Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HTC Flyer arrives in Europe

The tablet market continues to grow and a new gadget comes to its coasts, it is the new HTC Flyer, a device that was announced officially during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC Flyer has a 7 inch screen with a maximum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 5-megapixel back camera with LED flash, front camera of 1.3 megapixel and up to 32 GB storage (depending on version chosen).

HTC presents a new smartphone

The mobile manufacturer HTC has unveiled a new smartphone with Android, it is the new HTC Sensation will be released in the U.S. in mid May. The HTC Sensation has a dual-core processor Snapdragon working at 1.2 GHz, touch-screen 4.3-inch LCD with a maximum resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, 8 GB of microSD storage and 8.0-megapixel digital camera with LED flash recording 30 fps.

In addition to the basics of Android 2.3, the mobile Gingerbeard will Sense 3.0, an interesting application that allows us to embody the most of the phone, and HTC Watch, an application to download movies from the company. Depending on the price to hit the market with the new HTC Sensation looks really promising, it is very nice design and features have been available very respectable.

Sony launches new 3D camera Pro

During the last NAB meeting in Las Vegas, U.S., Sony introduced a large number of video cameras, including the new PMW-TD300 professional camera capable of recording high-definition 3D video. The new Sony PMW-TD300 features two front lenses that can capture 3D video with a resolution of 1080p, the new sensor also incorporates Exmor 3CMOS half inch rapid approach.

As the air microphone design features typical of professional cameras, and support for the shoulder. This camera is a breakthrough for the market of 3D technology in a world where the 3D displays are increasingly common, definitely take the step to 3D recording more accessible is really important.

Cisco Flip camera stops and removes 550 jobs

The U.S. telecom equipment manufacturer Cisco announced Tuesday, April 12, he would stop his activity of mini-video cameras Flip and reorganize its activities for the general public. This reorganization will result in the elimination of 550 positions this summer and a pre-tax cost of $ 300 million (207 million).

These cameras the size of a telephone, adapted to the Internet, can perform up to two hours of HD recording. She, however, suffer from competition from other mobile devices, especially phones. Two years ago, Cisco acquired for $ 590 million (408 million euros) in shares, the company Pure Digital Technologies, makers of these devices.

Taxes on private copying: Brussels plans to relaunch the debate

The European Commission is planning to relaunch the debate on possible reform of the private copying levies imposed on blank recording media and some electronic devices. According to an EU source in Brussels has "appoint a mediator to revive the process" of dialogue between different parties on the issue.

The private copying royalties were added in the 1960 copyright classics, to offset the shortfall represented by the records "home": they involved at the start tapes, but have been extended over the years CDs and DVDs, computers, MP3 players, copiers ... with large differences from one country to another.

HTC Sensation, hunting for iPhone

Top Video to iPhone, ie 1080 pixels, camera 8 megapixels, a 1.2 gigahertz processor dual-core and a generous 4.3-inch screen are the hallmarks of the HTC Sensation, the last terminal HTC's high-end, the fourth largest manufacturer of mobile phones. It also includes other camera 1Mpx front and 4-gigabyte capacity is expandable to 8 internal microSD card.

During an event organized by the company in London, have shown the operation of a device designed to treat heart to heart the leader of the range of smartphones, the iPhone.

Amazon launches Kindle cheaper advertising

Amazon has sought in advertising a method for providing digital book reader Kindle at a cheaper price. At the moment, will be sold only in U.S. Provide desktop screen advertising. The new Kindle will cost $ 114 instead of current 139 and will be $ 35 cheaper than the reader model lower range of Barnes and Noble and will cost $ 66 less than its Sony counterpart.

The Kindle will be released in early May. Advertising companies such as Buick, Procter and Gamble and Visa will not appear, however, inserted in the pages of books. Amazon also introduced a service discount, visible in the device menu, in competition with formulas such as Groupon or LivingSocial, a company which is a shareholder, reports The New York Times.

YouTube starts sounding live video

The platform Google Video, YouTube, has launched direct emissions league cricket in India, lectures and other video game tournaments. Also with an address by U.S. President, Barack Obama. Apparently, there are perceived differences from other videos. Simply, is what is happening. Maria Ferreras, head of service in Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, explains that, for now, is only available to certain preferred partners.

The Winklevoss ko on appeal is only Zuckerberg Facebook

ROME - Judgement call for bitter Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twin brothers who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing the idea for Facebook. The appeals court in San Francisco decided that the first instance is valid, and that "at some point, the dispute must end. And that point has been reached." Thus, the two brothers is worth about $ 65 million, which Zuckerberg, in 2008, after the first instance of a case begun in 2004, which recognized the Winklevoss least financial compensation, but no title or on ' Facebook company.

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North Korea: growth of mobile subscribers

The number of mobile subscribers has doubled over the last twelve months in North Korea, one of the most secret and closed world. The number of mobile phone users now stands at 450,000, up 50% over the figure reported last year by the Egyptian operator Orascom Telecom, which co-manages the mobile network launched in late 2008, according to Vice Minister of Unification Jong Um-sik.

"This shows the diversification of mobile phone users, which was previously reserved for the elite," said the minister. These figures are from the Chosun Sinbo, a newspaper supporting the regime in Pyongyang and based in Tokyo, he said. But this increase does not translate into a greater openness to the outside world, noted Um Jong-sik, who said that the regime has instead tightened its control over the information after the revolts in the Middle East and Africa North.

Facebook: a new legal victory for Mark Zuckerberg

A U.S. Court of Appeals held, Monday, April 11, that the amicable settlement between the brothers Winklevoss and Mark Zuckerberg, concluded in 2008, was valid and would not be canceled, as requested by the twins. Made famous by the movie The Social Network, Winklevoss brothers and a third partner, hired Mark Zuckerberg, while they were students at Harvard to work on a social networking project called "ConnectU".

Sony enters into an agreement with the PlayStation 3 hacker

The Japanese electronics group Sony has announced Monday, April 11, he had reached an agreement with a young American, who agreed not to work to break the security systems of the game console PlayStation 3. "It was never my intention to pose problems for users or facilitating piracy," he assured George Hotz, aka GeoHot of an American 23 years residing in New Jersey, in a statement Sony ComputerEntertainment America (SCEA).

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PS facing the "digital challenge"

Members of the National Socialist Party voted unanimously Saturday, April 9, the project for the 2012 presidential election. Of all the proposals contained in the document, some are devoted to developing new technologies. Web laws. In the latest version of the text, dated April 8, the first Socialist Party promises to repeal the law Hadopi (High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet), which establishes a "graduated response" may result in suspension of Internet access for a user accused of illegal downloading.

A suspected hacker indicted after a broadcast of "further investigation"

Internet, Wikileaks, Transparency - Supplement ... partipirate by The Paris prosecutor opened a criminal investigation for fraud against a young man who boasted on television to have penetrated the computer systems group Thales. Arrested on April 7 in Paris, the alleged attacker was taken into custody.

Thales had complained after the recent airing of a program "further investigation" on France 2, in which the young man had boasted of being returned to the company intranet and sites of the army. The individual has been indicted for fraudulent access to such a system of automatic data processing, theft and embezzlement.

Mobile Phones: Free request a postponement of the licensing 4G

Iliad, the parent of the Internet access provider Free (whose boss, Xavier Niel, is an individual shareholder of the World), asked the government to delay the allocation of frequencies mobile fourth generation (4G). The group feared a "preemption" on the part of the largest operators. These licenses must be a call for nominations in May, for a frequency allocation planned for late 2011.

The French government has to raise revenues of about EUR 2 billion for these licenses. "The procedure, as envisaged to date, focuses on land use and enhancement of the spectrum [frequency]. The development of competition is not taken into account," laments Illiad in a letter to the Minister of industry, Eric Besson, published Monday, April 11, the daily économiqueLes Echos.

Facebook and Baidu could create a common social network

Facebook has reached an agreement with the Chinese internet giant Baidu for creation of a joint social network, reports the Chinese website Sohu. com, quoting anonymous employees of Baidu. The agreement, which has not been officially confirmed, would come after a series of meetings between Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, Robin Li, Baidu's CEO, which took place in recent months.

Facebook is now banned in China, where only Chinese social networks are allowed; Facebook, like Twitter, has received approval from the authorities because the social network does not comply with Chinese rules on censorship. If workarounds are available, the penetration of Facebook in China, estimated at 0.09%, is almost zero, while in other Asian countries, including Indonesia, the social network is in a strong position .

Google continues to photograph the German streets

Google Street View, Google Maps system featuring photographs of cities will no longer be updated with new pictures in Germany, said a spokesman for the search engine. In other countries where the service is available, "Google Car", equipped with cameras to 360 degrees, regularly take new pictures to put the service to date.

But in Germany, Google believes that "the number one priority is to use the Google cars to collect information such as names of streets and traffic signs to improve our standard cards." The launch of Google Street View sparked controversy in Germany, where the law is particularly protective for the privacy of citizens.

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Facebook, the product is you. As always

Before yesterday evening I was out of town and aimed at a quiet dinner. But the fourth SMS received from friends asking me if I was in front of the TV watching Report, I had to give up and I did what I do every Sunday evening to watch the program Gabanelli undertaken to examine the business models of Google and Facebook and the implications for our lives internettara.

Yesterday, at least on websfera a bit 'nerdy and a little' geek that I and my party with pride we missing diopters, there was no talk of nothing else. My personal analysis of the episode may also end with the words of those who know more than me, that Stefano Epifani, who last week wrote on his blog: "[Sunday] we celebrated yet another wasted opportunity to speak (once so seriously) Network and the problems it raises.

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