Tuesday, March 22, 2011

U.S., tile on Google Books No agreement with publishers

NEW YORK - The American justice system from rejecting the agreement worth 125 million dollars between Google and publishers on copyright for the Creation of the largest digital library in the world. The agreement between Google and publishers, signed in 2005, would have allowed in Mountain View to distribute millions of books on the Internet in exchange for sharing of revenues obtained.

Judge Danny Chin in explaining its decision said that the agreement gives Google a significant advantage over its competitors. " From a universal library, but many would benefit the project "goes too far" and that Google would be to have many rights, "without the permission of copyright holders." The U.S.

Memup MediaPack presents its new range of tablets

The developer of technology products Memup has officially launched its new range of tablets Memup MediaPack that different models will truly affordable cost. New Memup MediaPack hit the market in tablet breaking the ice with three different models ranging from 7 to 10 inches. Among its features are general and practical ultra-thin design, plus the addition of Android 2.1 and 2.2.

The 7-inch display has a 16:9 ratio resistive and a storage capacity of 4 GB, the most interesting is its price will be 169 euros in Europe market. Moreover, the 8-inch model has a 4:3 resistive screen with a storage capacity of up to 8 GB and we can get for just 199 euros. The most complete of these is the 10 inches it has a resistive screen 16:9 and 8 GB of storage that can be expanded using MicroSD memory.

Benq also offers LED TVs for all

BenQ is another brand that has decided to enter fully into the kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms of small size using LED technology equipment, ensuring good design, lighter and less thick than their LCD models. The brand new TVs are the BenQ E24 and E26, with 3000:1 native contrast, 24p Cinema mode and sizes of 24 and 26 inches respectively.

Only the longest diagonal model achieves full resolution on your panel. As details will not fail the HDMI port, the sound of the hand of a system and SRS TruSurround HD USB port for playback of content directly from a memory. Since the bedroom is one of the places where this set of televisions reign, BenQ gives priority given to the functions of timer and parental lock, well identified in the menus.

U.S. justice rejects the agreement between Google and publishers

A federal judge has dismissed New York, Tuesday, March 22, the agreement reached by Google with U.S. publishers. The latter was intended to settle a dispute over the copyright in a digital library project. "I conclude that the agreement is not fair, adequate or reasonable," said Federal Judge Denny Chin in its decision.

Google, the Authors' Union and the Association of American Publishers have reached an agreement in October 2008, following lawsuits initiated in 2005 by authors and publishers against the California firm about copyright books digitized. Pursuant to the agreement, Google has pledged $ 125 million to compensate authors whose works were scanned without permission and establish a "fund of rights to the book" providing income to the authors accept that their books to be scanned .

Playbook Blackberry is already on sale in USA

As I had reported weeks ago Blackberry Playbook accounts which came to the U.S. market in the month of March as promised Blackberry did so with a price below $ 500 ... but not by much. The new Blackberry Playbook is available in the U.S. for $ 499 in its basic version, ie the Blackberry wireless Playbook 16 GB, 32 GB version will cost $ 599, while the 64 GB has a price $ 699.

All models are available Playbook Blackberry subsidized by operators AT & T, Sprint and Verizon with different types of plans. Now only remains for us to wait to know what cost will hit Europe but presumably it does not exceed EUR 500; price that places it in the same range of Apple iPad 2, as expected.

A new Xbox 2015?

The usage time of consoles becoming more widespread is making in videogame development companies can get the most revenue possible for each of the appliances, such is the case Nitendo Wii remains in force after nearly six years of existence and continue to appear daily new devices and games for it. For a similar case is the Xbox 360 since its launch in 2005 is still part of the first line of consoles with Wii and PS3, it now appears that Microsoft has decided to step forward in the world of video games .

Computers in the future: researchers invent quantum-breaker

Breakthrough on the way to the quantum computer: U.S. researchers have solved a tricky problem for the future technology. Which will enable computers that could work much faster than today's models. Of euphoria, it is still too early. Quantum computers are like the Holy Grail of computer technology. Some amazing things are attributed to them.

Complex mathematical problems they will solve much faster than previous computer, juggling with large numbers as they would encrypt kids stuff and secrets so sure that they can be brought out by any code breakers. But what is auspicious sounds is now nothing but future. For years, researchers are experimenting with the new technology, a quantum computer, they have so far still can not build.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab Tab 8.9 and 10.1 redesigned

It seems that the iPad 2 has taken its toll, and Samsung's own statements have not fallen on deaf ears, as they have redesigned 10.1-inch version will also introduce a 8.9-inch model, which we expected. The two models are especially thin (8.6 mm), and as I overtook yesterday, will have a custom Honeycomb by Samsung, dubbed TouchWiz UX (perhaps changed to TouchWiz 4.0).

The design of the 10.1-inch model has been adjusted to that presented the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, and although reports that Samsung is not the final models are pretty close to what we have on the market. We anticipate that the larger model weighs 595 grams, and little remains at 470 grams.

Nitot: "Firefox will remain the leader in customizing the browser"

Version 4 of the Firefox browser, published by the Mozilla Foundation, was published Tuesday. Interview with Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe. According to the latest data NetMarketShare, Firefox accounts for 22% global market share, against 57% for Internet Explorer and 11% for Chrome. What are your goals with Firefox 4, you just start? Mozilla is a nonprofit organization and not with a view to maximizing profits.

ITunes app on the "gay cure" Apple ends up in storm

ROME - On Change. org signatures came to more than 130 thousand: against Apple, which hardly missed a shot, this time it is triggered an outcry almost unanimous. The fault has approved an application to have "gay cure" for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, sponsored by a Christian organization, Exodus International, denounced by many activists and members as homophobic.

The app of discord, thrown free from the religious group based in Florida, proposes to "help people who want to free themselves from homosexuality." He got the OK from Apple, complete with a 4 rating, which indicates that it has not been reported from any doubt or offensive content, and then getting the ok to be hosted on iTunes.

Price iPad 2 in Spain. On sale this Friday 25 at five p.m.

The iPad 2 finally not delay their arrival to the rest of the market despite the successful launch in the U.S.. Apple has confirmed that its output for sale in Spain will take place this Friday March 25 as scheduled, from five in the afternoon. The time, which is local in each country, seems clearly determined to build momentum throughout the day.

If you like, from two o'clock the same day you make your reservation iPad 2 on the Apple website. Along with the release date, Apple has also confirmed the price in euros iPad 2 in Spain. The most affordable model iPad 2, with WiFi and 16 GB of internal memory, it goes to 479 euros, rising from 100 to 100 euros as double that capacity.

Microsoft closes Rustock, the largest spam network

Rustock, the largest network of spam, closed its doors due to Microsoft's collaboration with the Police, Rustock can be considered the world's largest organization of Spam and its closure should contibruire to a decrease of at least 39% of the worldwide phenomenon. Bring down the giant Spam has not been easy, the first move was made by Microsoft that has locked the server (master controller) in the U.S.

Amazon Sues Apple for their App Store

Apple App Store is considered a mark to denote its App Store and has filed a lawsuit in a California court to prevent the application store opened today by Amazon carry this name. Apple believes this is a brand name and its use by Amazon confuses consumers. " The Amazon store is called AppStore for Android.

The lawsuit arose after Amazon opened a portal for applications developers could prepare for his shop, a place he calls Amazon Store App Developer Portal. There is an unprecedented dispute. Apple and Microsoft's battle for the trademark use App Store by the company Steve Jobs. Microsoft raised in January to the authorities governing patents that Apple could not use this term because it is a generic concept that gives Apple a secondary use.

"Connections 4g, everything is ready but no network is in danger of collapse"

Super fast mobile connections for people to communicate and even objects. With a great unknown: the network. According to the experts of Nokia Siemens Networks, compared with companies and industry experts to the 'Broadband Summit' held in Rome, the next few years will see those involved in meeting a request of the exponential mobile broadband, which will require the transition to 4G networks .

Facebook is testing a new service targeted advertising

The social network Facebook is currently testing a new contextual advertising system, displayed in the pages of profiles of registrants, says the site specializes All Facebook, Saturday, March 19. With this service, advertising adapts to keywords used by the user, when he updates his profile. In the example taken by All Facebook, the user launches the following message: "Happy Birthday! I spent a wonderful evening, and even the sun decided to come play." In right column of the profile page, appears a series of targeted advertisements in conjunction with the words "sun" and "play".

Apple Store, the app is to heal the storm gay

It is a global outcry against Apple in progress because of an application ("app" in the jargon), issued on the bitten apple online store. The combination of "ex-gays" Exodus International has released a fact "app" for iPhone, while not containing any explicit material offensive, has kicked off an online petition (already signed by 100 thousand people) is applying removal from the Digital Store.

Arabish, the alphabet, numbers and symbols of revolt anti-censorship

Write 9aba7 2l5air, but it reads "Sabah al-Khayr. They call it "arabizi", "arabish", "aralish" or "Arab chat", but the name itself is of little importance because it depends on the language in which you want to translate the word or phrase. What matters is the substance: the arabish is the Arabic web.

A virtual alphabet, the first arose spontaneously in the network, the brainchild of young Internet users. Born twenty years ago from a practical necessity, now is a perfect ploy to circumvent censorship. History. In 1990, when personal computers, world wide web, e-mail, IRC, instant messaging and mobile phones landed in the East, the Arabic keyboards were an exception.

Panasonic SDT750, analysis of a video camera with extra 3D total

Now that we've lost the fear of the 3D world and there are manufacturers who opt for this type of content in their cameras, Panasonic confirms its commitment to domestic 3D video cameras. The SDT750 we've tested in Tech News Buzz is the first that has reached the market. And the result is so good that we have been surprised.

We confess that we were expecting something more anecdotal SDT750 the Panasonic but the first serious 3D camera by the general public more than met. On one side is a (if not the best) home high definition camera in 2D mode, but also doubles as a cute feature creating three-dimensional stories with some buts, but to be a new market, to comply with notice.

Apple allows an application homophobic

The Blackberry Playbook, on sale in the United States from $ 500

Already some time ago I anticipate that Research in Motion Blackberry tablet intended to market its Playbook for a price below $ 500. Finally, the guys at RIM have kept their word, but by a margin a fair bit. Yesterday started within Playbook reserve several U.S. retail chains to a starting price of $ 499.

This price is for 16GB WiFi Playbook. The 32GB model will cost $ 599, while the top model with 64GB of internal storage will cost $ 699. The device will also subsidized by carriers AT & T, Sprint and Verizon. Currently there are no news about what the price on the European market but in the worst case, will not exceed 500 euros, so the playbook remains in the same price range that iPad2.

Apple filed a complaint against Amazon for the use of "App Store"

Apple announced on Monday evening to have filed a complaint in California against Amazon for copyright infringement. The Cupertino company accuses the largest online booksellers use the terms "App Store" (application store), for which Apple has filed a trademark application. "We have asked Amazon to not copy the name 'App Store' because it leads to confusion in the minds of consumers," detailed a spokesman for Apple.

Mountain GTM 2000, analysis (II): benchmarks

We started as an analysis of a more technical of Mountain GTM 2000. This is the second input and discuss it some synthetic benchmarks, comparing the results with some of the last settings that we tested in our test team, the Mountain GTM 900, which becomes higher than the 2000 model, the protagonist of this analysis .

The comparison is interesting because we talked about two brothers together: The GTM 900 features a Core i7-920 of the previous generation, while the GTM 2000 includes a 2500K i5 'Sandy Bridge' of the last batch. We'll see how the processor is quite similar in performance to the i7-920, but at the moment of truth the graphics card matters a lot.

Microsoft estimates that some bedjackets Android violate its patents

The Microsoft group announced Monday, March 21, he filed a complaint against the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn and the bookseller Barnes & Noble. The U.S. firm estimates that they sell electronic reading lights, which use Google's Android system, violate its patents. Another Taiwanese company, Inventec, is covered by this complaint, filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC) and a federal court in Washington State.

Amazon will check with your cable Android AppStore

Besides applications, the great advantage of the Apple store for your operating system iOS against Android Market is without question the culture in the purchase of applications. The developers know the success of the Apple system and get a lot more from you than any other place to be there. But that could end soon or at least we can say that finally reaches a serious alternative to the hand that was surely the only thing I could do: Amazon.

Navteq is cast into the malls to be your eyes

Navteq did not wait for other brands of maps are positioned too far into the world of cartography interior and has announced its new system of internal maps "Destination Maps. Is right to offer such a solution soon because it seems pretty clear that Google has it in the spotlight and will not be long in getting to the kitchen.

Destination Maps Navteq (now a division of Nokia, so it seems a perfect complement to external maps phone company) puts on a map the rooms and other places of interest in these malls, with data on stairs, emergency exits, areas of retail, leisure and restaurants, lifts, toilets and everything imaginable in one of these macrolugares.

Julian Assange ensures that Wikileaks is "difficult to behead"

The founder of Wikileaks, Australian Julian Assange, assured that its site was still "difficult to behead" through eight hundred volunteers and millions of people who support him, in an interview with the Colombian weekly Semana published Monday. "The last time I was incarcerated, we continued to publish daily.

We are difficult to decapitate," he said in that interview in London. "Some media have built this myth that I am a super hero and everything depends on me in terms of work. At first it was true, but we have grown in recent years," he said, adding: "Some 800 volunteers and an extraordinary network composed of millions of people support us.

AMD 6950 with 1 GB, analysis

We continue with further analysis, and it is the turn of the AMD 6950 with 1 GB. Remember the 6950 model 2 GB of GDDR5? Well we could try her twin sister, virtually identical in everything but because it has a slightly smaller size pants. No, at first glance do not discriminate, but ... what in actual testing? We have carried out tests and benchmarks on the AMD 6950 1GB, resulting in a curious comparison: performance is virtually identical to the model theoretically superior, leading to very similar if not identical.