Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nintendo sales fall 50%

The Japanese giant video game Nintendo has reported a fall of more than half its sales in the first quarter over one year to 93.93 billion yen, due to the absence of featured games for its consoles struggling to find buyers. The sales of Nintendo had already plunged by 25.6% in the first quarter of 2010 to 2011 a year, partly because of currency fluctuations.

The group has also been a victim of rising of the Japanese currency, all resulting in an operating deficit of 37.7 billion yen, against a gain of 23 billion last year at the same time, and a net loss of 25.15 billion yen equivalent to that lamented a year earlier.

Facebook removed the cover of a Nirvana album 20 years ago

Twenty years later, the cover of Nirvana album Nevermind is still provocative. Facebook removed the image of it, a naked baby in the water, the pages you have opened to commemorate the anniversary. Shortly after the said. The social network reported that the image violated the conditions of use set by the company.

Gave no further explanation but the hypothesis is that due to the baby's penis. The baby photography, Spencer Elden, said in 2008 that he liked the picture: "A lot of people around the world have seen my penis. This is cool." Spencer was the son of a photographer friend of the group Nirvana.

Alleged spokesman for the group of hackers Lulz Security arrested

Scotland Yard announced Wednesday, July 27, having arrested the spokesman alleged hacker group Lulz Security (LulzSec), which had claimed a wave of computer attacks for two months in late spring, before dissolving. The group referred to various sites related to targets like the CIA, the U.S. Senate or large enterprises.

The suspect, a man of 19 years, "was arrested at his home in the Shetland Islands, and is being transferred to a police station in London. A search of his home is in," said the British police . For Scotland Yard, it is "Topiary", one of the founding members of LulzSec. A young man of 17 years was also interviewed by the police in connection with this transaction, but is not under arrest.

Google, Facebook and Apple are betting on facial recognition

Google denied that it was to allow easy recognition, but acknowledged that it could, that its technology was able to detect who was in the picture with only 14 samples. The controversy arose with the introduction of Goggles, an application of augmented reality.

Despite this refusal, Google has set off alarms privacy Pittpatt acquisition, a company founded in 2004, specializes in machine vision. In a statement issued by the company that emerged in the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University index that its work is not strictly recognize people, but to identify objects and real-world environments.