Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anonymous new assault

The group Anonymous, which has been behind high-profile denial of service operations, has been attacked again. Has been the victim of a new share of piracy. Numerous personal information of an alleged member of the group and a list of 1,500 servers used by Anonymous in their attacks have been published.

The data leak revealed by Undernews, particularly affects ev0/xvz, who did not save all types of images involved in his personal life. This takes place after the May 9 knew an assault on the computing community. Then they grew suspicious of an IRC channel operator in which supporters of the group coordinate their actions.

Published attacked servers and Internet IP addresses of hundreds of Internet connected to it. In a statement, members of Anonymous grouped into AnonOps indicated that this channel had been assaulted and their data compromised. It seems that this is a civil war within the community. The author would be sympathetic to the group and former operator of the channel that launched the attack by the botnet and starring Anything above what the group considers a "coup d'etat organized." The attacker, calling itself Ryan, have taken control of AnonOps.ru and AnonOps.net. Anonymous has starred hacking Wikileaks boycotted companies and companies or partisan political groups Sinde Act.

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