Thursday, July 28, 2011

Facebook removed the cover of a Nirvana album 20 years ago

Twenty years later, the cover of Nirvana album Nevermind is still provocative. Facebook removed the image of it, a naked baby in the water, the pages you have opened to commemorate the anniversary. Shortly after the said. The social network reported that the image violated the conditions of use set by the company.

Gave no further explanation but the hypothesis is that due to the baby's penis. The baby photography, Spencer Elden, said in 2008 that he liked the picture: "A lot of people around the world have seen my penis. This is cool." Spencer was the son of a photographer friend of the group Nirvana.

To mark this anniversary, next September, Universal released an album of luxury and published a book containing a DVD / Blu-Ray Nirvana concert filmed in Seattle in 1991.

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