Monday, June 6, 2011

Motorola is already on sale XPRT

It was about time to come but as of today all lovers of Motorola in the United States may be made of XPRT. The phone design is very similar to BlackBerry is now available in North America through the telephone operator Verizon. The most interesting of this new phone is that it is a global design, is also working in the United States has support for GSM and 3G networks, and therefore may be marketed in Europe and Asia as well.

"Huawei launches Android smartphone?

Android has become the most widely used mobile platform in the world, surpassing the large and BlackBerry OS or iOS, so it is not uncommon that Huawei is considering its use. According to the latest rumors Huawei was planning to develop a new smartphone with Android. The phone will be manufactured in China and will have very good technology, worthy of the top brands.

Among the existing data is presumed that the gadget will Android 2.3 as operating system with a custom interface for Huawei. It will also have a 3.7 inch touch screen and a design very similar to HTC Desire. So far we have to settle for this but will keep you informed.

Turn your iPhone into a real camera

Gadgets accessories have gained little by little his own category in the world of technology. No wonder that makes us surprised with additional, more striking, though not all are useful many are worth mentioning. Such is the case of Red Pop, an accessory for lovers of photography and of course the iPhone.

The iPhone's camera is certainly one of the features that has given off the line. Many, especially young people "addicted" to social networking, make heavy use of this accessory. The new Red Pop is precisely an accessory designed for such people. Pop is an additional network that complements our analog phone with a trigger for our camera.

Apple Unveils New Macs and IOS are on the "Cloud"

SAN FRANCISCO - Starts with "I Feel Good" James Brown of the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2011, and announces the arrival of Steve Jobs on stage at the Moscone Center. A song that perhaps serves to highlight the physical fitness of a number of Apple, which now features new software products relevant to all apple devices from your Mac to IOS.

Jobs is thin, but not much entry at WWDC 5200 attendees heard in silence. The news that Jobs has in Serbia for this event are of less substance and image, but revolutionize the heart of Apple products. OS X Lion. Craig Federighi, responsible for developing Mac OS reaches Jobs on stage. And now we celebrate ten years of Mac OS X, the operating system for Apple computers, the opponent that even if Windows did not meet the same spread, gain market share each year.

Tomb Raider: this is the first theatrical trailer

Square Enix by developer Crystal Dynamics has released the first theatrical trailer for the new chapter Tomb Raider, the opening of the E3. The video shows a dark and introspective atmosphere, we can only appreciate in the fall of 2012. The new chapter will have many new features, not only in terms of graphics, but also with regard to game play.

Anonymous attacks several Arab countries

Anonymous did not have enough with Iran. He has attacked the websites of the governments of Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Bahrain and has found hundreds of e-codes as a way to support revolutions live in Arab countries. Its operation is called Revolution.

OpenOffice assigned to the Apache Software Foundation

After the breach has arisen between the developers of OpenOffice and Oracle, we have witnessed the birth of LibreOffice, created by developers who have abandoned the development of his older brother and have created The Document Foundation. Now Oracle through a press release said that the OpenOffice project will be transferred to the Apache Software Foundation.

The announcement follows that of a few weeks ago, where in a statement announcing that Oracle OpenOffice. org should be transferred to a reality not only focused on the commercial aspect, but not in the future will be inhibited in private the possibility of cooperation, respecting the conditions laid down by licensing.

Brongniart Palace will host a school devoted to the Internet

The first cohort of the European School of Trades Internet (EEMI) will make his return in September 2011 at Palais Brongniart in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. It is in this symbolic place that the proposed new school was unveiled Monday, June 6, by its three founders: Jacques-Antoine Granjon, CEO of private-Sale.

com, Xavier Niel, head of Free (and an individual shareholder of the World) and Marc Simoncini, Meetic founder. "Each of us had this idea to the back of the head. Without really talking about it. For starting a school is not easy, it's not our job," says Mr. Granjon. Finally, a meeting with Alain Malvoisin, director of Fides, a private school in Paris, will be the catalyst for this initiative.

Virgin Mobile signed an agreement to use the SFR network

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Virgin Mobile has signed a contract to connect its equipment on the SFR network. This agreement will allow him to become a fully unbundled operator, announced its CEO, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, Monday, June 6, in an interview with daily Les Echos. The operation aims to better equip Virgin Mobile, the leading French MVNO with nearly 2 million customers and the number four mobile operators behind the three classic (Orange, SFR and Telecom Bouygyes) before the arrival of Free (Illiad) on the market.

Deezer limit the free play

The online music site Deezer will be limited to five hours a month listening to music, the group announced, Monday, June 6 With this system, Deezer, which claims 1.2 million subscribers to its offer premium pay, wants to "accelerate the conversion of most active users towards premium offerings. An important development as the site has built its reputation by offering its free, ad-supported.

The music site, which signed a partnership in August 2010, with the operator Orange also announced the launch of a new site using the HTML 5, a new Web standard, and focusing on integration of social networks such as Facebook . SPOTIFY LIMIT ALSO OFFER FREE This is not the first time a music site streaming (streaming) restricts the free offer for surfers.

Sony victim of a new computer intrusion

The Japanese electronics giant Sony has reported, Monday, June 6, an illegal intrusion on the site of its European subsidiary. "It is true that an illegal access took place on the European site," said a spokeswoman Mami Imada, but all information is made public, "she said. Sony Europe, headquartered based in London, was spotted Saturday morning attack targeted the personal information of certified trainers of the company for professional broadcast equipment.

Attack on Server: Hackers attack Nintendo

First Sony, now Nintendo: The Japanese game console manufacturer has been attacked online. Hacker took from a server of the U.S. division of the company. Personal data are not lost, tells the group. But what was the target of the attack?

First it was revealed that the attacker could gain access to the data of one hundred million members of the Playstation network - including names, addresses and email addresses. Then the group had to admit that out of the hack, Sony Online Entertainment was affected - and a database of credit card data.