Monday, May 2, 2011

Then came the 2011 World Blackberry

As I had reported this week takes place on the Blackberry World 2011, the high technology trade fair organized by the Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) to exhibit their new products. Very interesting that we have this year are the new Blackberry Bold Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930. Blackberry Bold Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930 but have different names, it is the same device.

The first is the 3G version destined for Europe and other GSM countries, and the second LTE version destined for the United States. The new Blackberry Bold 99XX is a traditional BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard with the addition of a 2.8-inch touch screen. The screen is very good quality, has a 287ppi pixel density and achieves a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

LG does not forget Meego

Although operating systems like Android and IOS are feel we must not avert our eyes on other projects in development, as an example the Meegan, an operating system for mobile gadgets and sponsored by the Linux Foundation. LG has not forgotten Open Source project Meego and announced in the last hour will feature two new tablet with the system during the next MeeGo Conference to be held in San Francisco in a month.

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Broadband: AT & T limits its bandwidth

The operator and service provider (ISP) AT & T will probably revive the debate over Net neutrality in the United States. As of Monday, May 2, subscribers to the ISP must pay an additional amount if it exceeds the amount of bandwidth allocated to it, reports Wired magazine. Under the offer broadband to which it subscribes, the client can consume 150 or 250 gigabytes of data per month.

But if it exceeds this threshold, the user will spend 10 dollars (6.7 euros) additional. An amount to be repaid whenever the limit is again exceeded 50 GB. BRAKE FOR VIDEO SITES? AT & T had previously experimented with ceilings much lower, only 20 gigabytes per month, said the specialized site Broadband Reports.

Three employees of Foxconn, arrested for leaking details of the iPad 2

It happened in December but has now transcended. Three employees of China's Foxconn factory were arrested for leaking details of the iPad tablet 2, three months before Apple unveiled its characteristics. The three employees have been formally charged with violation of secrecy. Cause After filtration, Foxconn suspected that came from the factory in Shenzhen where the tablet was assembled and arrested the three workers on 26 December.

VIA Nano CPU X2 has the E-series

VIA Technologies has announced the availability of the new Nano processors X2 E-series, intended for the embedded market, going to compete with the new AMD Fusion and Intel's latest Atom. These new CPUs are available in two versions with clock speeds of 1.2 GHz and 1.6 GHz and are built with 40-nanometer production technology, implement technology, VIA VT for virtualization and support 64bit code and ensure full compatibility systems with VIA Eden, VIA C7, VIA Nano and VIA Eden E-Series X2.

Assassin's Creed Revelation activated Facebook page

Assassin's Creed Revelation, is one of the most anticipated titles of 2011 and until now one of the most mysterious, because Ubisoft has not revealed much about the work done so far, but it seems that something is about to break, thanks to ' activation of a dedicated page on Facebook. On the Facebook page when you can see a Flash movie which contains some written in Arabic which means you can read the name of the skilled assassin Altair in the first chapter of the series, on the page for a while appeared a link that led to a dedicated site that says "The day I've been waiting for has arrived! Click on the link below to help us to reveal an exclusive look at the new Assassin's Creed!".

The founder of Bose gives the shares to MIT

The founder of the audio systems company Bose, Amar G. Bose, has donated the majority of the shares at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). G. Love Bose did his doctorate in that center where he taught between 1956 and 2001. Makes donation to MIT in the main shareholder of the company, but his actions are subject to clear restrictions.

Not entitled to vote and do not give control over the management of the company. MIT can not sell to third parties. The benefit will be in receipt of dividends. MIT has announced it will allocate the donation to sustain and expand its educational and research tasks. The New York Times wonders about the taxation of this gift.

Sony give 30 give free access to PlayStation Plus and Qriocity

Sony has announced on his blog that this week will restore many services the PlayStation Network. To give the "welcome", according to their expression, blocking the players after two weeks, Sony will offer free access for 30 days and Qriocity PlayStation Plus. Specifically, the company announced that every area of entertainment will offer a selection of downloadable content for Playstation.

Specific details of this content will be announced in each region. All existing users of Playstation receive 30 days of free subscription to the service of PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus members receive 30 days of free service. Qriocity subscribed users (in countries where the service is active), will receive 30 days of free service.

Intel is working to optimize Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt has only recently reached the mainstream, made little models of laptops or computers have included this technology in 2011, but it is certainly the next step in relaying information. Thunderbolt technology gives us a jump as surprising as it was the USB at the time and is emerging as the next standard in the computer industry.

This is something that Intel is very clear and it is working to squeeze the most potential of this technology. As reported by the famous maker of chipsets Thunderbolt could achieve a transfer rate of 50 Gbps in a range of 100 meters in the next 4 years and has asserted Jeff Demain a technology convention in New York.

Ecocensure the time of the web

Yesterday I was watching streaming in the meeting, held at the Perugia Journalism Festival, for The New Frontier, involve the community. Peter Gomez also participated in the debate which among other things has shown the "politics" of the site Ilfattoquotidiano. com and his blog. Bloggers, Gomez said, they can write what they want and is only made a very serious control issues (in criminal law, or racism, insults or other).

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Facebook exceed its forecast of growth

Facebook's growth is higher than an estimate forecasts made several months ago. The Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, the social network is about to exceed 2 billion dollars (1.35 billion euros) in gross operating profit (EBITDA) in 2011. Facebook, which has more than 500 million subscribers, is growing faster than the growth forecast that circulated when Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies have invested in the company, writes the business daily in its online edition Sunday 1 May The investment by Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies in the social network was performed in January at a price per share corresponding to a valuation of 50 billion dollars (33.74 billion euros).

Anonymous is launching an operation against the Iranian regime

The Anonymous group launched on Sunday 1 May, a series of computer attacks against the Iranian regime's institutional sites. Dubbed "# opiran" This new operation is presented as a demonstration of "support" to the Iranian people, for the International Labour Day. A total of ten "key targets" were targeted, including several sites of ministries.

If some of them are available again on Monday, others are still inaccessible. SEVERAL STATES ALREADY REFERRED To put these sites offline, the participants used the program Loic, a simple tool to access, to participate in denial of service attacks. Anonymous has made known to the general public by launching at the end of last year, similar attacks against companies that have frozen the accounts of Wikileaks in a "transaction response.