Thursday, May 19, 2011

GeForce GTX 590: new revision overclock

Rumors say that Nvidia is about to perform an audit of PCB "PCB", its flagship video card GeForce GTX 590, which would make the board more stable in the face of increased frequencies. This card is based on two GPU GF110, for a total of 1024 CUDA Core, and its output Nvidia opted for frequencies and lower voltages in order to avoid a lot of noise, caused by the cooling system.

The card just made it on the market was immediately subjected to overclock, giving good margins, but at the same time becoming more unstable and noisy even when not at the limit.

IBM rents tablets

Companies wishing to provide their employees tablets do not have to think of a large initial investment. IBM has launched in the U.S. a rental program per month for 20 tablets. The catalog covers models on offer. IBM offers from iPad, a tablet, Motorola, Samsung, Acer, Asus, HTC ... The customer can choose both the Apple operating system as those equipped with Android or RIM's Playbook.

Some of these tablets has a purchase price of approximately $ 600. Mike Elmasry, head of IBM Global Financing, said that "if the company needs to deploy thousands of tablets, it will be more efficient and cost effective to rent than buying manufacturer." The subscription will last two to three years, at which IBM will retrieve the units, clean and reformat data.

PowerColor HD 6850 SCS3 passive cooling arrives!

PowerColor Introduces New Video Card PowerColor HD 6850 SCS3 "Silent Cooling System", with passive cooling and silent PC put to the vote and occasional players. The cooling system is equipped with a passive heatsink, based on five heatpipes and fins with 62 to "L", dealing away the heat. As we said the board is very suitable for those who want a very quiet PC, without losing the taste of a few games to get his favorite toy, but without esaggerare view the available power would risk having too much heat inside the case causing problems other components.

Chrome for OS and ChromeBook June 15

As you saw in those days there was the Google I / O 2011, where Google has introduced many new features, and one of these is the new operating system OS Chrome, Chrome-based browser, which is different from other systems to be completely online and very low cost for the software to hardware. The debut of the Google brand new operating system, is scheduled for June 15, both in Italy and in other countries and will debut on two laptops ChromeBook, Samsung and Acer.

Medion unveils new netbook

It appears that the netbook market is not willing to loosen before the overwhelming advance sales of tablets, which is why Medion has unveiled a new mini-notebook aimed at young people with bright and colorful designs. This is the new Medion Akoya E1225 will arrive with fun interchangeable covers, all colorful and really striking, clearly aimed at young girls.

As the technology is fairly acceptable, are equipped with an Intel Atom N455 1.66 GHz, Intel GMA 3150 graphics, 1 GB of RAM and 250 GB hard drive. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 and 2.0, 6-cell battery and an LED display with 1024 x 600. While technical features are nothing out of this world the most interesting of the new Medion Akoya E1225 is its price, the same will be available exclusively in Spain in MediaMarkt at a cost of 279 euros from July.

The Fujitsu LifeBook T901 is now on sale

Fujitsu has introduced a new hybrid between tablet and laptop aimed at business groups, mainly. This is the new Fujitsu LifeBook T901 that comes equipped with excellent technology and is available for sale in the United States. The new LifeBook T901 is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels and an excellent processor Intel Core i5-2520M.

It also has nVidia GPU Optimus, USB, Wi-Fi and other essentials. It also has various accessories available as an enhanced capacitive multi-touch screen, fingerprint reader, among others. The new Fujitsu LifeBook T901 is now available in U.S. stores at a cost of $ 1,899, from his arrival in Europe, nothing is known but is presumed to follow soon, will keep you informed.

Sharp announced a new smartphone

Last week we presented a new Sharp smartphone AQUOS line, this week repeated the announcement with a new mobile, it is the Sharp AQUOS IS11H that Android 2.3 will come equipped with Gingerbread. The Sharp AQUOS IS11H is a fairly straightforward powered smartphone with a Snapdragon MSM8655 processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz, 1.2 GB of internal memory, capacitive touch screen 3.7 inches with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels and the ability to project 3D images without goggles.

Kindle beat the paper book on Amazon wins the e-book

ROME - This time we have. After listing more or less likely to overtake the eBook in the volumes of paper, now the numbers are all there. There are no more distinctions between precious and economic issues to affect the calculation as in the past, and officially announced that the Amazon e-book sales now surpass traditional books, and without considering free content or offers.

The ratio is 105 to 100 per title, a gap still light, but of great significance. Was meant to happen, also because of the decline in the price of Kindle e-book reader from Amazon, and the introduction of an even cheaper version, supported by advertising. Already last July, sales of books for Kindle have exceeded sales of hardcover books, now they have surpassed even those of economic issues, the "paperback".

The tag has conquered the world and now if the patents Facebook

"I do not tag that came evil," "If you tag me not true" and yet "I would like to tag" to indicate a degree of the other, or "I was tagged the police", that I received a fine. Voice of the verb - not yet recognized by the Italian dictionary - tag it absolutely in vogue in the language of young and old members of Facebook, now also becomes a patent granted by the U.S.

Patent and Trademark Office. While the days of social networking is also a bit let 'strike off - many people are touched at least once to remove the tag from the picture with the former girlfriend or her friend is no longer too expensive - it is also true that the recognition USPTO formalizes a system become more of a fad.

Harassment in school: the removal of abandoned Facebook profiles

A guide to the "procedures for dealing with cases of harassment between students on the Internet" and a "national information campaign" this fall: the plan to fight against harassment at school, presented on Wednesday by the Cabinet, provides many educational activities, but no longer mentions the removal of Facebook profiles of the perpetrators of bullying on the Internet.

These measures had already been announced by the Minister of National Education, Luc Chatel, at a conference on bullying in early April. On this occasion, the Minister also announced that the Facebook accounts of students harassing their classmates or their teachers in line would be closed, in partnership with the social network.

Twitter gives members more control over data

Twitter has announced a series of new measures to give its members more control over their own data. Input, the applications that work with access to direct messages (private, addressed to another member of the network) must reapply for permission. Since June, applications that do not require such access will not.

Moreover, the network renewed the display of permits to facilitate the administration of access by the network member. According to Twitter, the changes are introduced at the behest of members and developers to provide a greater level of control and transparency to the management of privacy.

Sony announces change passwords resume

In its official blog, and a translation criticism, Sony announced it would resume the password change in the PlayStation Network and, anyway, can be done from the PlayStation. Sony denies that the problem was due to a new external attack and attributed to a technical problem. The company closed yesterday the platform from where the password change due to needs "maintenance for an indefinite period." On the reasons for this new service block, some media spoke of a new assault.

Microsoft changes the format of Xbox 360 discs

Microsoft will introduce a new format, XGD3 (Xbox Game Disk 3), consoloa discs for Xbox 360. This will allow you to provide more capacity, a gigabyte and more security against intrusion by third parties. To the consoles read this new format, the company distributed, and it has done in beta, an updated version of the same that also lets you use a PayPal account for payments.

However, after announcing the change have been some doubt that this can be applied on all consoles. While some media say that the tests have demonstrated the compatibility of the new program with all of them, others claim that some consoles can offer for reading problems. Microsoft has kept this event and announced that customers who detect a problem reading your console should contact Xbox so they can verify whether the introduction of that change was made correctly.

Creating passwords for the PlayStation Network temporarily blocked

After the discovery of a security flaw, the manufacturer and publisher Sony has been forced to temporarily close a website set up to help users affected by large-scale piracy of game network online PlayStation Network (PSN) mid-April. This site was designed to allow some 77 million users of the portal PSN reset their password to access the network.

But the process of resettable based on birth date and e-mail address of the subscriber data precisely targeted by large-scale piracy that has hit the PSN. Access to the page to reset passwords for the PlayStation Network has been temporarily blocked Wednesday as the online service Qriocity, which offers videos and music.

Data Leakage: TMG announced it filed a complaint

The CEO of Trident Media Guard (TMG), the company commissioned by the rights holders to monitor P2P networks to download and transmit its findings to Internet Piracy, told West Francequ'il had filed a complaint against the person who, he said, stolen data on a company server. By last weekend, the Internet had revealed that a company server was not protected, and that extensive data, including lists of IP (Internet Protocol) and a copy of the software used by TMG to track downloaders were freely available.

A fake virus targets Mac

Much rarer than their PC viruses to Mac OS, the operating system from Apple, however, exist. Since early May, a malware called Mac Mac Defender or Protector posing as antivirus software is deployed on Mac, causing congestion in the service of Apple customers, reports ZDNet, quoting an unnamed official: "Many people fall into the trap .

Our call number is four to five times higher than normal, and the vast majority of these calls are Mac Defender and its variants. " The software operation is relatively straightforward: after clicking a link botched, the user is presented with a fake "virus scan" on its screen, which "is" obviously a lot of problems - nonexistent - and offers solve them by installing Mac Defender.

Eggs and shoes at Binxing father of web censorship in China

SHANGHAI - Ironically, it's got the same fate as George Bush, former president of the United States, the global enemy of Communist China of years gone by. This time was taken to be a shoe during a lesson, has been a powerful China, none other than the father of the 'Big Brother' Chinese internet censorship that is organized by the government.

Shoes and some eggs. In short, according to news reported by many websites and ciguettii Twitter, Mr. Fang Binxing, president of Post and Telecommunications University in Beijing, he must have been a bad time. He, inspirer of the 'Great Firewall', the 'Great Firewall of China' (the system of censorship that blocks unwanted communication over the Internet to the Chinese government), according to the information would have been criticized while giving a lecture at the University of Wuhan.

A complaint filed against Baidu for censorship in New York

The Chinese search engine Baidu is the subject of a complaint, filed Wednesday in New York by eight people who accuse him of cooperating directly with the Chinese government to censor texts in favor of democracy. This is the first trial based on violations of the U.S. Constitution to support a complaint against a foreign search engine, using the fact that Baidu is accessible from the United States.