Wednesday, May 4, 2011

iSense, the key to the tactile world for the blind

As we all know the new gadgets and mobile devices mark a clear trend for today's technology, the future is tactile, that's a fact. Increasingly, devices that only have a power button and see a keyboard on a mobile seems a thing of the past. While we all like to touch technology is no doubt an important segment of the population is affected by this progress, people with vision problems.

iSense could be the solution to their problems is a sheet specifically designed to meet the Apple iPhone screen that will read Braille as displayed on the screen. This sheet is made of special material made up of thousands of small "bubujas" that react to light, creating relief. The iSense Kikki was developed by Johan Tham Sterner and Pots for a competition called Future Lions technology.

Amazon Tablet "for 2011?

Amazon's name in the world of gadgets is becoming more and more strength from the announcement that the company would develop its own tablet device are several rumors circulating on the web about it. Among the latest data from this novel technology is presumed that the new tablet Amazon could see light this year 2011.

The launch of Amazon's tablet "has generated much buzz in the world of technology. According to several studies Amazon has the potential to become one of the strongest companies in the sector thanks to its already structured online system to distribute all kind of audiovisual content, the main source of revenue for mobile devices.

LG announces new notebook range

The technology manufacturer LG has officially announced the launch of a new range of laptop brand, the range will be titled as LG Blade and has great features that will be detailed below. Starting with the processor, and as expected, the new LG Blade can be set with different options, the line offers the new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 to Sandy Bridge.

As for the media should highlight the new screens with LED Super Slim LCD technology that allows LG to present a compact design with screen edges smaller than 10 mm wide and 4.5 millimeters thick. The screens come in sizes of 14 and 15.6 inches, at least at first. Both models will weigh nearly 2 pounds, 1.3 megapixel camera and WiFi, the other characteristics have not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer.

RenRen between Wall Street

The Chinese social network RenRen entered into Exchange, Wednesday, May 4, New York, in a transaction to 743.4 million dollars (498.26 million euros), marked by a jump from the opening. Quoted securities in New York of Chinese society were put on sale for $ 14, while April 15, she had advanced a range of 9 to 11 dollars.

Ten minutes after the opening, the action already jumped 42.86% to $ 20. THE SOCIAL NETWORK IN CHINA'S MOST POPULAR RenRen, whose name means "all Tech News Buzz" in Chinese, was founded in 2005, a year after Facebook. This is the most popular social network in China, especially as its U.S.

Blog - Outland, shadow theater

This game platforms and action has an original aesthetic. But its mechanics resumed sometimes too easily revenues from other titles.

Apocalyptic and digital

Apocalyptic and integrated at the time of the Internet. He raised a fuss in the last issue of Network Bag of Minerva, a historic section of Espresso Umberto Eco. Starting from our article, which tells how the genie of journalistic fraud, Tommaso Debenedetti - who became known already for fake interviews with Gore Vidal and Philip Roth -, had passed off as the author of the Cemetery of Prague and succeeded in making a post false letter Herald Tribune, Eco draws the lines of distinction between true and false in the digital age.

Warning about fake videos »the death of Bin Laden

Following standard practice, virus distributors take advantage of a news item to try to draw attention to an e-mail recipients to come to an infected attachment. The FBI has issued a notice warning that many emails that advertise photos or video of Bin Laden's death. The message asked to click on a file that could contain a virus that would infect the computer and the remote control of the sender for data theft.

Nintendo Wii 2 questions about hard drive and 1080p resolution

Rumors about the new Nintendo home console one another so intense in recent weeks, waiting for E3 in June, the latest report appeared on the network of doubting about the presence or absence of a hard drive or at least of its capacity and others seem to be no doubt on the ability to handle the high resolution 1080p or not.

Regarding the presence or absence of a hard drive, if there is a rumor that will not have a greater capacity to 8GB, a value that is insignificant compared to rival consoles having the capacity to reach Xbox 360 and PS3, but this does not mean that the new console has the ability to accommodate an SD card or to have 3 USB ports to use external hard drives.

Spotify is synchronized with the iPod

Synchronize the music stored on your computer with the iPod and the phone via Spotify will be free from now. In addition, the service will buy lists of songs from 60 cents a track. A move designed to deposit money as soon as possible and, incidentally, to outshine Apple's iTunes store. "We want to make Spotify service not only to discover music for free but also for export to your iPod or your mobile phone and buy lists of songs at competitive prices," said Gustav Söderström, head of product from the Swedish firm, with more than 300 employees.

After the attacks against its networks, Sony hires investigators

The electronics giant Sony has appealed Wednesday, May 4, to outside investigators to help find those responsible for massive cyber attacks in which the personal data of around 100 million players have been exposed. Sony has hired a team of privately Data Forté, led by a former NCIS agent service, which will work with FBI agents also seized of the matter.

The group also used the services of investigators specializing in cybersecurity Guidance Software and Protiviti as consultants, who will participate in operations of "cleaning" of its networks. A law firm, Baker & McKenzie has also been asked to participate in the survey. Neither the Japanese nor the other companies have answered questions on the survey.

Iliad: a stable turnover in the first quarter

Iliad, the parent of the Internet access provider Free (whose boss, Xavier Niel, is an individual shareholder of the World) was published (. Pdf) Wednesday, May 4, sales of nearly stable (+ 1 1%) in the first quarter. This result comes as the new unit's Internet group offers him the best quarter in four years in terms of new subscribers.

Turnover rose by 1.1% over the first quarter of 2011 compared to the same period of 2010 to 510 million euros, despite "the negative impact of regime change in VAT on offers triple-play "and" downward regulatory tariffs fixed call termination, "the group said in a statement. During the first quarter, Free won 154,000 new net subscribers of termination, but only 127,000 new subscribers in the group counting losses of Alice, which makes the "best quarter in four years," says Iliad which emphasizes the "commercial success of the Freebox Revolution." The group posted a market share of 32% of net recruitment period.

The Bing built in the heart of BlackBerry

The new smartphones from Research in Motion (RIM) will integrate the search engine of Microsoft Bing, service mapping software giant, announced on Tuesday, May 3, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The head of the Redmond company made the announcement at an unexpected intervention at the annual conference of RIM "BlackBerry World, Orlando, Florida.

Bing, already included in the tablets playbook, will become the default search engine being "deeply integrated in the BlackBerry operating system," he said. Interviewed by Agence France-Presse, a spokesman for Microsoft, however, has refused to give any details on the terms of this partnership, whether financial data or the duration of the agreement.

The FBI warns against e-mails claiming to show the death of bin Laden

The intelligence the FBI warned Internet users against unsolicited emails that claim to show pictures or videos of the assassination of Osama bin Laden. In a statement released on Tuesday 3 May, the U.S. federal police said that these e-mails may actually contain an attachment, the virus that can steal personal information or infect a computer.

According to the FBI, these malicious e-mails can be sent by friends or relatives who do not know they contain a virus. The Federal Bureau also urges users to update their privacy settings on social networking sites to limit the release of unwanted links on their profile page. SEVERAL TYPES OF SPAM The computer security company Sophos has also warned that other risks exist to spread malware by e-mail.