Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Android, iPhone, Windows clash at age three "post-pc"

"Defending the ecosystem of Android." This is the mantra repeated by Google after the acquisition of Motorola's Mobility millionaire, a move which in fact is an unexpected counter to legal action from Apple and Microsoft in the storm - and fish - the sea of mobile technology. Translated into understandable words, the "defense of the ecosystem of Android" means the purchase of over 17000 patents of Motorola, other than 7500 being considered for approval.

Anonymous attacks a transport company in San Francisco

The collective hacktivists Anonymous hacked, Sunday, Aug. 14, one of the sites of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), the company trains serving including the City of San Francisco. MyBART, one of the websites of the company, has been an intrusion, reports the specialist Naked Security site. The information of at least 2 400 people, including names, email addresses and passwords have been exposed, said the BART, in a statement.

Gears of War 3, between film and videogame

With 13 million copies of previous versions on the market and a record in reserves (1.2 million) before being sold, Gears of War 3 will close the saga. One of the flagship titles xBox 360 will complete the last mission starring Marcus Fenix. Rod Ferguson, executive producer of the game has a bittersweet: "We are proud to reach this point with so much success, but thought it was just.

Stop at the top, otherwise it would betray our faithful." This concern for the followers of this franchise is reflected in the game, several modes: racing, arcade, and, most interestingly, of the mission. "I understand that buying a game is a decision that involves a payment, so I am interested to use it for a long time and in various ways," adds the producer.

Google buys Motorola to resemble Apple

Dramatic effect Google's mobile phone business. The most powerful Internet company just announced the purchase of Motorola Mobility, which is endowed with the capacity to manufacture their own devices and thus make Apple look like the team to beat. The transaction is valued at 12,500 million dollars (8,700 million), which is considered the most purchase.

Google will make a cash payment of $ 40 per share, equivalent to value their securities more than 63% a close on Friday on Wall Street. It is expected that the operation is carried out in late 2011. Motorola, Nokia, is lagging behind in the business of mobile telephony. Your interactive tablets phones already use the Google Android operating system.

Tunisian justice confirms ban on pornographic websites

The Tunisian courts upheld the ban on access to pornographic sites on the Internet, Monday, Aug. 15. The appellate court dismissed the request of the Tunisian Internet Agency  to stay the execution of a trial decision, said the lawyer Moneem Turki. "The Court of Appeal upheld the trial decision to force the Tunisian Internet Agency , as legal person, to censor all pornographic sites," he said.

"Despite the fact that counsel for the Tunisian Internet Agency  paid on the issue of evidence that the agency lacked the financial and technical resources to implement the ruling, the Court of Appeal has given us reason," Mr Turki said one of three lawyers arguing for the closure of pornographic sites. In late May, the Court of First Instance of Tunis ordered to block access to all pornographic sites, following a complaint by three lawyers, for whom these sites presented a danger to youth and were contrary to Islamic values.

Firefox 6 is the last of its kind

Again a new version: The latest Mozilla browser than three months old, is already available for download Firefox 6. In the future there will be a new version every six weeks - to the user not to be very annoying to the developers thought about a trick. Cologne - Starting today, it's official, Mozilla Firefox is the browser in the sixth version available for download.

Already? Some will ask, where is it only just came out version 5th At this pace, the surfer must be used in future, every six weeks should there be an update. Thus the number change is not permanent is not created some confusion, the version numbers should not be displayed. Even from the dialog "Firefox / Help / About Firefox" will disappear the current number currently displayed information.