Friday, February 25, 2011

A processor "flexible"

Technology increasingly surprising in a world of constant progress and innovation, this time is the turn of IMEC researchers have presented a flexible processor made with organic semiconductors. It is a microprocessor developed from plastic substrate and pentacene, an organic semiconductor, circuit also has gold, as expected.

While the new device still does not reach anywhere near the performance of current processors, this is a really striking breakthrough, this could be the solution for flexible devices taking into account the existing flexible displays. This chip achieves a performance of six instructions per second with a logical system of 8 bits, resulting from its 4000 transistors, yet it is still surprising and can be used in devices with low computing load.

Google changes its algorithm to fight non original content sites

Google wants "a web ecosystem healthy" and to this end has announced that it has introduced a change in the algorithms that govern their search spiders will penalize sites that will feed content to copied or used strategies to position themselves in the top of the search results list without the support site with their own content.

The change, which so far is introduced in the U.S., aims to address the so-called "farm content" platform will add that content is limited to parasitize others. According to the note from Google, is to encourage the sites' high quality. " The impact of this will represent a change from 11.8% in the hierarchy of results.

Huawei denounced a discriminatory campaign to stop it in the U.S.

The Chinese company Huawei has broken his silence about what he considers a discriminatory campaign to prevent the development of its business in the United States. In a very hard language, no common forms often use the Chinese companies, Ken Hu, vice president of the firm and head of the U.S. subsidiary, has written an open letter to the Government of Obama in denouncing a brainwashing campaign against company and ask to open a formal investigation to remove all those prejudices and show that Huawei, third largest maker of telecommunications equipment and networks in the world, is simply a multinational rather than defend its commercial interests.

Google touches up the results to reward high-quality sites

Have you ever felt like giving a car when you are in Dallas or marry a member of the National Guard American? If the answer is yes, now you may find it difficult to search for information on how to do it. Google announced yesterday that it changed the formula by which ranks the search results. The aim is to reward the sites that publish original and high quality information and punish those who fill the surface web content, unnecessary or copied only to climb the search locations.

Technology - Towards a "precarious from the top" of the computer?

They have done extensive studies have executive status, and work in a buoyant sector. Yet, IT services company working for (service company specializing in computer engineering) are at the forefront of a "precarious from above" that threatens to spread, says journalist Nicolas Sene engaged in a book to them spent, "Behind the screen of the social revolution." The term "services company" includes most service companies in informatics.

Julian Assange: freedom and duty to inform

Strange turn of events: Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, an apostle of transparency, the man who shook the Western diplomacy by a massive flight of State Department telegrams which the shock wave is still felt in Tech News Buzz Arab-Muslim political risk a trial for a sex scandal. The nightmare scenario envisioned by its advocates is, in fact, that the decision of British justice, Thursday, February 24, extradite Mr Assange to Sweden, where he was charged with sexual assault, eventually result in a second time, his extradition to the United States.

The smartphone as a Pos and 'Revolution of the "Square"

A system to allow anyone - from the piano teacher plumber - to accept payments by credit card, using a smartphone terminal. And 'This is the gimmick Square, start-up based in San Francisco at the end of 2009 created by Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, along with Evan Williams and Biz Stone. The technology is so easy to leave open-mouthed: just attach a small square in the audio jack of an Apple (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) or Android.

Fear of revolutionary spirit: China also blocks business network LinkedIn

In China, the fear of the party leadership before the revolutionary spirit of the Arab world is obviously great. According to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites now the business platform has been locked LinkedIn - for fear of the search term "Jasmine Revolution". Beijing - At LinkedIn we usually talk about business: the network is a business platform, a place where you gather new and old business contacts, making connections, discussing professional issues.

MSI will market two tablets in Windows 7 and a Honeycomb June 1

In each show we spend on technology in 2010, MSI had things to say about tablets, but as other manufacturers did not get anything done to the market, and that its offer Android goes beyond how we'll tell you below. The Taiwanese manufacturer said in yesterday finally are three 10.1-inch tablets that will appear this year 2011 and will be presented on June 1, all under the name WindPad.

Two of them have operating system Windows 7 and a dare with Honeycomb Android version that manufacturers were waiting as rain in May to launch their tablets. For not far from the path laid out by competition, and like Google, the Android will have tablet inside a chipset Nvidia Tegra 2, and what is more interesting, want to come up with a very competitive price: $ 400.

The contours of the future National Council of Digital unveiled

Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to improve dialogue between Tech News Buzz policy and new technology sector, the National Council of the digital future (CNN) is the subject of a report submitted to the government Friday, February 25. "This council will be consulted on all draft laws and regulations and the government action in the areas of information society", said Industry Minister Eric Besson.

"We expect an order of appointment of its members in the next two or three weeks in March," he also said the report's author, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, co-founder of the commercial site Priceminister. com, and appointed by the Government to consult on its implementation. "The big problem is: what will the cast, so what is their legitimacy, which is an essential condition for the council to be effective?" He said, arguing its side so that these members are elected.

Google opens a recipe finder

Google has launched a search engine for recipes. For now, Recipe View, so called, is active in the U.S. versions of the browser and Japan but according to the blog that explains his birth will be extended to other countries. View Recipe presents search results with stars. The surfer can choose multiple search criteria from ingredients to recipes signed by great chefs.

On the left side of the screen, a column can refine your search by cooking time, mix ingredients or calories. Explains the blog, to provide search engine spiders this specialized task, sites dedicated to providing recipes must integrate a code with labels for easy searching. This code is used both to Recipe Finder View to the general.

Lacie started first with Thunderbolt, "exclusive" Apple one year

After presenting his new Apple Macbook Pro, Intel unveiled details of its technology Thunderbolt, which you know all the secrets with our in depth yesterday. Of the new Intel said we should stay with three details. As expected, it is possible to buy an adapter to use such as a USB 3.0 port Thunderbolt.

That means that until the technology is being added to new computers, Apple will have almost a year of "exclusive" on their laptops. Finally, the integration of this connector on the MiniDisplay port used by Apple will cause the same to be adopted by more brands, and give him a push that until now had been almost nothing beyond the Cupertino company.

Fight against spam result: Google wants to become better

Google wants its search results in future provide more quality, has changed his technique this to happen. The goal is to filter out some useful search results automatically. Even though little of it is visible. Google sets up a fight: With a relatively large change in its search and evaluation algorithms, the search engine company in the night to Thursday so called content Farms declared war.

The MacBook Pro features a new technology from Intel connection

Intel has developed a new high-speed connection for computers that allows us to combine high-speed transfer of data and high-definition graphics on a single cable. With a capacity of 10 Gbps, Thunderbolt technology can transfer a high definition film in less than 30 seconds. This solution comes to market with new range of Apple laptops, the MacBook Pro According to technical data, Thunderbolt allows a transfer rate twice that of USB 3.0.

Sony could put the camera to the iPhone 5

Become a supplier of components for Apple computers, as well as advantages, disadvantages as bring stress. This is what must be happening in Omnivision, whose sensor for the next phone and maybe Apple iPad looks like it might not arrive on time. And that does not run, fly, Sony is already on the lookout to be the ones who put the photo to the next iPhone touch 5.

This change of brand for at least the first devices that have to come to market will not change in the number of megapixels in the camera the next iPhone 5, since both of Omnivision envisioned as possible replacement for Sony will be 8 megapixels, and both have backlight system. Finally being true this rumor pointed to by many analysts, Sony colarĂ­a another phone technology with enough photographic aspirations and would put his head in recognition using their own terminals 2011.

The Blusens Web TV receives and makes improvements to the application site

Blusens seems confident enough in his team has launched Web TV and a good way to update firmware (upgradeable via online directly into the computer), but more interesting is the company's commitment to facilitate the use of applications on your computer. On improvements, as well as fix bugs for stability, aspects of the interface or the reception of HD channels, the new Web TV Blusens firmware focuses on the reproduction of video content from the browser, and progressive download support for viewing videos stored on Megaupload.

Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB extension improves your home PLC network

Devolo, one of the leading brands in the world's PLC adapters, introduced in Spain for his new team to expand our home powerline network. The Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB Extender is a device that includes a USB port, and share the Internet connection through the mains, we can do the same with a hard drive or a printer connected to that port.

One advantage of this arrangement is that we do not need the computer connected to the devices to share the printer or hard disk. Just what we need to connect the dLAN 200 AV and this USB plug. With the appropriate drivers on the target computer, you can use a distance and wireless network such equipment.

Acer announces Iconia 100 TAB

The U.S. company developer of technology products Acer has officially announced the launch of its new tablet the TAB Iconia 100. The new Acer Iconia TAB 100 dazzles us with very good technical characteristics of a relatively cheap price. This is a device powered by a nVidia Tegra 2 1 GHz with 512 MB of RAM DDR 2, 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600, two cameras, 8 GB of storage and the ability to expand to 32 GB SDHC cards.

Google looks to Brazil

Google has looked in Brazil and the enormous potential to penetrate the world's fifth largest number of Internet users. In its nearly 196 million inhabitants, 36.6% (about 72 million people) have Internet access. Dennis Woodside, Google's vice president for Latin America, has confirmed that the company "wants to take the good phase of technological adaptation in which Brazil happens to grow the company." One of the priorities of Goo-gle for 2011 is to invest in Brazil, where it already employs 250 people and wants to hire as many engineers, business executives, sales and technology specialists.