Monday, August 1, 2011

Randi Zuckerberg: "The anonymity of the Internet must go"

Anonymity on the Internet must go. So strong has been shown to Randi Zuckerberg, head of social network marketing and sister of the founder of it. In a debate, Randi holds that people behave better when his real name is visible. "I think people hide behind the anonymity and have the idea to say whatever they want behind the closed door." The comment has prompted the predictable debate.

Adobe launches tool for HTML5 disear

Adobe has released the free trial version of Edge, a tool to create animations with the HTML5 standard, Javascript and CSS. HTML5 is regarded as the great rival to Flash, Adobe resource for these purposes. The tool is available from Adobe and the lab will not have a commercial release until next year.

Miquel Bada, Adobe Spain, has told this newspaper that the company's position has never been to deal with HTML5. In fact, its tool for Dreamweaver web design can work with HTML5. "Our purpose is to give every facility to the designers. HTML5 is a standard not yet approved, but once you think it will be defined more limited interactivity to Flash, Flash will be like ten years ago, but that does not that it is not a valid standard and Adobe provides tools for it to work with him.

Google strengthens its portfolio patent

U.S. giant Google has bought, Friday, July 29, patents for computer company IBM to try to discourage trial for violation of intellectual property. "Like many technology companies, we acquire some patents that are important to our business needs," he told  a Google spokesman in an email, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

Contacted, IBM declined to comment. According to the blog dedicated SEO by the Sea, Google recorded 12 and 13 July with the U.S. authorities' 1030 IBM patents. " These cover a wide range, "from manufacturing to the architecture of memory chips to microprocessors and computer architecture, including servers and routers," the blog.