Saturday, March 26, 2011

AVG anti-virus announces exclusive tablets

The market is growing daily tablets exponentially and more and more new models presented by the developers of technology company making a clear trend as regards computing devices. Software developers have this very clear and AVG has taken the first step in the matter by announcing a free virus protection just for tablets.

AVG is a company that has earned its market as regards computers becoming one of the most widely used anti-virus for years. AVG has both a free version, AVG Free, as a paid version, AVG Full. No doubt this is an initiative that places AVG ahead of other software developers to protect anti-virus and now only remains for us to see what the response of other companies such as Avast or Kaspersky.

Silverston Zipy connect your music with your car

Most are already cars that can bind directly to your sound system to our music from a portable player or USB memory. But if you have an older model or not choose that option when we bought the car, devices like the Silverstone Zipy are our allies. This accessory is placed in the "cigarette lighter plug and starts to cast.

On the radio in our car we have to tune the appropriate channel to listen to music and go. The sound source can be an SD memory card or hard drive you connect to your USB port. Also, when you restart, the device recalls the last frequency, track number and the previous volume. Best ZipyLife this product is that its price is within reach of all: 13 euros.

There is an airplane, not a dog, is a case for your laptop

Personally I am more in favor of covers for my portable practice of extravagant, but it is true that a touch of class always calls me. So you've been watching this case with a portable dog for 13 to 15 inches and having to share it with you. The cover is the work of Soki, which has less flashy models.

They are made with felt, so we must be sure before they enter our laptop, and know that protection is mainly against scratches and little else. The dog-shaped sleeve has two: one type sleeve fits and one that gives you so striking. Its price is 35 euros.

A touch of style to our IPAD 2

The new Apple tablet, the iPad 2, was introduced just a few weeks ago and came together to launch the Smart Cover, a protective casing for the gadget. This detail, that Steve Jobs jumped with the launch of the first iPad, led us to believe that the housing market would be strongly reduced, though some will continue to demonstrate their creativity.

Miniot The German company has introduced a new housing for the iPad 2 percent percent made with natural wood cherry. This accessory not only gives us excellent protection for the device but adds a touch of good taste to the tablet design. Has the same joint that makes it flexible and able to provide 100% of Apple's tablet functions, including self-lock.