Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pantech unveils its first Android smartphone

Pantech is one of the manufacturers of technology with less environmental reputation yet today has more than earned the headline. The company has announced for the month of June in the U.S. the new Pantech Crossover, an Android smartphone with a price that will surprise you. Pantech's new crossover has a fairly simple design with QWERTY sliding keyboard and a 3.1-inch touch screen.

The phone has an interesting CPU 600 MHz and equipped with the "somewhat outdated" version 2.2 of Android. It also has Wi-Fi, 3 megapixel display and other features nothing unusual. What is unreasonable is its low cost, we can get this beauty in the United States for only $ 70 under contractual mode.

From China violated Gmail account of U.S. political and Asian

NEW YORK - The e-mail accounts to Gmail important American politicians and Asian countries, including South Korea, journalists, soldiers and activists of Chinese dissent have been violated in a series of attacks from China. This was revealed by the Mountain View giant on its official blog stating that the accounts are hundreds and targeted attacks, from Jinan, the People's Republic of North-West, was intended to read e-mail of people ended up in the viewfinder hackers.

Google denounces the existence of a Chinese spy network of users

More than a year after a major tussle between Google and Beijing, following the discovery by the American Internet giant of a wide hacking e-mails from Chinese dissidents, Google has announced that he had discovered a major attempt to monitor email accounts. In a statement posted on the official blog of the company, Google claims to have discovered a theft operation passwords "that appears to come from Jinan, China, which targeted particular personal Gmail accounts to hundreds of users, including senior U.S.

Twitter launches a button "Forward"

Micromessagerie site Twitter has launched Tuesday, May 31, a new integrated Web sites, the equivalent of button like "Facebook. Several news sites, including The Wall Street Journal, the daily El Pais, or Vanity Fair, and Twitter accounts of singers like Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga, participate in the launch.

This button, similar to the button "like" ("love") on Facebook pages, allows the user to subscribe in one click at a Twitter account, but it is redirected to the platform micromessagerie. It also has direct access to a presentation of profiles and the latest tweets sites that have built this module.

LANoire, the game played by real actors presented to De Niro's TriBeCa

LA Noire is a video game but an interactive movie. The developers have employed a new technology developed between England and Australia and four years of work before results are very expressive realistic, comparable to those we see at the cinema. Set in a Los Angeles '40s on which the movie industry casts a shadow of relentless debauchery, LA Noire will dress up the players into the shoes of Cole Phelps, simply interpreted the Highway Patrol for the occasion by the excellent Staaton of Aron Madmen.

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The proposed digital signature is relaunched

When a user connects to his voicemail at his social network, then to online shopping and online banking, it must often decline whenever a password or even prove his identity. Why not have a single numeric identifier, serving as a passport for all journeys on the net and also offer access more secure than simple password? The French government defends the initiative.

Eric Besson, Minister of the digital economy, has laid the groundwork for Tuesday, May 31, by signing an agreement with four partners: Swiss Post, Vodafone, Orange and the French Banking Federation. In fact, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet who opened the issue of "digital identity" and spoke of the project, dubbed "IDéNum" in February 2010 when she was Secretary of State for the digital economy.

4 G licenses: the government is calling for nominations

The Minister of Industry and the Digital Economy, Eric Besson, signed Wednesday, June 1, the decree launching the call for applications for frequency allocation telephony fourth generation (4G), which will be published in Official Journal "in the coming days." The government had stopped mid-May timing of allocation of these frequencies, announcing that the reserve price - the minimum level for the auction - of these licenses was finally set at $ 2.5 billion, two billion cons mentioned above.

Nokia falls heavily on the stock market

The action of the world's leading mobile phones, Nokia, has still fallen heavily on Wednesday 1 June. By late morning in the Helsinki Stock Exchange, the title Nokia fell 7.6% to 4.39 euros, its lowest level since January 1998. The Finnish group was waived Tuesday in achieving the objectives it had set a few weeks ago, raising questions about the ability of its new general manager to orchestrate the recovery promised in February.

Ex-Google CEO admits having missed the turn of the "Social Web"

Eric Schmidt did his mea culpa, Tuesday, May 31 Executive Chairman and former CEO of Google said that it was because of him that the Internet group had neglected turning social networks four years ago, allowing Facebook to be the undisputed leader in the category. "I planted," he told Mr. Schmidt, who was speaking at the opening of the conference on high technology D9, organized by the news website All Things Digital in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

E-commerce: "Give us the means to be a little less harmless!"

In an article published in Tech Buzz News dated May 25, Mr. Olivier Sichel calls in response to the article by Eric Schmidt appeared yesterday in the same newspaper, on what he described as "Google's vision of hegemonic and distorted Net Europe. " Apart from the fact that a former "boss" of Wanadoo protests against any hegemony seems to say the least tasty, I note that in support of his argument, he describes our business Auvergne (quoted by Eric Schmidt in his gallery of the day) as "harmless", "friendly" marketing "products Folk" and has built his "success on the purchase of advertising on Google" ...

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Asus launches new portable 3D (without glasses)

Certain things are beyond anyone's opinion that the 3D glasses for me, is one of them and manufacturers are very clear. Since the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS technology world was amazed by its stunning 3D screen; Tooshiba followed his step when he introduced the Dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR, and is now the turn of Asus.

The technology manufacturer has introduced a new handset capable of displaying images in three dimensions without the need for appropriate goggles. This is the Asus ROG G53SX and be part of the range of gaming notebooks from Asus "Republic of Gamers" needless to say it has excellent features worthy of a gaming laptop.

MSI launches its new range WindPad Enjoy

Among the latest arrivals from Computex 2011, the technology fair held in Taiwan, we learned that more features MSI has confirmed the two new tablets Gingerbread manufacturer that launched this year with truly affordable costs and excellent features. No doubt the cost is one of the few barriers that separate tablets for the mass market, if the current is not enough.

Although these gadgets are becoming more successful is a fact that not everyone can pay between 300 and 800 euros for a "toy." MSI has realized this and therefore intends to launch two new models 7 and 10 inches with very good features for less than 250 euros. The two new models come online equipped WindPad Enjoy ARM Cortex A8 processor at 1.2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage.

Steve Jobs presenting the new operating systems

Apple has released some content of the event taking place next Monday in San Francisco during his Worldwide Developers Conference which is held every year. Steve Jobs will be the master of ceremonies to show what they define as the next generation of operating systems. Although not common, this will be the third public appearance of Apple's CEO since its last low, taken on 17 January.

The first was in the presentation of the iPad 2, the next with Barack Obama during his visit to Silicon Valley. Jobs have pancreatic cancer since 2004. Lion is the eighth version of Mac OS X operating system computers. Little is known of it except a change in the desktop and how to organize the programs.