Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Microsoft marks a Guinness record: 10 million units sold Kinect

Microsoft has known of this news today that the managers of a large company to keep a smile makes them unforgettable, at least for a few hours. And is that Microsoft has sold 10 million Xbox 360 Kinect sensors in such a short time has been entered in the Guinness Book of Records (double smile for managers).

According to the data, were sold between November 4, 2010 and January 3, 2011 no less than 133,333 units per day, which earlier this year was the not inconsiderable figure of 8 million Kinect. And so it is positioned as the largest electronic device sold in two months. Although according to some clarification, this figure correspond to units shipped to stores, ie stores have left Microsoft.

Logitech Z906 speakers presented their potency, connectivity and new design

Logitech has picked veteran Z-5500 speakers, appreciated, and provide a new design, more modern and attractive at the same time provide them with a negligible power to the new Surround Sound Spekars Z906. One is a new system of quality surround speakers to go with our hardware, but is prepared to connect multiple devices, so they can take place anywhere in the home.

And if we want power, we can not complain, as it provides 500 watts (RMS) no less, to which must be added the THX-certified surround sound and Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. Making it ideal for games, movies and, as indicated, to take advantage of our audio devices, a success that make it versatile speakers.

Pokemon black and white, another form of Manichaeism

Contrary to what its title might suggest, Pokémon black and white, the Nintendo DS is not a game pole. In any case, not as much as the previous installment in the series, traditionally built on a fairly basic opposition between the hero and his rival, each with opposing starter Pokémon (Fire and water, fire and plant ...).

Pokemon black and white case that code: the hero no longer a rival, but two partners, he will cross many times during the adventure. Placed under the sign of the number three, Pokemon Black and White introduces a new form of combat, pitting two teams of three Pokemon. Initiative and more fun than the classic tactical combat in one against one or two against two, the latter are much more present than in previous games, to involve encounters with wild Pokemon that sometimes combine to attack you.

For Nokia Smartphones not all

In the era of next-generation smartphones many companies have neglected a large part of customers who want a mobile phone by other Orthodox, because Nokia has noticed this detail and that is why we introduced the new Nokia X1-00. This is a simple mobile services but little other notable economic, plus it has excellent energy independence.

Far from smartphones or other mobile devices today, the new X1-00 Nokia offers MP3 playback and FM radio with headphone jack 3.5 mm, MicroSD memory slot for up to 16 GB and a battery with more than 60 hours standby time. This phone will hit the market in Spain from next April and we buy it for the modest cost of 30 euros.

Logitech features a powerful 5.1

The peripheral products development company Logitech announced the launch of a new 5.1 speaker system with a total power of 500w RMS. This is new to have Logitech Z906 THX endorsement that certifies devices that have a sound quality that allows a sound identical to that recorded. The system consists of 5 channels of 67W for channel speakers and a 165W subwoofer.

Also, as expected, much 3D surround sound, Dolby Digital and DTS compatibility. The most interesting thing about this device is its compatibility with different devices, we can connect up to 6 different devices at the same time, computers, consoles, laptops, phones, televisions, among others.

The G20, an excuse rather than the target computer attack against Bercy

Hackers who broke into the computer system Bercy were not necessarily preparing the G20, as was said Baroin, but have used information on the summit of leading industrialized nations to penetrate the computer network, Paris Match reported, citing sources close to the investigation. Bercy confirmed Monday that unidentified hackers had managed to penetrate the computer network of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, using a virus-like "Trojan horse", which when activated allows the attacker to create access to the infected computer.

HP will add to their laptops webOS

Through an announcement made by Leo Apotheker, CEO of Hewlett Packard, the computer giant has confirmed that the company intends to incorporate their portable webOS 2012. HP intends to take a step further integration between phones and laptops, all computers that sell the company in 2012 webOS can run Windows as well.

The aim is to encourage the production of software for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices so a laptops webOS comes as a complement for those developers wishing to experience in this area and never as a substitute for Windows. Otherwise it will put the new HP smartphones TouchPad and new step forward in providing information integration for these devices an advantage when competing with Apple's popular products.

Arcep: the appointment of a commissioner of the government finally refused

The appointment of a government commissioner in the telecom Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) has been finally refused Wednesday, March 9 by parliament, with a final Senate vote opposing the measure. The Senate has in fact definitively adopted the bill "concerning various provisions of adapting legislation to EU law on health, labor and electronic communications," in which the government wanted to introduce the appointment a commissioner Arcep.

The Elysee is still working on the mission of the National Council of the digital

The minister in charge of the digital economy, Eric Besson said Wednesday, March 9 that the Elysee floor still on the definition of the mission of the National Council of the digital future (CNN) and the appointment of its members, and would raise Ministers for this purpose. "The president has asked that in his presence, there is soon (...) a working meeting of ministers (and) the prime minister to finalize what will be the National Council of digital" said Mr.

Internet: the Competition Authority wants to alleviate the Orange

The Competition Authority has recommended, Tuesday, March 8, that the obligations incumbent on France Telecom on its Internet networks in major cities are "relaxed". "In the densest areas of the territory, alternative operators (Free, SFR) are now on a par with the incumbent operator (Orange) on the residential retail market and dominate the wholesale market," said a notice of the Authority, adding that these areas are "become competitive." The telecoms regulator, Arcep, imposed in the 1990s in the unbundling of copper networks, which help provide homes and buildings in high-speed Internet or DSL, to foster the emergence of other operators and therefore competition.

Video - Video game: the battle of the "ride"

Google released Chrome 10

Google has released the new version of Chrome that comes to the release 10.0.648.127 and as we announced in the news (new JavaScript Crankshaft Chrome beta 10) provides some interesting innovation and support hardware acceleration for watching HD video. Since this version uses a new JavaScript engine Chrome Crankshaft and as you see in the V8 benchmark provides a performance increase of up to 66% more than the previous version.

Iliad reveals good performance for 2010

Iliad, the parent of Internet access providers Free and Alice (whose founder, Xavier Niel is a group of shareholders Tech Buzz News), announced Wednesday, March 9 have recorded in 2010 net profit up 78% to 313.1 million euros, and displays the target of doubling its turnover by 2015. The net profit was in line with the objectives of the group, which had declared aim for 2010 "a very strong increase in net income." The annual turnover grew 4.3% to over 2 billion euros, against an increase of 25% to 1.95 billion euros for 2009, with 4.534 million subscribers broadband at December 31, 2010, down from 1.75% over the previous year.

HP shall webOS on each Windows PC to launch in 2012

Although later this year will see a PC with support webOS signed by HP, it was not until 2012 when exploiting this possibility. In the words of Leo Apotheker, CEO of giant computers, each PC they sell will be able to run webOS, in addition to Windows. In a world as competitive as computers, Leo believes that the way to return lost essence to HP is working on the software.

If to this we add the uncontrolled growth of mobile devices, the solution for them would require the synergy of both worlds through an operating system. WebOS is clear that HP computers will come with Windows, not as a substitute, and thus attract many developers get tempted by the ease of creating content for tablets, Smartphones and PC.

Google Chrome still put on speed

Google on Wednesday released version 10 of its Chrome Web browser, the main developments include browsing speed. A choice that is not new: since the launch of Chrome, Google has made a place on the highly competitive browsers by focusing on simplicity and speed. Version 10 will include the browser including a new version of the javascript engine, part of the software that interprets the often complex code used on the websites "rich".

Warner offers films to rent on Facebook

Warner will become the first Hollywood studio to distribute movies through the community network Facebook in the U.S., announced the group, Tuesday, March 8. The new service, initially available only in the United States, will start with The Dark Knight (Dark Knight), the last episode of the adventures of Batman and one of the most profitable films of all time.

The film will be available to rent from a social network page, and distributed in streams (streaming) through a Facebook application. It will cost 30 "credits Facebook," $ 3 (about 2 euros) to the user able to view the movie an unlimited number for forty-eight hours. A NEW FIELD FOR CREDIT FACEBOOK Warner described this initiative as an experiment, and other securities should be offered for rent or sale "in the coming months." "Facebook has become a daily destination for millions of people," said in a statement Thomas Gewecke, president of digital distribution for Warner.

Political many mouths in the world of Facebook, a few are saved

ROME - Silvio Berlusconi Best of Antonio Di Pietro, the better the mayor of Florence, Matteo Renzi Rosy Bindi, better Dario Fanceschini Piero Fassino. Best of all, without exception, Nichi Vendola. The portrait of Italian politics at the time of Facebook offers some surprises and several confirmations.

Starting from the ranks of parliamentarians, mayors and local administrators with the most followers on the social network, which is headed by the President of the Puglia region in front of the Prime Minister Di Pietro and his party colleague, Luigi De Magistris. And big names ranging from Antonio Alfano Giorgia Meloni relegated instead to the bottom.

Microsoft is preparing a new video and music service called Ventura, what about Zune?

Zune is an alternative but valid as music and video service, but its future is uncertain, we can not consider that Microsoft is operating as estimated, as sales of compatible devices have never been to shoot rockets. On the horizon already have some ideas, and sounds hard on behalf of Ventura. The internal name with which it meets a number of services that are being developed by Microsoft E & D (Entertainment and Devices).

Samsung begins to heat the arrival of the Galaxy 8.9-inch Tab

You know that Samsung is expected to announce third tablet on March 22, will meet during the CTIA in Orlando, organized by the U.S. telecommunications industry. In the same way that Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab 10.1 and SII, is preparing an event considered Unpacked special episode in 2011, with the media movement that will show us the most important devices of the year.

Samsung has a Facebook page enabled to warm the presentation, which has just been updated with a picture that appears part of the new device. The image is showing the number "78910", which in turn infer the 8.9-inch announcing the new model. From the above we learn that the tablet filter used Honeycomb.

Higher capacity hard drives, foresaw the future that all approaches

After the purchase of Hitachi by the landscape of Western Digital hard drive market remains quite short: the very Western Digital, Seagate and Samsung. Precisely this has been presented at CeBIT last one of his most interesting research in the future, in conjunction with our computer mass storage. Hard disks has shown whose dishes offering a capacity of 1 TB each.

"Plates? What? Traditional hard disks, the magnetic life are built on several plates each of which offers some capacity. Currently, a 3.5-inch hard disk usually consists of two, three or four courses, each of which has 500 or 750 GB capacity. The sum of all is the total available space on a hard disk.

Kingston HyperX RAM New Genesis for Sandy Bridge

I must admit that the RAM is one of the components which put less effort. I believe that the improvement between a good and normal RAM (not bad) is tiny, and I understand that it is better to use the budget to choose other more powerful components. But we know that opinions are counted in the millions, and for the more meticulous in the matter have been presented Kingston HyperX Genesis.

A priori not seem more than a RAM as any other model on the market. Include aluminum heatsink any other Kingston HyperX DDR3 are or DDR2 (surprise! DDR2 in 2011!) And sold in multiple packs with the most diverse and clock settings: between 1,333 and 2,133 MHz We could say that they are somewhat worse than the Black HyperX T1, but also better than the more traditional and classic ValueRAM, which we all know.

Internet Accelerator French growth

According to a McKinsey published Wednesday, March 9, funded by Google, the Internet sector plays a "significant" on the French economy, creating jobs for company performance. The cabinet considers this potential could be further developed through public policies. The "internet industry" study by economists at the firm includes the activities of telecommunications "votes" via the Internet (VoIP), operations (hardware and software) related to the Internet, and economic activities with the Web to support, such as e-commerce or online advertising, irrespective of business activity.