Sunday, March 20, 2011

'The tablet is revolutionizing the technology industry, "Interview with Eloy Fustero, director of marketing and business development for Qualcomm

If there is a company whose decisions affect many others within the negociod and mobility, that is Qualcomm. THE U.S. manufacturer is the one who designed the heart of many of the most successful mobile. To understand more details of what Qualcomm plans and how it affects the processor in the mobile market have talked to Eloy Fustero, director of marketing and business development for Qualcomm in Spain and Portugal.

Sony VAIO prepares two devices: one with Chrome OS and other "hybrid"

The prototype is working with the division of Sony VAIO are more than interesting, a few weeks ago we told you about the Japanese electronics giant was in the oven a couple of tablets known internally as S1 and S2, and a device with keyboard slide. We now know, thanks to Sony Insider, that a couple of new laptops hit the market with original ideas about what we are accustomed.

Obviously the information we share with you are unconfirmed, but the source seems reliable enough to do it: The first development is a portable, for now called Hybrid VAIO PC, consisting of two components: The way to connect both is not defined in the leak, but we understand that the second unit will be a kind of dock where dock the laptop.

The new AMD processors will arrive in June

So, the new range of AMD Bulldozer has been confirmed and will be released on June 11, but the news does not end here because it came with the new AMD Fusion "Llano" that promise to give a tough rival to Intel Core i7. While AMD has not shared much information about the technology it will use its new range of high performance processors are expected microchips 8-core, at least in models heaviest.

Extra cooling for the Xbox 360 without need for complex installations

Now it starts getting the heat of summer is time to start thinking about how to improve the lives of our gadgets in the coming months. The most usual is to get to work at a lower temperature than usual, and for that external cooling systems are wonderful. If we talk about Xbox 360 then enters the game the Nyko Intercooler STS, a small external fan for the slim model that is in the cooling slots of the console, on the side.