Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NATO wants to arm themselves against hackers

The Atlantic Alliance wants to strengthen its defense capabilities against computer attacks with the creation of a "cyberéquipe red," he said, Wednesday, June 8, a NATO expert at a conference in Tallinn, Estonia. "NATO plans to have a 'red cyberéquipe' that would greatly improve its defense capabilities, identifying gaps and deficiencies in the technical solutions and procedures for handling incidents," said Luc Dandurand, expert the NATO C3 Agency.

Kingston extends the capabilities of our gadgets

Storage is and always will be one of the strengths of any technological gadget. Considering the multimedia capabilities of tablets or smartphones, some with HD quality, is more than obvious that the storage space will be readily used. Kingston knows and has therefore presented an alternative, it is the new Wi-Drive, an accessory that will allow us to forget about storage for a while.

The Wi-Drive is a kind of "external hard drive" designed specifically for mobile gadgets such as tablets or smartphones. It aims to provide a simple, no wires, no hassles, for all mobile device users. Wi-Drive has a compact design with some measures 121.5 × 61.8 × 9.8 mm which will allow us to store it in any bag or pocket.

Xbox commitment Kinect

Microsoft's console has long been associated with the extremes to which players, once they repeat the game until you find all the nooks, achievements and extras. So leaders have risen in the U.S. and the UK. In Spain holds the second position, although it was the last player to leave the scene. E3 Microsoft has been a club with several rooms and rooms to test more deeply the news.

Of course, with instructors guiding the process. These are some of the best titles for Xbox Kinect and presented at E3: Child of Eden: I could go through a game of "point and shoot" but for its aesthetic almost psychotropic and puzzles, more side with trigger reflexes Well, with the body.

E3: Nintendo shows Wii U

Nintendo has finally unveiled the new games console that will replace the Wii. In recent months there has been talk so that both the characteristics of the name would have been, the new creature and Nintendo has finally been unveiled as the U Wii, which reads "You" Wii ". As usual, Nintendo wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition by submitting an innovative and very interesting, certainly raise a lot of interest for those who have had the pleasure of buying the old Wii.

Today, global test of IPv6 Internet

Today is proof of global Internet protocol IPv6. So far, the network has worked, and continues with the IPv4 protocol, but all the available addresses have already been distributed to the five regions with the authority responsible for its distribution, IANA, divide the world. In Europe is expected to award the contract runs out this year.

The growth of Internet connected machines and the idea of Internet of Things, in which any device must have its own address on the network, makes the demand for addresses from multiplying. This problem is solved by IPv6. To test its efficiency, today, more than 900 organizations that have Web sites from Yahoo Facehook to serve your pages under IPv6.

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Athens arrest of a hacker than 18 years old who hacked Interpol

A hacker of 18 years, suspected of breaking into computer systems of Interpol and several U.S. government agencies, was arrested in Athens, announced Wednesday, June 8, a Greek police official. The young man, who uses the pseudonym "nsplitter", lives in the area of Agios Dimitrios, Athens. "He launched attacks across Tech News Buzz, his house," said Manolis Sfakianakis, head of cyber police on the antenna of the Greek television NET.

There would be no Internet without Hackers

Groupon flies in the bag, the new trend is to buy local social and

To land on Wall Street has offered its customers a day at the beauty farm at 19 € instead of 100, a meal in a restaurant to a third of the price of the menu and granted a seat at the hairdresser of 40 €. Let's talk about Groupon, the purchase of local community that following the entry of the social network LinkedIn for professionals, decided to land on the Stock Exchange.

And as a listed company the goal is already clear: to earn just $ 750 million and for the founders to bring home a haul of $ 7 billion. An ambitious goal, however, encouraged by the short history of Groupon who jumped from a turnover of 3.3milioni dollars in 2009 to land at 644.7 in the first quarter of 2011.

The United States develop a more repressive law against pirate sites

To fight more effectively against piracy of works protected by copyright or patent, the U.S. will perhaps adopt a law without precedent. The text, if it is voted by Congress, will attack websites located abroad, regardless of the sovereignty of the states concerned. In late May, a Senate committee approved a text called PIPA (IP Act), to give the federal Department of Justice unprecedented powers.

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Web giants are testing IPv6

Several major Web companies like Google, Facebook and Akamai, participate, Wednesday, June 8, the "Day of IPv6. For 24 hours, these groups, but also over 400 other participants, test in real conditions, this new version of Internet Protocol (IP) which allows computers to communicate over the Internet.

Thirty years after the creation of the first Internet addresses, the stock of available IP addresses has been officially sold out in February, and IPv6, is designed to remedy. With the proliferation of connected devices, cameras to multimedia tablet through the video game, Tech News Buzz has hit the ceiling of the four billion addresses available under IPv4.

When television in 1947 imagined the i-Phone and other tablets

Getting through a moment of trepidation the news to match a short breath and step back in time. The extract below dates from 1947 and describes the troubling uses and applications of television in the future.

Nintendo Unveils Wii U console with a joystick touch

The Japanese Nintendo unveiled Tuesday, June 7, Los Angeles, U Wii, a new home console features a touch screen controller designed to replace the Japanese manufacturer in the race against the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Main innovation of the Wii U, presented at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the high mass annual video game, this large white handle is equipped with a touchscreen of 6.2 inches (16 centimeters), about third smaller than the screen of the Apple iPad (9.7 inches).

Facebook extends its face recognition service

The social network Facebook has begun to expand, Tuesday, June 7, the facial recognition system in the photographs, to facilitate the identification of persons therein. After a test phase last year in the U.S., the device is now available in "most of the countries" where Facebook is implanted, said the social network.

"When you want to upload photos of your cousin's wedding, we will group all the images of the bride and her name suggest. Instead of writing 64 times, the only thing you have to do is to click" save " , to annotate all the photos at once, "says Facebook's official blog. The social network, which explains that 100 million images are annotated every day, says that this feature can be disabled if the user wants, by changing the privacy settings of the profile.

ViewSonic will ViewPad 10Pro Windows 7 and Android applications

ViewSonic prepared with everything to make their new devices at the upcoming Computex technology to be held this year in Taiwan. Among its highlights are the new 10-inch tablet, the ViewPad 10Pro, that this time gives us a great news. The ViewPad 10Pro be able to run Android applications, and Windows 7.

While the manufacturer is touted as the first tablet dual-boot this is not true. ViewSonic will 10Pro Windows 7 Professional but this will incorporate an effective Android emulator that will allow the gadget to run applications on this platform. While there is a dual-boot the new ViewPad 10Pro continues to be an interesting option with excellent features.

Nintendo Wii introduces U, the successor to the Wii

The supplement takes more importance than the device itself. The staff of Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the magician of the factory, and Satoru Iwata, president and CEO of Nintendo, spoke during the presentation in a packed Nokia Theatre. It was time to reveal what lies behind the 'Project Café. The new console, which keeps the line current design of the Wii, called Wii U.

Little is known of it, only been able to see an image that they see a device that resembles a horizontal current Wii and whose design resembles a MacMini. What I have been taught in great detail is the command of the same: with a 6.2 inch screen in the center, two analog sticks on the sides, the four buttons and the classic crosshead trigger buttons.

Financial Times launches application for mobile and tablet without going through iTunes

The Financial Times has launched a new editing application to download on mobile phones and tablets that can be used directly from your browser, without having to download the application in advance via iTunes or other electronic stores. It may seem a trivial detail to users is of great importance to the publishing industry not having to rely on iTunes because it allows to launch a direct route to the readers and overcome the resistance of Appel to provide data on the identity and customs users and publishers to charge for intermediation.

Ecotechnology at Computex

As you all know and last week was held in Taipei, Taiwan, Computex 2011, the largest technology trade fair of the year. In it we see the most interesting gadgets of the moment, and also a lot of trash with enough money to pay for their own stand of course, but among the interesting things we found a laptop with unlimited autonomy.

What is it? For this new design incorporates a solar panel behind the screen that allows your computer to feed at no cost. The idea is very interesting, it is clear that energy issues should be of major concern for existing producers. While we have no technical specifications is obvious that for this device to operate the energy performance of the laptop must be extremely efficient.