Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anonymous new assault

The group Anonymous, which has been behind high-profile denial of service operations, has been attacked again. Has been the victim of a new share of piracy. Numerous personal information of an alleged member of the group and a list of 1,500 servers used by Anonymous in their attacks have been published.

The data leak revealed by Undernews, particularly affects ev0/xvz, who did not save all types of images involved in his personal life. This takes place after the May 9 knew an assault on the computing community. Then they grew suspicious of an IRC channel operator in which supporters of the group coordinate their actions.

HTC presents Wildfire S

HTC, the renowned manufacturer of mobile technology, has announced the launch of the second generation of HTC Wildfire. The S Wildfire HTC has improved some of its technical features and adds some interesting applications. Among the most interesting details of this new generation of HTC Wildfire have the operating system, the new Wildfire S comes powered with the latest version of Android with an interface customized by HTC (HTC UI).

Parliament approved the law on the price of digital books

Parliament has finally adopted Tuesday 17 evening by a final vote-almost-unanimous National Assembly, a bill UMP on the digital book, which provides that the publisher set a price that is valid not only in France but also abroad. This last provision, called "extraterritoriality clause" is contrary to European legislation, argued Lionel Tardy (UMP), the only member who voted against it initiated by his fellow senators UMP.

First Hard Drive connected via Wi-FI

Has finally reached a new hardware connected via wi fi. This is the first battery-powered hard drive that will allow you to use wherever you are, and without connections, incredible! The new invention has been developed by the company Seagate is the GoFlex Satellite. A hard drive self is what we were expecting both to allow us to use your laptop anywhere without being outstanding connections.

Here come the computer Chromebook "cloud" of Google

Chromebook are called, are just born but they have a charm all their own. In fact the first notebook computers will be running the operating system from Google, Chrome OS. They have been produced by two giants, Samsung and Acer, in cooperation with Intel, and will go on sale June 15 in seven countries: the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Holland and Germany.

The announcement, long overdue, arrived at the Google developer conference in San Francisco. This new generation of notebook realize the vision of the computer giant's Mountain View: a computer running a lightweight operating system that starts within seconds and is now on the net because there on the cloud, all the resources that will reside in them who uses.

Fujitsu launches phone with Symbian and Windows 7

Fujitsu has launched a phone model, LOOX F-07C, with dual pump.The lets you choose the operating system Nokia, Symbian, or Microsoft, Windows 7. Draws attention not only this option if one operating system is not like mobile phones, and opting for Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) and not Windows Phone, so the slogan will highlight that mobile PC is the world's smallest Windows.

The phone features a sliding QWERTY keyboard and is equipped with an Intel Atom (1.2 GHz). Has a memory of 1 GB and 32 GB of storage. The screen is four inches and offers a full version of Microsoft Office with a two-year license. The battery life decreases dramatically when you choose to use Windows.

Magefertigte headphones: This is completely in the ear

Listen here! Annoy you constantly about this time fitze earphones for MP3 players and mobile phones, which always fall out or blow out bad sound? It's much better with custom models. Matthias Kremp has tried it - and is impressed. Even when actually on-the-ear headphones are currently in demand again: the majority of mobile-music-lovers can be the sound of their MP3 players and smartphones via earphones sound in the ear canal.

Facebook vs. Google to sell profilidegli users to advertisers

Let's say you do not like. Google and Facebook, the two titans that have millions of computer users for e-mail services, search and social media, they're coming at loggerheads. Maybe not in the spotlight, certainly behind the scenes. Last week it was discovered that Facebook had paid a public relations firm to "speak ill" of the opponent.

In the inbox of the gurus of new technologies had reached an email asking to write an editorial about "some developments regarding the privacy services offered by Google." The letter assured help in preparing and placing the article, which was published in a newspaper of interest: maybe the Washington Post ol'Huffington Post.

CNIL performs a check at the provider of Internet Piracy

Commission Nationale Informatique et Libert├ęs (CNIL) announced Tuesday morning that it was conducting an audit at Nantes Company Trident Media Guard (TMG), mandated by the rights holders to monitor file-sharing networks and transmit their findings to Internet Piracy. The CNIL control follows the discovery in this past weekend, a company server was not protected and could be freely accessed by any user, without any technical expertise.

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Human-Computer Interaction The future from Vancouver

A magical setting that promises to transform the way we relate to a touchscreen, a virtual X-ray equipment, a console the size of a wall and programs designed to make it the latest smart phones. Want them to look all together, projects and prototypes presented in recent days at the Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Vancouver look like something very much like an instruction manual for the future.

The White House presents its doctrine against cybercrime

The Obama administration presented Monday its plan to fight against cybercrime, which also includes measures to guarantee freedom of expression online. For the first time, the White House made clear it will use its military power to respond to potential cyber attacks that would endanger its security.

The plan also calls for increased cooperation with other countries to fight against cybercrime and calls for the establishment of international rules and best practices for companies in computer security. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Internet "must be open, free and accessible, and is a tool for economic development for all peoples." Under his administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has developed a democracy aggressive attempt to impose an open Web to countries that practice censorship of the Network, with mixed results.

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Japan calls for more safeguards before relaunching Sony PSN

PlayStation Network (PSN), the online gaming service Sony has been reactivated in Tech Buzz News full, with the exception of Japan, after a break of more than two weeks decided by the Japanese giant in the wake of large-scale cyber attacks against its services. Sony had resolved to cut off access to PlayStation Network and several other gaming services and online music after the discovery of a large-scale piracy, which allowed one or more users to access data personally inscribed on its networks.