Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why are enthusiastic about social media

This morning I answered the questions of a student who is completing a dissertation. One in particular struck me. "Television is often accused of 'lock up' people at home, turning people into spectators rather than active citizenship, the same criticism now beginning to be directed towards social networks accused of being tools that encourage young people to communicate through a filter and downplaying the importance of personal contact.

Intel presents its new SSD

Intel has introduced its new range of Solid State Drives (SSD) that show a slight but not surprising improvement over previous versions, this is the new Intel SSD 510 Series. The Intel SSD 510 Series improve some aspects, such as move from 50 nanometers to 34, far distant from the 25 nm has been rumored to over 2010 but still presents a significant improvement.

At the moment Intel SSD 510 Series line will have two models, one 120 GB and a 250 GB that reach write speeds of 500 and 315 MB / s. Obviously, all models feature 6 Gbps SATA technology, known as SATA III. These new SSDs come to market with a considerable but not unreasonable cost of $ 584 for 250 GB and $ 284 for 120 GB.

Nicole Guedj calls for an extension of the "abduction alert" to Facebook

According to Nicole Guedj, former Minister at the initiative of the UMP plan "Abduction Alert", "a partnership with Facebook would be useful. We must use all the new technology to block to the kidnappers. They know that between the media classics, the Net or the phone, millions of people will be notified of the kidnapping.

a reality that could discourage the act, "she said in a statement released Tuesday 1st March. Established in France in 2006, the plan "Abduction Alert" through the rapid dissemination throughout the country, information about the abduction to locate the child as quickly as possible. He was fired nine times and "has proven its effectiveness," according to the Ministry of Justice.

Samsung introduces its new TV range

The technology product development company Samsung has unveiled its new TV range Samsung Smart smart. As technology advances the classic devices are forced to incorporate the new systems to survive in the advancement of computer technology, such is the case of televisions. This is something that Samsung is aware and that is why the new Samsung Smart allow us to surf the Web, viewing streaming video, rent content online, and share videos directly through social networks.

ASUS ET2700 is an all in one that promises

CeBIT often has a strong component of developments in the field of computers. And this 2011 edition was not going to be less. ASUS is showing in Germany its new all in one fetish, ET2700 model whose design has delighted us since we've seen for the first time. However, both the base and the bottom of the screen in aluminum can not ignore that reminds us of the iMac.

Are not of those who believe that Apple has invented designs but in this case jumps pretty sight. About ASUS ET2700 we can only say (not yet produced the official) is a desktop computer in one 27-inch screen is also turned. If we approach it enough we can handle the menus with your fingers.

German Internet users sift through the academic work of elected

"We regret that Mr. Guttenberg has not, during the announcement of his resignation, clearly recognized to have committed plagiarism intentionally." The resignation of the German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, who was accused of plagiarism massive his doctoral thesis, has not been entirely satisfactory to the members of GuttenPlag Wiki, the collaborative website that brought down the minister.

Other accessory for Mac

Apple is one of the technology companies that are creating more space for additional accessories manufacturers is a fact, proof of which is the amount of "junk" coming on the market for devices in Mac Magic Wand is another such, it is a small accessory that allows us to unify our Mac and our Magic Keyboard Trackpad on one device without increasing the thickness of this or modify the comfort of any of them.

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Intel Introduces New Intel SSD 510 Series, considerably better but not amazing

Intel is not far behind and has submitted the new Intel SSD 510 Series, its new solid state drives high performance. Offer significant improvement over previous models, while still keeping the process on 34-nanometer manufacturing despite rumors continued progress towards the 25. For now there are two models of Intel SSD 510, with capacities of 250 and 120 GB reaching the extraordinary figure of 500 and 315 MB / s reading and writing, respectively.

Bing: Microsoft arises when "alternative"

Forgotten, the overwhelming dominance of Microsoft operating systems for personal computers. Also forgotten figures of Internet Explorer, Xbox Live or Office suite: for the official launch of its search engine in France Bing, Microsoft arises primarily as "alternative" for advertisers and for users .

Alternative to what? At Google, of course, even if during a press conference half past one the leaders of Microsoft France have been very careful never to name the company that more and more of a main competitor in several sectors. Usable only in test version in France until today, Bing did indeed figure of Tom Thumb in France, with just over 3% market share.

Sony tunes in your headphones

Sony has presented today a new set of headphones that cover almost the entire catalog of the firm, from a model to study until we use daily in the metro. In all of these innovations have focused on them more comfortable and improve the sound with any type of music. The flagship model that belongs to the professional range of study is the Sony MDR-Z1000.

These headphones use a new diaphragm LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) has been used to exploit its lightness and toughness in reducing the resonance of the headphones and improve the naturalness and clarity. As we advance, the ease of use is something that has been intensively searched for in the new headphones.

Asian bazaar at the fair

In addition to the large industry, CeBIT is no room for small manufacturers wanting to reach agreements and make contacts. Calling card regardless of who actually sits at his room to look at products. Its strength is that they have created an area in Hall 17 as loud as striking. Some halls have the flag of China, others just a gold badge to indicate that part of the Asian region.

Among the endless supply of equipment, some of dubious finish highlights some of its originality. Topband, for example, manufactures solar cells to recharge the iPhone. Of different sizes and capacities. The most modern are also compatible with iPad. Aoniken proposed headset, ideal for online gaming or video but with different motives, some in pastel shades that are not currently in the Western market with ease.

Baidu and The Pirate Bay, counterfeiting hubs by Washington

The Chinese search engine Baidu and the Swedish site The Pirate Bay have been cited, Monday, February 28, by U.S. authorities among the major hubs of counterfeit and pirated goods. "The United States calls on authorities to identify ways to implement to combat piracy and counterfeiting in these markets and on other, similar," says the report.

According to the Office of U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), these two websites, among others, and a score of commercial districts such as the Silk Market in Beijing and Bangkok Pantip market, are notorious centers of sale copied or pirated goods, whether computer programs or industrial products or television programs on the sport.

Sony continues to improve its sensing backlit

Sony has introduced into society the newest member of its range of photo sensors Exmor R. Improvements in resolution, size and noise reduction are accompanied by a need to lower consumption. The new Sony sensor type is backlit and offers images with maximum resolution of 12 megapixels. In addition, the sensor has a pixel size of 1.55 microns on the diagonal of 7.8 mm.

Besides being a backlit model, the operating speed is one of its strengths. The new sensor can take pictures at a rate of 42 per second. As told in Tech News Buzzfoto, natural place is in the new compact cameras. The video is not abandoned in this new Sony sensor and up your bet to be able to offer full HD resolution recording at 60 fps and slow motion modes.

Blocking imports of PlayStation 3 in Europe

Tens of thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles were seized by European customs in the Netherlands last week, reports the Guardian, Monday, February 28. This is the consequence of a court battle between two electronics giants, Sony's Japanese and South Korean LG, accusing each other of patent violations.

In a first stage of the proceedings conducted by LG, brought before a court in The Hague, the group won a ban on new imports of Sony's console in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe for at least ten days. For several weeks, both groups are waging a fierce battle in the courts. In early February, LG has initiated proceedings before the International Trade Commission to ban the sale of PlayStation 3 in the United States.

Cebit SUPA Innovation: A Life Less wirelessly

Soon power comes not from the socket. Instead, monitors, notebooks and tablets in the future powered by energy from the desk top and connected as if by magic to the Internet. At the CeBIT show business, is to go like that. The laptop on the table - and as if by magic, power and data flow from the disk to the computer, without wires.

This is one of the visions that are from the world's biggest IT fair CeBIT today to experts and interested lay people will be impressed. According to "plug and play" to "park and play" come. It shall in any event, the researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS) before.

Panasonic abandons its portable console project

We looked like a scarecrow and Panasonic has given us the reason. Your adventure into the world of portable consoles and over, and it practically had not begun. Must now think of time and resources used to achieve this. Another gadget to add to the ghost story. The Jungle Panasonic based on the idea of bringing the computer game to a more portable device, but with all the theoretical power of their control, QWERTY keyboard, touchpad and even more classic controls of the handheld pure.

2 Crysis demo available for PC

Crytek has released the promised demo for Crysis 2 for PC, as we have said (2 Crysis PC demo will arrive on March 1) and is trying the game on two maps "Skyline" and "Pier 17" and two modes Team Instant Action "and" Crash Site ". For Xbox 360 users should be an update of the first demo that was downloaded 1.7 million vlte well, while the PS3 demo is planned in a few days.

In the final version of the multiplayer mode Crysis 2 will include so-called 6 game modes: Instant Action, Team Instant Action, Crash Site, Capture the Relay, Extraction and Assault, set in 12 maps that reconstruct New York.

The computacin in the cloud, star theme CeBIT

As SIMO, CeBIT in Hanover was born in 1970 as a showroom of the latest technology designed for the office. Its name means the Center for Information Technology and the Office. Gradually evolved into consumer devices. Thus, from Wednesday to Saturday the doors will be open also for individuals interested in the latest technology.

The hot topic this year is cloud computing, computing in the cloud in Spanish, or "cloud" to dry and is often referred to documents housed on the Web for quick access without having to be the computer. Although the consumer has the feeling of change ... several years using it, probably unconsciously, to save your images in Flickr, or see mail from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Julian Assange made his name a trademark

Motorola: a portable accessory for your Smartphones more powerful 7-inch tablet

We all left a bit out of place to know the intentions of Motorola with its more powerful terminal, the Motorola Atrix 4G, the idea of providing an accessory keyboard and screen is the less original, but we attacked the question of actual capability and the power of the apparatus to carry out conditions.

The first points of contact at fairs have been very positive, dual-core phone manages very well what Motorola has decided to baptize as "Webtop app", a system that extends the capabilities of the phone until a laptop: It seems that the idea loved it internally, and the Americans want to replicate the attachment to other high-end Android phones that have held, and even some who are already presented as the Bionic Droid.

New iPad 2, your changes will not excite

After 2500 we have given answers to our question yesterday about the iPad 2, it remains unclear whether it is worth the change that Apple seems to propose us tomorrow with his new iPad 2. Rarely has a survey that we made with you has been so matched, although the option to wait or go around it most, with 28% who bet on the future expect to launch iPad 3 (which could be called iPad HD) and 24 % who have no interest in the new iPad 2 because its bid is for the tablets with Android.

40,000 users affected by an outage of Gmail

Approximately 0.02% of the users of Gmail e-mail service suffered a technical problem between Sunday and Monday, reports Google, Monday, February 28. The failure has led users to lose at least for certain messages. During the repairs, they were also unable to log into their Gmail account. According to figures circulating generally using Gmail (about 200 million subscribers), this would represent a quarantine of thousands of accounts.

European customs were ordered to confiscate the PlayStation 3

The civil court in The Hague has ordered the freezing of EU imports of the Sony PlayStation 3 for 10 days, according to The Guardian. This is a decision made at the request of the company LG has denounced the Japanese company for infringement of eight patents. One of the patents affect Blu-ray readers, which is equipped with the aforementioned console.

Customs have been ordered to block the entry of new consoles. According to the daily, weekly Sony Europe matter to one hundred thousand units. The court has not made a final decision about whether Sony infringe the rights of LG, this is a precautionary measure. It so happens that Sony has opened another lawsuit against LG for infringement of seven patents.

The ASUS Eee Memo Pad is uncovered before CeBIT

Memo Pad The ASUS Eee has also been naked just hours before the German CeBIT opens. This 7-inch tablet was unveiled in a timid in Las Vegas as a cross between tablet and digital pad, but we already have full details of its upcoming launch. It has finally confirmed that the ASUS Eee MeMo Pad Android hit the market with 3.0 in its bowels, accompanied by a Snapdragon processor dual core 1.2 Ghz (surprise) and internal memory of up to 64 GB.

Microsoft and Ford Sync announce the arrival of Europe

Ford will report on the day today that its Sync technology is on its way to Europe and to talk about it I have no better proposal that special Daniel Seijo prepared for us last January, with information directly from Detroit. At week's CEBIT, especially during the day, Ford's top leaders made a presentation of the strategy that the automobile company has about Sync, the name under which Ford has named a number of networking technologies in vehicle.

Start dancing in the TDT: "retunes" your TV or digital TV tuner

If this morning when you woke up and at breakfast looking at your TV the channel Veo7, Intereconomía, AXN or GolTV (perhaps Teledeporte), and you have not found, quiet, you do not surf during the week. What happens is that the changes meant that the government has made before 2015 to release some of the frequencies to give to mobile telephony and Internet access with them, have already begun.

Galaxy Tab Samsung with 8.9-inch Honeycomb, will be presented on March 22

Last week I overtook him, a new tablet by Samsung was on the way, arrives to join the relatively new Galaxy family of devices Tab, and bets by 8.9 inches. Finishing the day we met with the news confirmed by Samsung itself, it has in the social network Facebook, while inviting us to the next March 22 to hear the device.

The presentation of the device is part of the series of events Unpacked that the Korean company wants to carry out to show the main gadgets that have prepared for 2011, when we first met in this way the Samsung S Galaxy and Galaxy II Tab 10.1. In the image presentation of the event also is the city of Orlando, Florida, and taking into account the time, seems to have been timed to coincide with the CTIA show, organized by the telecommunications industry in the United States.