Friday, April 15, 2011

Huawei presents Leaf

In a market where technology increasingly different gadgets design takes weight on purchasing decisions of customers, as this is something that Huawei appear to be very clear and are therefore appealing to a new style. As you can see from the pictures the new Huawei Leaf offers a sleek, artistic but in both functional and tasteful.

The mobile project with the collaboration of world renowned designers Claesson Koivisto Rune has clearly failed to find the point between art and technology. The new design is inspired Leaf Huawei as its name implies, the leaves of trees (leaf), and the phone has a slightly curved and concave design in a dark green hue.

"At 84, I celebrated my birthday on Facebook"

"I have Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, that's a lot of messengers and messages to send," said Simone Job, 84, who created his own website! At Villa Renee, homes for the elderly Perreux-sur-Marne (Val de Marne), a dozen residents relax in the common room. Most play playing cards or board games, rocked by a retro music.

But out of four computers lined up at the back of the room, the atmosphere is studious. Room for new technologies: twice a month, computer courses meet a handful of cybermamies. Among them, Pierrini Riba, 89, swears by her webcam. Cyberseniors - Pierrini and Simone by Tech News Buzz. en each year, more and more seniors are swelling the ranks of "silver surfers", generation of Internet-haired gray.

Robots, a social technology?

It means to have personal robots? What are the implications for us as human beings? Will we fall in love with them? ... Back on our relationships with robots on the occasion of the first edition of InnoRobo Robolift and conferences which were associated. In a 2007 article which has remained a reference (Dawn of the Age of Robots - "At the dawn of the Age of Robots"), Bill Gates compared the evolution of robotics and computers to that predicted that day we would all have a robot at home, as we all ended up having a computer in our homes.

Nintendo Wii HD more powerful than Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3

Some rumors reported by Game Informer, Nintendo seems to be well under way with the realization of the new Wii HD, you should ask yourself two competitors over the Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3, computing power and graphics quality and should be unveiled at E3 . As we said the new Nintendo console could be much more powerful rivals, which also believes true IGN speculates that the ability to safely handle the 1080P.

IOS Apple releases an update for 4.3.2 and Mac OS X

Apple has released a new update for Mac OS X for IOS, which go mainly to fix some security bugs, as well as some annoying bugs that made the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G unusable resulting in the appearance of the screen black or block of the same call during a FaceTime. The security patches 4 plagued iPhone, 3G, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 3G/4G that exploited the flaw discovered by Charlie Miller and Dion Blazakis, to get around the iPhone during the competition Pwn2Own 2011.

YouTube will make an examination at the surfer who upload videos protected

YouTube, Google Video portal, binding to the surfer who uploaded videos go to their protected online school where, after viewing a video on the topic, you must respond to a questionnaire about copyright and what kind of works can be hung in the portal. If you pass the exam will be able to upload videos again.

The animated video gives a simple explanation on what videos can not get on YouTube and the consequences of doing so. In English, offers subtitled versions in several languages. After watching the video, the surfer must respond to a questionnaire that you must select a response of several that are presented in each question.

Video - The Moment of Geek: "beat 'em all" or "beat' em up"?

Dominique de Villepin supports the global license and maintenance of Internet Piracy

In his project for 2012 published today, Republic of solidarity, the movement headed by Dominique de Villepin took a stand in favor of the establishment of a global license, "obviously in exchange for fair remuneration for authors." The global license is a system providing for the legalization of the download works.

In return, an amount would be levied on Internet subscriptions, and transferred to the beneficiaries according to a complex system of distribution. Defended by some opponents to the web laws, who see it as an alternative system of graduated sanctions, the global license was briefly adopted by Parliament in late 2005, when a vote in plenary on the night DADVSI (Rights Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society), before being removed from the text.

Faced with competition from shelves, PC sales declined in early

Global sales of computers in the first quarter declined for the first time in a year and a half, said Gartner Thursday, April 14. According to the study of technology analyst firm, 84.3 million PCs were sold between January and March, up 1.1% from the first quarter of 2010. The firm IDC reported competing for its share of a fall of 3.2% over the same period, to 80.6 million units.

"We had planned a very slow market, but we do not expect numbers too bad," commented analyst Meike Escherich, interviewed by Agence France-Presse. While the economic situation has seriously eroded the purchasing power, "consumers are reluctant to spend money for the PC," she said. "The problem is that there are many competing products for PCs that try to capture the expenses they are willing to do," she said, citing video games, 3D television screens, and especially touch pads.

New Zealand passed a law similar to Internet Piracy

New Zealand adopted on Thursday a new law sanctioning the illegal downloading, based on a mechanism of "flexible response" three-step similar to that established in France by the web laws. The Copyright (infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill, proposed by the government, was adopted by 111 votes against 11, and ratified on 1 September.

The text allows holders to pass on to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) evidence of a violation of copyright. ISPs will then transmit a warning to the owner of the line. After three warnings, the beneficiaries may apply to a court of copyright, which may order payment of damages of up to 15,000 Australian dollars (8,200 euros).

Blog - Video game: "Streets of Rage", a remake that will never

A few days after the publication of the final version of "Streets of rage remake, sort of compilation, revised from the famous series Megadrive, Sega asked developers Bombergames to cease distribution of their project for PC.

Google earnings below expectations, stock drops

The group of search engine Google has published Thursday, April 14, profit below expectations for the first quarter, despite an increase of 17.5%. Net income amounts to $ 2.3 billion (1.6 billion euros), against 1.96 billion dollars (1.35 billion euros) during the same period last year. The gross sales, excluding commissions paid out to partner sites, has meanwhile reached 6.54 billion dollars (4.51 billion euros), up 29% over the same quarter of the year Previous (5.06 billion dollars).