Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apple continues to surprise us

The creators of the iPod brand new and recent iPad continue to impress us with new and refreshing ideas. Some time ago Apple included the new port Thunderbolt, a decision that drew the attention of several, as it now seems that Steve Jobs and his aim to integrate USB 3.0 and HDMI. The idea seems interesting at first, this measure will enable the company to save on space in their future products.

Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi and priceless

Samsung has officially announced the launch of the new Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi, the call will be available starting this Sunday and will cost $ 350. The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi is basically a version without 3G 3G Tab Galaxy, is intended primarily for users who are not willing to pay for such services or do not have 3G coverage.

In addition to the model costs about $ 150 less, no doubt many will prefer to do without 3G for a few hard to please. The technical characteristics do not differ practically, as well as its twin will have a single processor and operating system required for Froyo Android 2.0. We noted the time it took Samsung to bring to market a simplified version of the gadget and the months ahead that they had on the market Apple iPad 2 or Xoom will pay Motorola Samsung undoubtedly very expensive.

Mobile Phones: Orange rivals fear that takes all the 4G

Orange competitors are banding together to demand that the state protects them at the auction for 4G mobile frequencies, reports news agency Reuters, Thursday, April 7. They fear that the French incumbent, richer, takes all do to strengthen its leadership, according to several sources familiar with the matter.

"In a nightmare scenario, France Telecom would buy back the packet and half of frequencies," said one source interviewed by Reuters. 4G, or fourth generation technology, should enable mobile operators to offer faster speeds to accommodate the spread of smartphones and the explosion of data exchange through email, video and mobile Internet.

Linux celebrates 20 years

Toshiba televisions identifying the viewer and sh

Toshiba has just introduced a really smart TVs, viewers can identify with forward and show your favorite channel and the sound and picture adjustments previously mentioned. The TV even turns off if it detects that there is no front or create custom playlists of recorded content. The new series TVs ZL, YL and WL Toshiba and these benefits are labeled as Personal TV and store up to four users preferences.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580 AMP2 with Zoleman VF3000

The well-known manufacturer Zotac has introduced the new video card GeForce GTX 580 AMP2 Edition, based on the Nvidia GPU and GF110 from cooled copper cooler VF3000 Zoleman with five heatpipes and two 92 mm fans. The card base is in fact its already overclocked frequencies are 815 MHz for the GPU, 1630 MHz shader and 4100 MHz for the GDDR5 3GB of memory.

Media Report: YouTube to be TV stations

Google makes another step on the way to the content provider. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google's subsidiary YouTube should be equipped with a number of channels, the five to ten hours a week are designed to provide professionally produced entertainment. YouTube currently negotiating with Hollywood agents to procure the necessary content, the newspaper reported, citing a person inaugurated.

Google is working on a version of OS for tablets Chrome

Chrome OS, the operating system born from a web browser, still in production until we have a clear idea where it is intended, nor will the initial relationship with the other major system in the house of the browser, Android. Since its launch we sold that was meant for netbooks, but the reality is that the device was created for their development, the CR-48, rather seems to be close to a small laptop than a netbook itself.

Youtube challenge Google invests 100 million television

LONDON - Google's strategy for the attack on television, in addition to the Google TV platform, also goes by the reorganization of Youtube. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Big G has decided to invest 100 million dollars for the creation of thematic channels on YouTube, designed to compete with traditional TV on the Internet.

The launch of new channels expected by the end of the year, along with a redesign of the homepage, which will highlight the new containers. For these spaces will be made of appropriate content, professional level, without affecting the original spirit of Youtube, "the television user. In short, the Agcom some time ago we saw a long time.

D-Link NAS renews ShareCenter

D-Link has not taken even half a year in presenting at the handover of their simpler models of NAS domestic, ShareCenter. With the same design that we like when we first saw the new D-Link DNS-320 and ShareCenter DNS-325. Both models include the ability to place inside up to two SATA hard drives 3.5 inch.

Its appeal lies in simplicity of use and we can access files stored via FTP or directly from a web browser. As with other home NAS, software to automate backups on Windows are a "must see", although Mac users are in luck because it is a team ready to TimeMachine. In addition, there are USB port on the back to add more storage or sharing the printer, for example.

Linkedin attacks the "social graph" of Facebook

The professional social network LinkedIn has launched Wednesday, April 6, new tools to expand its Web presence. The website publishers can make their pages appear on various "social modules" proposed by LinkedIn, including buttons "share" or "recommend", or a badge user profile of the professional network.

With these buttons, Linkedin aims to create a "graph Professional" by soliciting Internet beyond its own site. A strategy that closely resembles that of the leader of social networks, Facebook, which boasts more than 500 million subscribers. Thanks for sharing modules offered by Facebook, and included on many other websites, the network of Mark Zuckerberg has a "mapping" of the interests of millions of Internet users.

Medion Akoya P7315D, an affordable desktop classic taste and Sandy Bridge Intel

The German company Medion has just released its latest desktop sales, the Medion Akoya P7315, a team that includes a classic taste of the new Intel Core i7 platform on Sandy Bridge, namely the Intel Core i7 2600 to 3.4 Ghz. Accompanying 4GB of DDR3 RAM, an ATI Radeon HD5450 with 1GB of dedicated memory and a single 1TB SATA hard drive at 7,200 rpm.

Outside, a DVD rewritable drive, a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 and Card Reader MMC / SD / Memory Stick are its salient features. CPU, minitower, and the usual simplistic design Medion are the hallmarks of this classic desktop that offers a very affordable price. Is now available in MediaMarkt at a price of 600 euros, keyboard, mouse and antivirus trial for 90 days included.

Google plans to reorganize around YouTube channels

The American group Google is preparing a major reorganization of its distribution platform YouTube with the creation of "chains" compete for the traditional television on the internet, reported on Thursday 7 April, the Wall Street Journal. YouTube plans to change his homepage to highlight these chains around a score of topics such as sports and arts, with original business content from several hours per week, while other chains are aggregated around content already present on the site, the newspaper said the U.S.

Five pocket external hard drives to carry your data everywhere

The way in which new cloud storage systems is affecting sales of hard drives is a highly topical issue. As much as there are storm clouds on the horizon of such devices, today still the most practical way to carry large amounts of files back and forth. The portable hard drive sector has more variety than meets the eye.

In Tech News Buzz've made a selection of five of these peripherals to cover five different needs. The first hard drive of our choice is also the last to hit the market, and is notable for its extreme thinness. Seagate has managed to reduce the housing Seagate Slim GoFlex only 124 × 78 × 9 mm, just a little more than measuring its internal drive, a disk of 320GB at 7,200 rpm.

For U.S. lawmakers, Google needs to do more against piracy

"The question is not what Google has already done. It's knowing what he needs to be done." Bob Goodlatte, Chairman (Republican) of a parliamentary commission on U.S. illegal downloads, set the tone, Wednesday, April 6, asking the search engine to do more against counterfeiting. Google representatives were heard by the U.S.

Congress so that both chambers are working on proposals for legislation to block websites "illegal". Bill Coica (Online Combating Counterfeits and Infringement Act) provides that private actors, including rights-holders, can apply directly to the blocking of sites selling counterfeit goods or offering illegal downloads.

Microsoft and Toyota working on the tag to communicate cars, homes and charging stations

Microsoft and Toyota have signed a partnership that will invest 12 million dollars, he goes to work in a cloud-based platform that connects cars, houses, and charging stations for electric vehicles. Toyota Media Services is the division responsible for carrying out the project and the service will use Microsoft's Windows Azure, allowing them to work in mobile communication between the various points described in the preceding paragraph, in addition to improving GPS services, management energy, and security.

Lion for Mac and Windows 8 The hot summer of the new OS

ROME - One of rumors and previews are ready debut new operating systems from Microsoft and Apple. Windows 8 and OSX 10.7, code-named "Lion", two platforms are always on opposite sides. Windows has long been ahead in the number of installations, but MacOs has a niche in all respect and no extension. Two very different operating systems at one time but that over time, at least in feeling of use, begin to look alike.

Energy Book 2160 on video, an electronic book balanced

Although we still have too much distance to compete in the electronic book market with powers like the U.S., where consumers have become accustomed even advanced to import models like the Amazon Kindle, the model catalog e-book readers has been expanded in the past year with quite a necessary restraint on prices.

One of the last to arrive in Spain has been the Energy Book 2160, a model that we felt very balanced and focused on what matters: that reading is practical, no sweeteners in the form of touch screen or connectivity, both of which the moment is almost impossible to take in e-book reader in Spain.

The Samsung Galaxy SII "is power" and slows

I'm sure most of you have marked in bright red the name of Samsung Galaxy SII. Not for nothing is one of the most notable gadgets you have on your page in Tech News Buzz, with an impressive 9.6 given by the readers. The call to be one of the Android phones that saw Barcelona 2011, but never heard. The last thing we know about this android is that it could be very close to departure as the company's India division, but the confirmation that the Koreans want to give an extra speed with a new chip at 1.2 GHz has sparked rumors of a significant delay in its release.