Saturday, March 12, 2011

A tiny camera the size of a grain of salt

Small day is long. This is the miniaturization, the logical step of the technology that makes up little space we have technology imaginable a few years ago. Up to this point comes the camcorder that we present today. Its dimensions are of a cube of 1 mm, compared to a grain of salt. As I always say, put that away in your fingers and imagine what it would actually.

This is a project of the Fraunhofer Institute and its purpose is, of course, doctor. Obviously the resolution is not captured at the height of traditional cameras, staying at 0.05 megapixels provide photographs with little detail, but enough under certain circumstances. Regarding the usefulness of this microchamber in our homes no doubt that it would be totally useless, at least for now.

South By Southwest: Dive into a unique festival

How has technology advanced. Image of the Week

Can you imagine that now we had remote controls like the picture? This is a patent of 1,976, the date on which the television began to reach homes. 35 years have passed since then and I can not say that evolution has been worse. Obviously many years and everything has changed, we could say that almost completely.

In certain disciplines, such as computers, are still using the same rationale, but the final product is very different. We also have new technologies such as mobile or WWW, touch screens or digital information. Then I leave the image of the patent in full, with details such as the ends of the baton.

Apple TV has some image problems with the new update 4.3 iOS

The recent launch by Apple of the new version 4.3 of its IOS was highly anticipated, although it seems that not everything has been an improvement. At least in regard to the second generation Apple TV, as they appear on the screen flashes detected in some models of HDTVs (currently found in various brands like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba).

The detected incidence occurs in configurations with HDMI and HDMI to DVI adapter, when the image flickers and an interruption of the image. Although it seems that there have been cases even without the use of the adapter. However, we should also mention that in most of the cases have been solved.

Sony may launch 3G cameras

In a world where technology and social networks play an increasingly important role in human relationships has been proposed Sony bandwagon connectivity, according to a rumo that has been spreading in the Japanese Internet giant is preparing a camera with 3G and Wi-Fi. The aim of the project is another step in integrating the web with daily life, the camera will allow us to share content instantly chart through our wide band hired or hot spots located in different parts of the city.

Twitter and Facebook from the office so you chat to the company

Gone are the days when companies could afford to ban the use of social networks among their employees. A little 'because, smartphones and Tablet accomplices, in defiance of the prohibitions it has become increasingly easy. A little 'because it means beloved, chat, however pervasive as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have forever changed the way we communicate, and keep us informed approach to work.

New Verbatim Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse

The company technology products manufacturer Verbatim has announced the launch of a keyboard and mouse game with a truly compact design very similar to the laptop. This is a short hop wireless keyboard slim type with very ergonomic keys really quiet and really nice design that matches the sensor small wireless USB mouse that operates at a frequency of 2.4.

This game can become an interesting option for those who love comfort, ideal for use when lying in bed in our bedroom or living room sofa, so if you still have to wait to buy our Verbatim Mini Wireless Slim and still do not know at what cost will hit the market in Spain.

The hacking of a promotional site for the Xbox cost Microsoft a fortune

The fragility of a promotional site for Microsoft's Xbox has cost much money. Some media talk about over a million dollars. The company cut that figure, but admits a cost. The problem originated with the launch of a website which yielded a temporary code, two days to enjoy Xbox Live Gold and gave away 160 Microsoft Points (equivalent to two dollars), the virtual currency used in this environment .