Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New hacker attack against the Pentagon by Anonymous

Another coup for the group of hackers Anonymous, who published Monday a list of email addresses and passwords that its "hackers" say they have looted from the network of Booz Allen Hamilton, a firm that advises such the U.S. Department of Defense. Anonymous said it had posted more than 90,000 addresses stolen from a Booz Allen Hamilton unprotected server.

"Anonymous says he removed four gigabytes of source code, revealing information that could help them attack the U.S. government and its contractors," said the security firm Sophos on his blog, saying that the real victim of this intrusion was "the U.S. government." Booz Allen Hamilton confirmed Tuesday afternoon to have suffered an "unlawful attacks against its computer system." "We are conducting a comprehensive review of the nature and extent of the attack.

WikiLeaks: Brussels complaint against Visa and MasterCard

The Icelandic company that collects money for the site Wikileaks has sent a complaint to the European Commission against the credit card giants Visa and MasterCard for blocking since the end of 2010 donations to the site, his lawyer said to Agence France-Presse , Wednesday, July 13. "The complaint was sent (by mail) and will be filed Thursday," said Svein Sveinsson Andri, a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Iceland which represents the company DataCell WikiLeaks and in this case.

The Xbox 360 will also run on Windows 8?

The news is doing the rounds of the network quickly, the site Insideris explains that Microsoft could make compatible the new Windows operating system 8, with their Xbox 360 games through a subscription to Windows Live Marketplace.

Electronic Arts buys PopCap Games

The video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) announced  Tuesday, July 12, an agreement to buy PopCap Games, a specialist games on mobile devices and social networks. The acquisition, which may range from 750 million to $ 1.3 billion, should be completed in August. EA will pay approximately $ 650 million in cash and $ 100 million in securities for the designer of Bejeweled and plants against Zombies.