Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eight quadrillion calculations per second: Japan has the super-fast "computer-K"

The fastest supercomputer in the world is now in Japan. His top position he will retain long: it's three times faster than the previous leader. With eight quadrillion calculations per second (petaflops), the system has set "Computer C" Fujitsu at the top of the world - and immediately built up a commanding lead. Compared to the previous leader of the Japanese supercomputer provides a good three times more power.

Arrest of a suspected member of the group of hackers LulzSec

A joint FBI and Scotland Yard has arrested a 19 year sman , suspected of belonging to the group of hackers "Lulz Security", the source of multiple attacks against Web sites in recent weeks. The young man was arrested in Essex, northeast of London. Substantial equipment was seized at the scene of the arrest and he was placed in custody in London.

Google and the Library Britnica 250,000 works escanearn

The British Library and the Google search engine agree to publish 250,000 books out of copyright between 1700 and 1870, including underwater navigation project, Narciso Monturiol, inventor of the first motor-powered submarine. The plan, announced through a press release, is part of the controversial Google Book Search project, which are already shipped about 40 libraries in the world.

Lulzsec attacks the site of a security agency British government

The group Lulzsec has claimed a denial of service attack against a government agency website British security (Serious Organised Crime, Soca). The assault has left some hours idle or intermittent access the site. The group this action falls within the campaign announced today that AntiSec identifies as objectives to government agencies and institutions such as banks.