Friday, August 5, 2011

Zynga wins legal battle

Battles for intellectual property also play in the field of "social games". The industry leader, Zynga, has been engaged for several weeks in legal proceedings against Vostu, a Brazilian company which also offers games for social networks. Founded in 2007, the company boasts 50 million players on various platforms.

In mid-June, filed a complaint against Zynga Vostu, from a California court alleging violations of copyright. The American publisher, sees the games that are Vostu Mini Farm Coffee Mania and Mega City, unauthorized copies of its flagship titles such as Farmville, World Café or Cityville.

Google offers voice calls worldwide

The announcement has been modest. Google has simply published an article on its official blog, and little by little, Gmail users have been featured, along with their contact GTalk instant messaging service, an icon with a green phone. Clicking on it are invited to phone without leaving the mail from your computer.

The search engine joins Skype, Jajah or Tango, we also offer voice services over the Internet. The service for voice calls through Google was born on an experimental basis over a year ago but was only available for some users in the United States and Canada. The service allows calls to 150 countries and each has a different rate.

China denies being behind the great cyber-spying operation

Expected has happened. After they hinted that China may be the Government was behind the cyber-espionage operation uncovered this week, authorities in that country have flatly denied their connection with it. People's Daily, reported AFP, consider these irresponsible accusations and says it is untenable to link the Chinese Government to action against pirates.

McAfee's report, which cited China, would only aim to increase the customer base of that company. The Internet security consultant McAfee released a study that claims to have evidence that, for five years, a series of cyber spies infiltrated the servers and networks of international institutions ranging from the U.S. government to the International Olympic Committee and companies military.

Galaxy Tab 10.1, one tablet to squeeze Android

After many attempts, finally get a tablet stands up to the iPhone 2, Apple. In fact, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, looks suspiciously like the Apple device. It is slightly finer, barely percibepermite HD video recording, the battery lasts about the same (about 9 hours) and at first glance one might even be confusing if you did not have the beveled edges a bit more.

Since it was announced in January Honeycomb, the tablet version of Android, there have been many proposals from the industry, but few made up for a price close to the iPhone 2 features closest to the original iPhone the new competitor. The operating system is simple, clear and intuitive, perhaps even more than the phones.

The results far exceed expectations LinkedIn

The professional social network LinkedIn has published Thursday, August 4, results well above expectations for the second quarter, with sales more than doubled and earnings, while analysts expected a loss. "In the second quarter, we saw a record number of entries, unique visitors and page views, while revenue growth accelerated further," welcomed the general manager, Jeff Weiner, quoted in a statement.