Monday, May 30, 2011

ViewSonic will ViewPad 10Pro Windows 7 and Android applications

ViewSonic is prepared to present all their new devices at the upcoming Computex technology to be held this year in Taiwan. Among its highlights are the new 10-inch tablet, the ViewPad 10Pro, that this time gives us a great news. The ViewPad 10Pro be able to run Android applications, and Windows 7. While the manufacturer is touted as the first tablet dual-boot this is not true.

ViewSonic will 10Pro Windows 7 Professional but this will incorporate an effective Android emulator that will allow the gadget to run applications on this platform. While there is a dual-boot the new ViewPad 10Pro continues to be an interesting option with excellent features. Regarding the tablet technology comes equipped with an Intel Z670 Oak Trail speed to 1.5 GHz with 32 GB of internal storage memory expandable via MicroSD.

Kenwood mp3 player throws the most striking

In the world of design technology has become more and more important when different from the rest of the products, the universal components have made the difference between the brands and the second is virtually nonexistent. Kenwood is very clear and it has introduced its new line of mp3 players that come with a really striking design.

This is the new Kenwood MG-G608 which comes in three different designs and make us feel the music in full color. In terms of technology the Kenwood MG-G608 has an internal memory of 8 GB which can be expanded using MicroSD memory, 2 "display, Bluetooth connectivity, Class W and battery technology with 9 hours of battery life.

Asus plans to launch a tablet-smartphone

It is a fact that technological gadgets manufacturers have saturated the market for tablets, so now the only differentiating factor is important when launching a new product. Asus is working to surprise us and maybe do that with their new PadFone. The PadFone be a sort of hybrid between a tablet and smartphone will seek a midpoint between the tablet 7 "4-smartphones." It is possible that the device is a kind of tablet 7 "with a phone built but it is early to speculate since the announcement has only shared the name of the model.

The secret to an unforgettable? Persons or objects, and a few landscapes

Dozens and dozens of shots to capture the falls of Niagara, the Yellowstone Park or the views of the Dolomites, to secure the holiday of hearts forever? Wasted effort, it seems, if there are half finished or friends with you too. Because what makes a memorable image is the presence of a human subject, and natural landscapes and views are forgotten more easily.

Scientific approach to deal with a subject so elusive and highly personal, given that the visual memory is very subjective, is a study - the first of its kind - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to be presented in June at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern recognition, in Colorado Springs.

Iran create its own Internet

According to The Wall Street Journal Iran's government is planning to create its own network in order to close the cyberspace to external influences beyond the national censorship. According to the American newspaper, the Iranian authorities to sell the project as a savings for the population as well as an effective way to safeguard the Islamic principles of the revolution of bad influences.

GeForce GTX 560M, to play on notebook

Nvidia has introduced its new GeForce GTX 560M video card for notebooks of the medium-high, which will take the place of the GeForce GTX 460m. The new card will be substantially improved GTX 460m, in fact the only difference is the frequency of the GPU and the number of Shared. Here are the features: Nvidia stated that this video card is capable of running Crysis 2 at a resolution of 1920x1080 with frames ranging from 30 to 40.

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Bounty hunters track down hackers on the Web

United States, the war against illegal downloading of copyrighted movies is changing in nature. For years, the Hollywood majors conduct their proceedings according to a strictly punitive: everyone caught can be dragged to court and sentenced to a heavy fine. These procedures are expensive, but no matter, because the goal is to make examples.

However, in recent months, there appears a new breed of pirate hunters, who tend to be bounty hunters. One of the pioneers of this new business is the U.S. Copyright Group (USCG), which despite its name associative connotation, is the commercial arm of the law firm of Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, based in Washington.

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PayPal blasts Google Wallet

They have not spent even 24 hours Release of Google Wallet service companies have already begun strategic attacks. It is now up for PayPal has launched a lawsuit against Google and two of its employees. The famous franchise of eBay's online payment has initiated a criminal case against Google, Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius, both former employees of PayPal, for breaking the confidentiality clause in employment contract.

Live between smartphones and laptops? Calculate your diet digital

NEW YORK - Have you ever wondered how e-weighted? No, not really weigh what: kilo kilo less than what we all know. But what weighed on the internet instead. The use of gadgets. Use of electronics. It is not farfetched an idea of these - sorry the game Beta ETA - e-times. And indeed it is essential to respond positively if they fall into at least two of the five questions that e-America's most famous critic, Daniel Sieberg - the Tecnofirma who has split in recent years between CNN and CBS, ABC and Washington Post - puts out a book now.

The PBS site hacked by supporters of Wikileaks

The website of American public television network PBS was hacked on Sunday, allowing one or more persons to access the full content of the site. After taking control of the site, hackers have published several accounts and passwords on the Web and on-site, an article explaining that Tupac Shakur, the rapper famous shot in 1996, was still alive and had been found alive in New Zealand.

Piracy has been claimed by the group LulzSec, who had already claimed responsibility for attacks against sites of Fox News, Sony or MasterCard. While denying any affiliation with the informal group Anonymous, LulzSec claims to have participated in several operations launched at the initiative of it, including attacks against the official websites of Tunisian and Egyptian.

Mubarak condemned for having suspended the Internet in January

Former President Hosni Mubarak and two other former Egyptian officials have been convicted, Saturday, May 28, a fine of 540 million Egyptian pounds (63.5 million euros) for having suspended the Internet and the mobile phone during demonstrations in January. The administrative court in Cairo sentenced Mr.

Mubarak to a fine of 200 million pounds, the former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to 40 million pounds and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly to 300 million pounds for injury to the national economy, a judicial source said. The three men can appeal. This is the first ruling against Mr.

Download: Germany is considering a graduated response system

Bernd Neumann, German Minister of Culture, announced consider putting in place a system of graduated response, similar to that established by the Hadopi in France, to fight against illegal downloading. Speaking at a convention of the CDU (conservatives), the Minister said that Internet providers should "take responsibility" and he expressed support for the establishment of a system warning prior to legal sanction. is about to launch a takeover bid for Meetic

USA site internet dating match. com (IAC) will launch a takeover bid for its French counterpart Meetic, the price of 15 euros per share, with the support of the founder, who will bring the majority of its shares. The proposed price values the French group in its entirety to 345 million euros and represents a premium of 11.6% over the closing price of the share Meetic Friday at the Paris Bourse.

LA Noire, in the shadow of GTA

Sex cases, murder or drug trafficking in the City of Angels in the late 1940's ... Console XBox 360 and Playstation 3, LA Noire waives all the tricks of the thriller. With the history of Cole Phelps, a former soldier turned police detective in Los Angeles, Rockstar Games, best known for his series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), intends to revisit the novel black and offer a unique game mechanics.

Team Bondi, the Australian studio that designed the game to Rockstar, did not want to emulate the proven mechanical set of famous gangsters. Opting for greater screenwriting adventure, LA Noire was first removed from the completely open world of GTA. And while Grand Theft Auto places a high priority for action, the new title from Rockstar concentrates most of its game mechanics on the investigation and interrogation.

Television stations will no longer include their Facebook pages

Refer viewers to the Facebook page of France 2 and TF1 smacks of surreptitious advertising for social networking. The High Council of Audiovisual (CSA) held on Saturday that "the return of viewers and listeners to the show's page on social networking without mentioning this is informative, while the reference to these pages by naming the relevant social networks is an advertising character.

" These references are surreptitious advertising for Facebook, Twitter, slice the audiovisual watchdog. Seized by a chain which does not reveal the name, the CSA does not prohibit chains about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The decision is limited to references to the pages or channels or accounts of their broadcasts on social networks.

If the power does not listen to the people of the Internet

You can organize a "historic event" on the Internet without the "people" of the Internet? You can enhance the role of the Internet to make possible the democratic changes and then be silent or reticent on effective protection of fundamental rights on the network? You can define the Internet a "common good" and then say the opposite, his submission to the logic of private property? Yes you can, as it may seem paradoxical or contradictory.