Monday, June 20, 2011

Firefox RC 5: here we go!

After a few months since the release of version 4 of the Firefox browser, Mozilla is ready to release the new version 5 that came into being RC (release candidate) and which should become the stable version by tomorrow, along with the mobile version for smartphones and tablet.

Domain names: ICANN approves new gTLDs

Meeting in Singapore, the board of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved, Monday, June 20, the use of new suffixes in web addresses. Industry observers believe that businesses and municipalities should be the first to take this new opportunity. The generic domain names (gTLDs in English, for "generic top-level domain names") currently number about twenty, plus about 250 extensions each corresponding to one country.

Hacked Sega plunges the Tokyo Stock Exchange

The action of the video game publisher Sega has plunged more than 5% Monday, June 20 at the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange after the announcement of a mass piracy of personal information of players. The company confirmed Sunday that the information of 1.3 million users online had been stolen by hackers.

Names, dates of birth, email addresses and passwords of system users online Sega Pass was stolen, but no data on the means of payment such as credit card numbers, has Sega said in a statement. The service was suspended Sega Pass. In recent weeks, several manufacturers of consoles and video game publishers have been victims of similar hacks.