security.

Is not it a bit strange that a policeman who makes the keynote address at a conference of hackers? Not at all, just look at the program of these three days: this is a conference that evoke in detail issues which concern the security police. This morning, for example, one of the conferences dealt with how systems are secure remote opening found on the car keys: this has direct relevance to the investigation of vehicle theft.

Facebook designing servers to networks and social networks

FACEBOOK enters the world of computer production. The company that revolutionized the Internet and social networks, it also means the PC market, with particular reference to those who manage large computer networks and the same social network. This was announced by its founder and chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg during a media event in Palo Alto, California.

The project is called "Open Computer Project" and will be developed in collaboration with some of the biggest brands in the world, producing computer or its components, such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, Advanced Micro Devices and Intel. Facebook's engineers are working on it for 18 months and so far the project has cost tens of millions of dollars.

South Korea: Welcome to the land of "eSports"

In the 90s, South Korea was a small market among others in the video game industry. With a turnover of around one billion dollars, the software industry was suffering the early effects of piracy and laxity of the authorities to curb such abuses. The Asian economic crisis of 1997 will eventually kill any hope in the minds of individual games sell to a population ravaged by unemployment and purchasing power plummet.

The shape of the robots to come

On the occasion of the first edition of InnoRobo who was late March in Lyon, the Internet offers to return to News conferences Robolift that punctuated the three days of meetings, the first theme was the form of robots of tomorrow. Fumiya Iida is a researcher at the Laboratory of robotics inspired by life (Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab) which depends on the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

Twync sells advertising on Twitter

How would ask to put advertising on Twitter? What kind of message would accept? Twync the question in the micro-system and anybody can aspire to post messages with advertising and paid for it. The platform takes an additional 40% to the advertiser and the twitterers have two options: Either you put a price or decide which campaign proposals on the web is adhered.

The service is active from late February, have since surpassed the 1,500 registered twitterers willing to put paid messages. To distinguish advertising messages are a label ('hashtag') with the pound sign. In order not to invade users can specify how often and what time they send advertising messages.

Facebook enters the data center design under the concept of 'hardware' open

Facebook engineers have been working for two years to conceive how they should be the servers and data centers to respond adequately to the changing needs of Internet services. And now this job has been made public in open for the whole community can benefit from its conception to the time to think about new servers and data centers.

And it has opened a space on the network, Open Compute Project. Facebook says its prototype data center consumes 38% less energy than existing facilities and costs 24% less. The project engineers have used technology from Intel and AMD. To engage in collaborative dialogue with the computer hardware industry, Facebook published technical specifications, from the energy supply to the chassis.

Atari, Commodore, Spectrum That mania vintage hi-tech

For the nostalgic of Generation X, raised in the early eighties in the golden age of the home computer, the ad has earned a tear of emotion. The historic Commodore 64, the computer that has grown an entire race of geeks Western back into production, ready for the world launch by next summer. This is not a clone of Chinese, as happened in the past with many computers and consoles of the past decades, but an official version of renewable technologies, signed by Commodore itself.

4G licenses: tender in May, the end of 2011 frequency allocation

Permits for the fourth generation (4G) mobile phone will be a tender in May and frequencies should be assigned by the end of the year, said, Friday, April 8, Jean- Ludovic Silicani, president of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARCEP). "We're finalizing with the Government under the call for applications.

If things go normally, it is likely that by early May, the procedure could be launched, which would award the prizes (from frequency) of 2.6 gigahertz and 800 megahertz by the end of 2011, "said Mr. Silicani news conference. The fourth generation (4G) mobile telephony is expected to gradually take over to 3G.

Blog - virtual goods, a market of 3 billion

A copper thief robs Armenia 75 years of Internet

Data Centers: Facebook sharing its technology

The social network Facebook has launched Thursday, April 7, a program called "Open Computer", designed to share technical specifications of its servers and its data centers. "We decided to collaborate with the entire industry, to share these technologies as they evolve," the company said. Facebook's engineers have designed servers faster, cheaper and less power hungry.

According to Facebook, the new architecture would reduce the energy bill 38% and 24% of overall costs. These technologies will be used especially in the data center of Facebook, in Prineville, Oregon. But the goal of "open-compute" is to make these concepts available to other IT groups.

Android should equip half of smartphones by 2012

A study by Gartner, released Thursday, estimated that by the end of 2011, the operating system Google's Android equip half of smartphones in Tech News Buzz. According to research firm, worldwide sales of mobile intelligent expected to reach 468 million units in 2011, an increase of over 57%. This strong sales growth should primarily benefit Android, which will reach, according to projections by Gartner, 49% of the market at the end of the year.

Acer expands its range of All in One

Acer, the U.S. company's technology developer, has unveiled a new desktop computer model in one, this is the new Acer Aspire Z5761. Lately the news in the world of computers and gadgets are sent to virtually tablet and laptop, but that does not mean that companies forget desktops. A lot of companies require desktops to computerize their offices for the computer companies is a source of money and certainly this kind of companies are aiming this product.