Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Apple Announces New iMac

The rumor had spread through the web yesterday, but today we get official confirmation, Apple has confirmed its new members to its line of All-in-one (iMac). Among the major new features we can highlight the inclusion of Thunderbolt, but was expected after the start of the new MacBook Air, the laptop line.

Among other interesting points that will have the graphics all the line AMD Radeon HD Series 6 processors and Intel Core i7 line. The new iMac, like its predecessors, will come with LED backlit screens of 21.5 and 27 inches. Processors will be Intel Core line, you can opt for the Intel Core i5 with Sandy Bridge to the powerful Intel Core i7.

Next, rather than pen and paper

The tablets are gradually making the gadgets market, the numbers recorded by brands such as Apple are amazing, although we all know they still have a barrier to overcome, writing. To overcome that barrier marks submitted endless solutions, such as bulky attachable keyboards, although Nextbook seems to have found a solution a bit more enjoyable.

Nextbook has announced its new Next 5, a tablet that comes with a new digital pen. While not the best solution of all let us take notes or write texts draw extensive (if you are not of those who hates writing without a keyboard). In terms of technology does not stand out too much but has a respectable level.

Bullying on Facebook accounts closed for students guilty

Students who have been convicted of harassment against fellow on Facebook will have their account terminated under a partnership between the Minister of National Education and social network, announced Tuesday, May 3, by the Minister Luc Chatel. "The solution we developed is simple: we will post those students who have always been convinced of harassment on the network, and they will see their Facebook account closed," said the minister in his closing speech seated against harassment school.

Twitter wants to buy Tweetdeck for $ 50 million

The micro-site will buy TweetDeck Twitter messages, a management services of the most popular accounts, reports Techcrunch, Monday, May 2 The amount of the transaction amount between 40 and 50 million dollars (between 27 and 33.7 million euros), as the specialized site, announcing that the formalization should take place "in the coming days." A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal had reported talks between the two companies.

Sony's new hacker attack targeted 26 million users

ROME - A new hacker attack to Sony and the PlayStation Network, the network you are connecting users of the Japanese console to play online and download content. In this second attack, have been compromised data from other 24.6 million customers of Sony Online Entertainment Sony forced to suspend their services.

For the PlayStation Network is the second hacker attack in recent weeks, raising the compromised data to over 100 million accounts. Sony does not believe that the data on credit cards have been violated in the second attack, but the hackers may have stolen data from credit cards to 12,700 accounts and 10,700 non-US bank account numbers from a database of 2007 dated.

New smart phones: Blackberrys are leaner and faster

The reviews for the Tablet PC Playbook have been disappointing - with new smart phones and new operating system will make the Canadian Blackberry manufacturer better. But perfectly happy Blackberry fans will not. Hamburg - That sounds pretty good at first: the new Blackberry Bold 9900 and 9930 models are the thinnest Blackberry yet, there is.

Only 10.5 millimeters thick are they. By comparison, the previous model Bold 9700 is just four millimeters thick, Apple's iPhone 4 an inch thinner. In addition, the new Blackberry faster than their predecessors, have a 1.2-GHz Prozesor, high-speed network technologies such as HSPA + and also eight gigabytes of memory on board.

Million bank data stolen: Sony reports hacker attack on another network

The extent of the security leaks at Sony is getting bigger: Even the online entertainment network of SOE electronics giant was attacked by hackers who were spied on sensitive bank data of millions of users.  Customers in Europe are particularly affected. The data leak at Sony is getting bigger: hackers, according to the Japanese electronics giant in the network of subsidiary Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) penetrated.

Tevendodetodo, your online shop

Online shopping is becoming more tightly coupled to our daily lives, to the selection of the month we can do from the comfort of our homes. So today I want to present a website that no doubt many of you will be happy to take your list of favorites, is www. TeVendoDeTodo. com, a multi-store special offers for you.

TeVendoDeTodo offers a space where we can purchase a myriad of items, from perfume to televisions, gadgets and smartphones that we love. We may also find other digital entertainment products for Microsoft's Xbox 360 line, we have hundreds of games available that we can acquire from the ridiculous price of 2 degrees for 14 euros.

The neighbor stumbled in History

The neighbors, as well as relatives, if one does not choose them. But all he could imagine Sohaib Athar, a Pakistani computer programmer of 33 years, except that 250 meters from his house was hiding Osama Bin Laden, Prince of terror on his head hung a bounty of $ 27 million. "A helicopter has risen to Abbottabad to one: it is a rare event" the first message he entrusted to Twitter on the night of May 1.

The wide boys of computerino If the failure is a drain

THE PC no longer. Dark and silent stroke, no signs of life. If we are not versed in technology, to understand what is going wrong between processors, ram, hard drives and video cards can become an enormous task. Do not just have it repaired by an expert. And we hope that goes well. Because when you rely on computer services center is exactly how to bring the car to a mechanic: The question that we do pay over the odds haunt us forever, along with bitter certainty that we will never know the truth.

The South Korean police investigation AdMob Google

The South Korean police raided, Tuesday, May 3, Google's offices in Seoul as part of an investigation to see if the U.S. giant had used its platform for mobile advertising AdMob for collecting data illegally . "We suspect AdMob have collected personal information without consent or agreement localization of the Korea Communications Commission," said a police official.

The investigators visited the offices in Seoul to recover hard drives and other data, also told Agence France-Presse, an official of the police unit specializing in cyber crime, Chang Byung-duk. "We did not find evidence today, because a server is located in the United States. Google officials have promised to cooperate and provide information later," the official said.

RIM introduces new BlackBerry models

Canadian Group Research in Motion (RIM) has presented Monday, May 2nd, two new models of its BlackBerry phone multi-tasking. BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, due in stores from the end of June, will work with a new version of the operating system, said the Canadian group, which claimed the inspiration for "millions of customers who want the latest combination of performance, functionality and style, "the group's president, Mike Lazaridis.

France Telecom: revenues up 2.5% in Q1

The phone company France Telecom has published Tuesday, May 3, sales up 2.5% in the first quarter, in line with analyst expectations and its own expectations for the current year. The sales of those three months amounted to 11.2 billion euros, in line with forecasts of analysts cited by Dow Jones. "These solid results in the first quarter are in line with our financial goals throughout the year 2011.

A intrusin forced to close now Sony Online Entertainment

Noew problem for Sony. Today announced that temporarily closes servers Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) because of an intrusion. SOE is a multiplayer platform that is not vincuilada the PlayStation because their games can be accessed from your computer. The company reports that it has taken this decision after detecting threats that could pose a problem in the operation of the service.

Sony does not detail whether the intruder has to do with the suffering for a couple of weeks for its PlayStation Network online platform. SOE has in its catalog titles as famous as Everquest, PlanetSide and Star Wars Galaxies. This news comes after Sony has announced on his blog that this week will restore many services the PlayStation Network.