Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skype restores his iPad application

Within hours, Skype has launched its iPhone application, has retired and has again proposed. Skype had released its iPhone application for IP telephony service. However, a few hours left. In a statement from Twitter, the company said that to ensure a better experience, "we have temporarily removed Skype for iPhone that had been published prematurely." In a second text, Skype apologized for the inconvenience.

The launch of the application is expected by June this year, after learning of a promotional video which was also withdrawn suddenly. But again, within hours was back alive and available for download. The application allows, through wifi or 3G connection contact by voice or video call to other Skype users on mobile phones or computers.

Last month, Facebook announced the addition of video calling service Skype. Google + services as well as video calls. Skype technology enables video calling Facebook from person to person, and not groups, although it is possible that in future this possible. Microsoft bought Skype in May this year for $ 8,5billion.

Skype has 600 million registered users, 124 million active customers per month, although only 10% down payment. On several occasions, operators have been blamed for alleged Internet traffic penalty of Skype, a service between free or very cheap.

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