Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nokia E7 available at the official store for 629 euros Nokia

Nokia has come to declare it the largest mobile by 2011, and in February announced his appearance in the online shop of Nokia, but Nokia E7 really has not been available until today. It's been a few weeks in pre-reservation period, but more important is that major changes have occurred, some would say dramatic, Nokia's strategy, particularly in regard to Symbian.

But this story have been playing every day, and what matters now is to report on the phone, which is available at the official store at a price of 629 euros, including taxes. Sincerely and with no intention to create controversy, it seems a high price for the last business series phone from Nokia.

Sony introduces three new speakers for PC, basic and affordable

Sony has launched to expand its range of PC speakers with three new models are very simple and affordable. Although they are two distinct lines, share basic spirit. On the one hand we have the SRS-A3, small, compact with 5 W of power and a digital amplifier. Speakers are not looking for any complications or unusual design, as distinguished by their classic black and clean lines.

Furthermore, SRS Series D with two new models, are a distinct concept. More power, improved output level and bass, adding the ability to control the settings. The two models, the SRS-SRS-D4 and D5 are 2.1 speaker system with 27 W and 40 W respectively. Since this model, the SRS-D5 something bigger and different design.

A walk through the new Philips TVs for 2011

The arrival of two formats of 3D TVs Philips catalog is probably the most striking of the presentation of new screens of the company, but is by no means the only news. The Dutch have built a long list of very interesting features to their televisions for 2011. Philips is also committed to providing a solid platform television Internet access in the future may also have their own content if curdles an agreement in principle with Cinesa chain.

No more water in my radio again!

This phrase could be in the future less bizarre than it seems today, a U.S. group is developing a radio tuner that uses water (H2O) instead of conventional electricity. The Power H2O system, device name, is hardly something from another world, in fact has a very similar to hydroelectric turbines, ie using a small dynamo.

Furthermore, the H2O Power offers an interesting design with a touch of the sixties that provide a pleasing appearance, but for now the only device able to tune FM stations, but the developer has said it will soon be available in stores.

Barbie The new notebook from Samsung is a success

Only last a few weeks that the South Korean company Samsung's developer announced the launch of its new x180, a new notebook designs come to market with children such as the famous Barbie doll. Although the device is not yet on sale pre-book the unexpected figures achieved by the company and grow at a rapid pace.

The strongest feature of the x180 is undoubtedly its stylish design and based on the famous doll Barbie, although that has some interesting technical features. The x180 features an Intel Core i3 330UM 310M and GeForce chip, plus hard disk of 500 GB HDD, WLAN, 11.6 LED-backlit display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, Intel GMA graphics card and 3GB HD Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity .

Philips presents its range 3D Max and 3D Easy

Today the display market has become a contest of who offers the best 3D, Philips has become aware of this detail and presented its new range of 3D TVs. 3D Max range presents high quality TV and stereo system with 3D active glasses, it's about high-end televisions and much more expensive. In this range you will find the Smart LED Ambilight 8000 and 9000, and the spectacular Cinema 21:9 Platinum, one of the most successful of Philips, all members of an issuer to connect goggles Active 3D without limits.

Classmate + Lenovo is the new portable classrooms

Intel and Lenovo have worked together to develop the new Lenovo Classmate +. Remember the first version? Then the team presented today is a small development on the former, manufactured and distributed under the firm Lenovo. Lenovo Classmate + is a very basic laptop, it is intended to be used for educational purposes throughout the world.

Will have a 10.1-inch screen with an Intel Atom, Ethernet, WiFi, 250 GB hard drive (SSD optional), 1.3 megapixel camera and several USB flash card readers. As we say, something very simple to use in classrooms and kids are learning what is a computer and its purpose. Windows 7 will be circulated.

iPhone 5, back to the future? Web design assumptions

ROME - It is not yet appeared on the market iPad 2, which is already starting to talk about iPhone 5. In reality the time is right, Apple traditionally introduces new models of the iPhone by around June-July. And to make it more interesting speculation comes news from China, where Apple makes its devices specially designed accessories and other companies, so you need to know details of the new models before the exit.

Samsung Galaxy Pro: Free or Vodafone in spring

I advanced it to virtually complete in both images as specifications on Monday, but today comes the official information from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Pro is available in our country as a full terminal methods of data input and control, thanks to its QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. Samsung expects that appeals to customers who require a professional and social use one phone, either for the full BlackBerry-style control, for the choice of operating system Android.

Internet Browser: How good are the new Web browsers

The competition of the browser vendors Microsoft, Google and Mozilla is entering the next round - and this time win over the users: the new versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all have become faster and safer. The most important changes. They are faster, safer, and they look better than its predecessor: nearly the same time bring new versions of its leading web browser on the market - and there are three good Reasons to upgrade to one of the new. Last pre-release versions, so-called release candidates, there are both now available for download.

Philips has expanded its offers 3D glasses with passive systems and new tricks

Part of the new launches presented yesterday by Philips revolve around 3D. The Netherlands has decided to bet heavily on this technology or at least match the stake of brands such as LG which are circulated 3D simpler systems which do not have to let the payroll to buy four pairs of glasses. With this in mind, the 2011 range of televisions compatible with Philips 3D is separated into two large families.

Forbes: New Web billionaires

Forbes magazine published Wednesday, March 9, its new ranking of billionaires in Tech News Buzz. Like last year, leaders of new technologies and telecommunications are very well placed in this list listing more than 1,200 names. Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom tycoon, is ahead, with a fortune estimated at $ 74 billion.

He beats Bill Gates, Microsoft founder (56 billion dollars). Steve Ballmer, current CEO of Microsoft, for its part is 46th, with a fortune of 14.5 billion dollars, when Steve Jobs is 110th with 8.3 billion. With a fortune estimated at $ 39.5 billion, Larry Ellison, Oracle founder of the company, which specializes in databases, also ranks among the richest men in the world.

Philips SoundHub 9000, a Blu-Ray with 2.1 speakers to improve the TV sound

Among the new Philips introduced yesterday, he cast an eye on this Philips SoundHub 9000. Under its stylish appearance hides a Blu-Ray player and multimedia player with USB and Wi-Fi. The SoundHub 9000 also integrates new online content platform of Philips Smart TV, which we shall discuss shortly. Apart from the remote control device controls are hidden under the translucent plastic cover.

On one side, Apple fans will find a retractable dock for charging your iPod or iPhone and access all the music or videos stored on the device. The SoundHub Philips 9000 is not low price. Released in May this year at an estimated price of 799 euros. The good news is that the player does not come alone.

New Firmware 3.60 for PS3

Sony has released a new firmware at version 3.60 for its PlayStation 3 console, totally abandons once the firmware makes changes that should make the console more secure and the support to back up saved games online. Bakup The service is only available for users to PlayStatio Plus, the paid service, which allows up to 1000 to save a total of 150GB of space on a server cloud, what's interesting is that these backups can be used by 'user on the PS3 also provided several of connecting with your own account.

If HP would sell its notebook division, Samsung would be happy to buy it

It is rumored that the largest notebook manufacturer in the market, Hewlett-Packard is considering selling the division to another company with the ability to assimilate the business, and it seems that Korean Samsung would be more interested in taking it. The information coming from different sources Taiwanese returning to bring out a rumor that began circulating in the last quarter of 2010, but the movement was slow for reasons not known.

Fear of pop "the bubble of the tablets"

Some analysts began talking about the "bubble of the tablets" and the worst is that they fear that burst this year. According to JP Morgan, in 2011 there are plans to produce 81 million tablets of all the vendors. While considering that a maximum of about 47.9 million will be sold, if expectations are lowered production by 20%, the result is that there will be an oversupply of 36%.

The second part of the predictions are focused on who will be hardest hit by the fever-producing tablets. It seems that Apple, the advantages of being a pioneer, not the victim. In this market of more than 47 million tablets, Apple will retain 61% this year which leaves a sale of 18 million tablets for the rest of the manufacturers.

China a victim of cyber-attacks regular

The Chinese government sites are also victims of massive cyber attacks. According to a study by the National ComputerNetwork EmergencyResponse Technical Team / Coordination Center, linked to the Ministry of Industry and Digital China, more than 4,600 government websites have been infiltrated by hackers in the year 2010, an increase of 68 % compared to 2009.

"Internet security is a problem every day more and more important," it said in the report cited by Bloomberg, who says that intrusions into computer systems of Chinese companies, including those related to finance, the energy and high technologies, will increase. The report calls for better prevention and protection against cyber-attacks on the model of Europe, U.S.

'Shogun 2' recreated medieval Japan

The sixteenth-century Japanese samurai comes to life in the last bet the studio The Creative Assembly, who returns to his roots with Total War. Shogun 2. This turn-based strategy game tactics and battle in real time 3D takes the player to the Japanese Middle Ages, when feudal lords vying for control of the country and struggled to become shogun, administrative and political leader who ruled de facto on behalf of Emperor.

LTE, on the auction is likely to be 2.4 billion mobile broadband for super

COULD skip the auction frequencies on which the government expects to get 2.4 billion euro. And 'bad news not only for public finances - that money was already put into account as a cover for the current Law of stability - but also for the future of mobile broadband. The frequencies for which there should be an auction announced by the Ministry of Economic Development, in fact, are needed to give more resources to wireless networks.

Philips Soundsphere Fidelio, great speakers compatible with Apple's AirPlay

Yesterday we spent all day in Barcelona, know first hand news from Philips this year. The handful of new devices, one that has caught most attention are the speakers Philips Soundsphere Fidelio. Most places in the area remember the Philips MCi-900 Soundsphere, some curious speakers who accompanied a small breeding season we saw at the IFA 2010.

The Fidelio Soundsphere Philips technology uses the same sound dispersion at 360 degrees, but this time for any Apple device, from the iPod to the iPhone, iPad, or their computers, all thanks to Apple wireless airplay. All the Fidelio Soundsphere consists of two towering speakers rounded design and a sound simply stunning.

Cameroon prohibits the mobile version of Twitter

The micro site Twitter messages was suspended in Cameroon, the company said in a message published Tuesday, March 8. "The SMS service Twitter on MTN Cameroon has been suspended by the Cameroonian government," says the company. Earlier, the mobile operator also announced the suspension of its service, which, since the end of November, receive free "tweets" on a cell phone, and send the price SMS.

PlayStation boss favorite to take the head of Sony

The Japanese electronics giant Sony announced Thursday, March 10 the appointment of the head of its games unit, Kazuo Hirai, head of a new umbrella entity all its consumer products business, a promotion that could mark the beginning of the succession of the CEO, Howard Stringer. The latter has indeed said that Kazuo Hirai was an "obvious candidate" to take her on.

Kazuo Hirai will be responsible for a new "division of products and services to the public," which include activities in Sony television, audio and video exhibition, digital cameras, camcorders, PCs, game and "mobile products," the company said in a statement. It will thus take the direction of a huge new set, with the objective of developing a new generation of exciting products, "said Sony.

All indications are that the iPhone 5 bet on the dual-core chip A5

We will not discover anything new to think the iPad 2 processor will be used for new Apple devices. I think it is a totally logical: the design and development of the A4 Chip Apple is being good value for money since it emerged in iPad, and later do on the iPhone 4, 4G iPod Touch, and later the Apple TV.

With the arrival of the latest Apple operating system for mobile devices, IOS 4.3, get some evidence to give strength to the hypothesis of dual core next Apple phone. We have to go to the latest development tools for IOS 4.3, where the developer community is identifying relationships between the processor released in the iPad 2 and the new iPhone.

Saved games from your PS3, now in the cloud if you Plus

Hallelujah! Welcome to the s. XXI, Sony! It was time. Sony has announced that the PlayStation 3 game saves can be stored in the cloud, Sony's servers. Years of waiting and rumors for a much needed improvement as logic in the days when 'The Cloud' lives in the doorway opposite to our house and it's something as ordinary as going down to buy bread and drink a vermouth.

Of course, no novelty cheer before details. As it was expected that improvement can only be used by members of PlayStation Plus, which will have to check out. There are also certain restrictions like a maximum-sized (up to 150 MB) and number of files (up 1,000), but figures seem high enough for the vast majority of users do not encounter difficulties in this regard.

Wii 2 returns to the spotlight with new rumors of his arrival at E3

And this year appears to be strong enough to say that the E3 2011 event may be the Wii 2. What are the characteristics? Not a word. It will be the logical successor to the Wii first, the great console that brought to market a new understanding of home video games. The reason for the new buzz is the increasing lack of developers involved, showing a departure from the Nintendo platform.

It seems clear that a platform is no longer as attractive as it was in its infancy, and needs a renovation. A renewal in the style of games? I think not, because this is precisely one of the most important aspects of the blanquita like Nintendo and differentiator over the competition. From my point of view there is a mandatory thing: the graphics improvement and maintenance of the theme of the games.

AMD E-450 and E-300 with Turbo CORE

AMD seems ready to present during the summer two new APU, E-450 and E-300, based on the CORE project Zacate and Turbo, which will replace the existing APU in the same series E-240 and E-350. The new E-300 APU will have a frequency of 1.3 GHz, with integrated GPU (HD 6310) with 80 stream and core frequency of 488 MHz, support for DDR3-1066 MHz, 1 MB cache and a TDP of 18 watts while the APU E-450 with a frequency of 1.65 GHz GPU (HD 6320) always has 80 stream core, but with frequencies above 508/600 MHz memory support DDR3-1333 MHz, 1 MB cache and a TDP of 18 watts.