Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new Chrome speed up downloading of pages viewed from Google

The new version of the Google browser, Chrome, is to accelerate the download page for viewing from the list of search results from Google. The tool is called Instant Pages, already being tested. The method is based on Chrome download the first search engine listing pages so that when Internet users click to see one of them, the browser will already have it and serve it faster.

Google has developed a video that compares different maneuvers search and consultation with the traditional system and from the new Chrome. The difference in downloading pages from each other ranging from 7.2 seconds to 3.8. It is possible that Google relies on the +1 button and browsing history to refine these downloads preventive.

Skype restores his iPad application

Within hours, Skype has launched its iPhone application, has retired and has again proposed. Skype had released its iPhone application for IP telephony service. However, a few hours left. In a statement from Twitter, the company said that to ensure a better experience, "we have temporarily removed Skype for iPhone that had been published prematurely." In a second text, Skype apologized for the inconvenience.

Blackberry don't want to lose camber

RIM, the maker of Blackberry, has introduced three new phones and a new operating system. 67 million users worldwide and 48 million messages per second in its instant messaging system, one of its most addictive, RIM, the maker of the Blackberry faces the challenge of maintaining its market share against its competitors.

In Spain, for example, are second in sales of smartphones, behind Samsung, and ahead of Nokia and HTC. Despite these figures, RIM last week dispensed with the services of 2,000 employees. Patrick Spence, managing director of global sales of the company, defined as the most important release since birth.

Cell phone hackers: Android phone trojan records

Smartphones also can catch viruses: A new malicious program for Android phones stores in addition to telephone calls associated data. Just a typo that prevents users can be spied on. Cologne - A new Trojan attracted the attention not only of IT security experts. The malware, potentially affects everyone who leads with an Android phone calls.

As Dinesh Venkatesan, an employee of the security company, Total Defense, announced in a blog post, the Trojan is activated by the start of a call and then records the audio file of the call and related information as a text file on the SD card of the phone on. The next time you call the malicious program tries to "phone home" and send the recorded data to a remote server.

"Hacker against UN and governments" Suspicions about China

The computer security company McAfee has announced that it has discovered the largest series of attacks in history, in violation of the database of 72 subjects. Among the victims were United Nations, the governments of the United States, Canada, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Taiwan, the International Olympic Committee, the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian States), World Anti-Doping nl'Agenzia, umber of companies and hi-tech defense industries.

UK allows private copying of works protected by copyright

The United States changed its policy against infringements of intellectual property. From the outset, admit the legality of the lawful owner of a work can make a private copy of it for personal use. The regulations specifically clarify that private copies can not be shared. Moreover, the Government withdraws draft a law that imposes blocking sites considered copyright infringers.

This is not supposed to stop persecuting them. British regulations also introduce a warning system to detect Internet users who break the law by downloading copy protected commercially.