Monday, August 8, 2011

The "king of spam" risks more than forty years in prison

Self-proclaimed "Spam King" Sanford Wallace risks more than forty years in prison and more than $ 2 million fine. The man, aged 43, is accused of approximately 500,000 compromised Facebook accounts, between November 2008 and March 2009, and have sent more than 27 million spam. Wallace pleaded not guilty at a hearing Thursday, August 4, in federal court in San Jose in the United States.

Missing children: The FBI launches an application for smartphones

FBI launched Friday, August 5, Child ID ("Child Identity"), an application designed for smartphones can quickly alert the authorities when missing children. Child ID, launched with the help of the Association of American football coaches to ensure their advertising, is the first application made by the FBI.

It only works for now on iPhone and can be downloaded from iTunes, but will be available later on other smartphones, said the federal agency. The application of readily available data, free, "can save photos and important information about your child, immediately available in case of need," said a statement.

Gimp: the free image editor

Basically, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a software-Dino: Since 1995 is working on its development. Gimp has long been - just as most commercial programs - retrofit capabilities via plug-in system, flexible tools to zoom and move in real time, simultaneous processing of multiple images, support for numerous file formats and 8-24 bit color depth per image.

Nevertheless Gimp long remained a niche product for keyboard shortcuts and code-secure Linux users - are designed to operate too bulky for convenient Windows users who had grown accustomed to the Photoshop system. But even in the most recent versions of the GIMP developers relied on user friendliness and improved workflows.

A 10 years girl discovered a vulnerability in Mvila game

Defcon, the hacker security conference benevolent, non-profit making havoc, held in Las Vegas, has had an unprecedented speaker. This is a 10 year old girl, whose alias CyFi, who has discovered a vulnerability in mobile games with IOS and Android operating systems. Independent researchers have confirmed the veracity of the finding.

At Cnet, CyFi ensures that the discovered because he was bored of slow games where farms have to wait for the seed to grow. It was hard, he says, progress in these games because it was too long to wait for them to grow crops. Entoces thought to alter time. Benefiting from planting corn may take 10 hours.

The site of the Ministry of Defence Syrian hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous announced that he had embezzled, Sunday, Aug. 7, the website of the Ministry of Defence of Syria. Instead of the home page of the Department is a message from the group of "hacktivists" that appeared. "The Syrian people, Tech News Buzz is on your side, against the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Know that the time and history are on your side," writes the group. The Government page on the site remains inaccessible on Monday morning. "The pirates probably exploited a vulnerability of the site to upload their own content," the blog Naked Security specialist, the Sophos computer security firm, for which this type of attack is equivalent "to the graffiti on the walls of a building.